"Trump" is braving sub-Arctic temps at this anti-tax plan rally to advertise a "Medicare going out of business sale." #NotOnePenny

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

24 September 2018
9 month ago
[email protected] on Mika Brzezinski's comments on @PressSec: "It just amazes me that even the women who say they're feminists are doing everything they can to discredit my daughter." TheStory
9 month ago
[email protected]: Thank you Omarosa for your service! I wish you continued success.
Protesters against the GOP tax bill facing arrest in the Russell Senate office building. KillTheBill
Sen. John McCain admitted to Walter Reed Hospital for "normal side effects" of his cancer treatments, his office says in statement
"It was a very gracious call" from @POTUS and he congratulated him and his staff. invited @GDouglasJones to the @WhiteHouse.
Sen-elect Jones says he has yet to hear from Roy Moore - who last night said he was awaiting possible recount. But did speak today with @SenateMajLdr and @SenSchumer.
9 month ago
@GDouglasJones: "I going to let him make that decision" on when to concede.
"I have not," answers @GDouglasJones when asked if he's heard from @MooreSenate.
9 month ago
@GDouglasJones: "I very much appreciate all of those senators and the president for reaching out to me today."
Doug Jones says one of the first calls he received last night was from Luther Strange, congratulating him on his win
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: In 2018, American workers will see an immediate increase in their paychecks because the tax code is going to be taking less money out of their paychecks in the first place.
US Senator-elect @GDouglasJones says he's received a call from @POTUS.
"It has been a fun campaign despite what people say," says Doug Jones on day after winning Alabama Senate seat.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "We're proud to be The Deplorables."
The EPA Inspector General plans to investigate whether Scott Pruitt misused funds when installing his $25,000 secure phone booth.
@RepShimkus: "I'm hoping that I can finally start sending [postcards]…to my constituents…for them to file their tax returns on."
[email protected] thinks "sweet spot" has been found on a new AUMF for war on terror though no mention of when markup may come. Meanwhile, senators eye possible North Korea-specific AUMF ($)
Arizona @GOP senator says @POTUS "must understand his harmful rhetoric only empowers repressive governments to jail reporters and silence the truth."
@RepFredUpton: "I've personally heard countless stories from folks across Michigan impacted by a tax code that's outdated, unwieldy, and too often rewards those at the very top at the cost of regular folks."
Trump notes he's in such a good mood at the prospect of enacting tax cuts, he refers to "the media," instead of his usual "fake news media."
US envoy for North Korea policy won't be meeting with DPRK officials during his visit to Thailand, according to @StateDept.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Somebody else called me and everybody else 'the Deplorables' We're proud to be The Deplorables."
Sen Dianne Feinstein: I heard Deputy AG Rosenstein's testimony today. He sees no reason to fire Special Counsel Mueller and says he was the "ideal choice for this task." I agree.
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Three cheers for Deputy AG Rosenstein for making clear (again) that he will say NO to the president if ordered to fire Special Counsel Mueller without cause.
We need the "opportunity to advance [our economy] so we can have the real jobs, not the government jobs….This bill does that." - @RepDonYoung
"We're proud to be the deplorables." — President Trump
Trump: Tells families, like the Howards of Tenino, WA., "we are going to have a country that celebrates you again – hard working great people."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Unemployment is at a 17-year low Pension and retirement accounts are soaring."
POTUS: "Some day we have to come together and do bi-partisan and hopefully it'll happen soon."
POTUS: "This is for the people of middle income, for the companies that are going to create jobs, this is for very, very special people."
POTUS: "We are going to have a country that celebrates you again."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Lowering taxes is neither a Republican or Democrat idea, but an American principle and an American idea."
POTUS: "If Congress sends me a tax reform, this is only a small beginning to the things our people will achieve."
Trump cites JFK's effort 55 years ago to pass tax cuts, says it's neither a GOP or Dem idea "but an American principle."
POTUS: "If Congress sends me a bill before Christmas, Americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in February."
Department of State: The US continues to be deeply concerned by the escalating violence and the worsening humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine, including attacks on civilian infrastructure used for drinking water and heating supplies. The decision to end the violence lies squarely with Russia.
POTUS: "We want people to wake up in the morning and love going to work."
@lisamurkowski: I'm proud to support tax reform, and I'm also proud to be the lead author of the energy title, which contains the single-most important step we can take to strengthen our long-term energy security and create new wealth.
@lisamurkowski: This effort – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – will be good for our economy, good for jobs and growth, and good for American families and businesses.
As Pres looks on, Kovacs Family from Lebanon, OH say they'll use the tax cut to renovate their home and to save for college for their kids.
Bernie Sanders: There has not been one public hearing, no opportunity to hear from economists, governors, mayors or ordinary Americans who will be impacted by this tax bill. This is a sham.
"It will produce increases in energy, at the same time, it will help cut taxes for average, middle-income American families. That's what we're trying to do." -Rep. Rob Bishop
President Trump says some "will be able to file their taxes on a single, little, beautiful sheet of paper."
POTUS: Families will be able to file their tax returns "on a single little beautiful sheet of paper."
President Trump: "I'm here today to tell you that we will never let bad things happen with respect to the economy of our country."
POTUS: "Millions of middle class families will win under our plan."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "America is coming back bigger, and better, and stronger than ever before America isn't content just by getting by. America is about getting ahead."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "As a country we're being respected again."
POTUS: "Never ever give up. Never ever. I say that also to our great Cabinet."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "It makes America competitive again."
POTUS: "As a country we're being respected again. America is coming back bigger and better and stronger than ever before."
POTUS: "We didn't become great through massive taxation and Washington regulation."
POTUS: "A lot of jobs are going to be created with the money you spend."
NY AG Eric Schneiderman says his office has found 2 million fake comments on net neutrality that were submitted to the FCC using stolen identities.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "The typical family of 4 earning $75,000 will see an income tax cut of more than $2,000, slashing their tax bill in half."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "We want to give you, the American people, a giant tax cut for Christmas."
@POTUS: "We're just days awayI hope, I hope, you know what that means." from keeping the promise "to deliver a giant tax cut."
"A lot of people who were having it tough are going to be paying zero" in taxes, according to @POTUS.
Trump just said child tax credit in bill will be 'larger than anticipated'
9 month ago
[email protected]: "As a candidate, I promised we would pass a massive tax cut for the everyday working American families who are the backbone and the heartbeat of our country."
POTUS: "We want to give you the American People a giant tax cut for Christmas."
@RepKristiNoem: "We have to make sure that our farmers, and our ranchers, and our small businesses can thrive under this new tax code."
@NancyPelosi: @SenateMajLdr in 2010: We shouldn't vote on ACA until our new senator is seated. Seems like a good idea.
Addition to the US debt "and making it worse is a concern to me," says Yellen.
Asked about Bitcoin, @federalreserve Chair Yellen says it's "not legal tender," is "a highly speculative asset" and the Fed does not play any regulatory role except for making sure banks follow money laundering rules.
White House on controversial judicial nominee Brett Talley: "Talley has offered to withdraw his nomination, thus it will not be moving forward"
In the Grand Foyer of the WH, teeming with Christmas Trees, Pres Trump to deliver what aides call his "closing argument," for enactment of the tax cut bill. Will be joined by families who will benefit from the tax cut.
@RepDianeBlack: "We've been preparing for a long time for this day. We knew this was our year to finally make TaxReform a reality."
Rep. Peter King on Steve Bannon: "This guy does not belong on the national stage. He looks like some disheveled drunk that wandered onto the political stage."
@VP: @POTUS and I met with @OrrinHatch, @RepKevinBrady and members of the Conference Committee working on the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' at the @WhiteHouse. We are SO close to passing the largest tax cut in history. We'll get this done!
@SenWarren: @SenateGOP should follow precedent @SenateDems set after 2010 special election in MA. Delay vote on tax bill until @GDouglasJones is seated.
@PeterRoskam: "We are talking about a trajectory that will impact our nation like no other vote that Congress is going to take."
Bernie Sanders: This tax bill was written for Republicans' wealthy campaign contributors. I want to congratulate my Republican colleagues for their honesty about that.
Bernie Sanders: This is not a real conference committee. It is a sham. This tax legislation has already been written behind closed doors.
@RepTerriSewell: I'm calling on Senate leadership to wait on the tax bill until our state has two ELECTED senators in office. For one of the most consequential votes this Senate is likely to take, we cannot have an unelected temporary placeholder speaking on behalf of Alabamians.
@DevinNunes: "At the end of the day we must simply ask ourselves whether want to stick with today's complex, punitive, and unfair tax code. Or take the courageous step necessary to unshackle our economy to the benefit of all Americans."
Rep Kevin Brady R-TX says he expects the tax reform conference report will be filed "by the end of the week"
Democrats on the House Intel Committee want to get Jared Kushner back to answer additional questions, primarily about his foreign contacts.
"We went bold for the American People." - Chairman @RepKevinBrady
NY State attorney Eric Schneiderman: My office has now identified 2 million fake comments on netneutrality that were submitted to the @FCC using the stolen identities of Americans across the country. The FCC must delay its vote until we get to the bottom of this massive fraud
Sen Dianne Feinstein: There's an awful provision in the GOPTaxPlan that would allow drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Chairman @RepKevinBrady: "We decided not only what we wanted our tax code to stand for, but who it would stand with. Whether that was Washington special interests or all the workers, families, and local job creators. …We chose the American people."
"Trump" is braving sub-Arctic temps at this anti-tax plan rally to advertise a "Medicare going out of business sale." #NotOnePenny
Senator John McCain: Reports that Trump admin is willing to accept 4 more years of Assad's rule in Syria are deeply disturbing and would validate the de facto policy of 2 successive US admins that have failed to end the slaughter.
@NancyPelosi: In the House, when someone is elected, we give them their seat — we don't hold it back so we can have a vote go the way we want it to. @SenateMajLdr, don't disenfranchise Alabama voters by holding a vote on GOPTaxScam before Doug Jones joins the Senate.
A White House official tells the WSJ that Omarosa Manigault Newman was "physically dragged and escorted off the campus."
US Department of State: Our sincere condolences to the people of Romania on the death of His Majesty King Michael I. His critical role in WWII, which earned him the U.S. Legion of Merit, and his dedication to the Romanian people will always be remembered.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: The current tax code is too long, too complicated, and too outdated. But not for much longer. Today, as conferees from the House and Senate continue negotiations, we're one step closer to real tax relief for the American people.
Democrat @RepMarcyKaptur says women's clothing an 'invitation' to harassment.
US Treasury today slaps sanctions on two persons whose organizations traffic in wildlife and ivory to support the Lord's Resistance Army in armed conflict in the Central African Republic.
Mrs Trump also joins children at a crafts table making and decorating greeting cards.
Trump on the Alabama Senate race: "A lot of Republicans feel differently; they're very happy with the way it turned out"
At @JBABdc, the First Lady joins kids in sorting contributions to @ToysForTots_USA.
Both of Alabama's Republican senators have now said the voters have spoken, suggesting zero appetite for any recount effort from Moore.
Trump in meeting with GOP Senators on tax reform: "We're very, very close to a historic legislative victory"
President says okay by him if corporate tax rate lowered to 21% instead of 20%. But wants final votes on tax cut bill next week.
Sen. Luther Strange: "The people of Alabama made their voices heard last night. I respect their decision, and I congratulate Doug Jones on a well-earned victory."
President acknowledges that some Republicans very happy with the way the Alabama election turned out. Names no names. But wants final votes on tax cut bill next week and not wait for Alabama's Doug Jones to be sworn-in.
"This is one of the biggest pieces of legislation ever signed in this country," President Trump says of the tax bill (which is heading toward but isn't quite yet ready for his signature)
"A lot of Republicans feel differently. As the leader of the party, I would have wanted the seat." — President Trump on Roy Moore's loss.
@POTUS: "I think we're going to get the vote."
President says economy still has "a long way to grow," and needs the tax cut. Says it's "a massive tax cut for the middle class - and it's about jobs."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "The bill is going to cut taxes for American businesses, both big ones and small ones Right now they're paying 35% and that's the highest in the industrialized world."
At start of lunch with GOP members of House/Senate Conference on the tax bill, Pres says "we're very close to a historic legislative victory." Seated between key tax bill writers @OrrinHatch and @RepKevinBrady, Pres says bill is "vital to the American people for many reasons."
@POTUS says "disappointed Republicans lost a seat in the Senate. But he still wants a tax vote next week. He says Republicans will fight in 2018 elections,"
Trump says he wants a vote on tax next week. Would back 21 percent corporate rate
In a written statement, Sen Al Franken D-MN: "Tina Smith will make an excellent United States Senator"
@SenShelby still won't tell us who he wrote-in for ALSEN. "I haven't told my wife yet."
Trump about to have lunch with Republican members of the House/Senate Conference Committee on the tax cut bill.
9 month ago
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 3rd St NW and Upshur St NW: no casualities
9 month ago
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 300 block of Upshur St NW: 1 injured
9 month ago
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 4600 block of Hillside Dr SE: no casualities
House-Senate negotiators hold first meeting at 2 pm on tax reform bills
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Our earthquake preparedness bill just unanimously passed out of its Senate committee. Now it's on to the full Senate. We must be prepared for the next catastrophic earthquake and this bill gives our communities the tools they need to be ready.
@keithellison: No law-maker should legislate for selfish reasons. This is disgusting. Sen. Cornyn slipped tax break for pipeline giants into the GOP tax bill, he wasn't just helping donors, he was helping 16 lawmakers.
House, Senate leaders reach agreement in principle on sweeping tax package.
Rep. @Jim_Jordan keeps saying that Americans want a second special counsel to investigate Mueller's investigation.
Turkey's foreign ministry calls Gen. HR McMaster's remarks astonishing, baseless and unacceptable, calls on US to display the same stance to our country, to cease all forms of cooperation with terrorist groups such as YPG9 month ago
Turkey's foreign ministry calls Gen. HR McMaster's remarks "astonishing, baseless and unacceptable," calls on US "to display the same stance to our country, to cease all forms of cooperation with terrorist groups such as YPG"
[email protected] to @TheView on not running in 2016. "I don't regret the decision. I regret the outcome."
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson: "Alabamians didn't want somebody who dated 14-year-old girls."
[email protected]: "A huge thank you to the people of Alabama for not sending a child molester to the Senate."
Gohmert asks DAG Rosenstein what he advice he gave AG Sessions on recusal from Russia probe. R: "I wasn't there"
Rosenstein answers he's not afraid of @POTUS firing him.
Bob Corker on the Alabama Senate race: "I'm really, really happy with what happened for all of us in our nation."
Meghan McCain: "Steve Bannon went down to campaign for Roy Moore—" @JoeBiden: "That guy."
No one, including @POTUS, has communicated to him a desire to remove Mueller as special counsel, says Rosenstein before @HouseJudiciary.
[email protected]: Today as we speak, the negotiations on NAFTA are taking place behind closed doors. We demand they open the doors and let working people in.
Spokesman for Alabama Secretary of State says this morning that expected date of certification for Doug Jones' victory is Dec. 28. Unless Congress is in session because we've shut down gov't, he won't be seated til Jan 3.
As anticipated, Minnesota @GovMarkDayton appoints Lt. Gov. @tinaflintsmith to succeed resigning US Senator @alfranken.
A "very biased team" under Mueller, declares @RepSteveChabot concluding his questioning of @TheJusticeDept Deputy AG Rosenstein.
Q: We now have 100 congressional Democrats calling on to investigate Trump's alleged sexual misconduct. Do you think there should be an investigation? Biden: "Yeah. These women deserve to be heard."
Rep. Keith Ellison won't run for U.S. Senate in '18
Biden on Trump's Gillibrand tweet: "It's disgusting. I never thought I'd say that about a president. The children are listening. They really are."
Deputy AG says unaware of any impropriety by the special counsel.
"I'm not commenting on the scope of the investigation" by the special counsel, @TheJusticeDept Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein says under questioning before @HouseJudiciary.
Rosenstein was also asked about Peter Strzok, says Mueller was right to get rid of Strzok
Department of State: We join fellow members of @OAS_official LGBTI Core Group in welcoming appointment on Dec 4 of Victor Madrigal-Borloz of Costa Rica as new @UN Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Rod Rosenstein tells Congress says he hasn't seen "good cause" to fire Mueller.
The way @recep_tayip and the AKP consolidated power in Turkey with Islamist ideology "is sadly contributing to the drift of Turkey away from the West," per US NatSec Advisor Gen HR McMaster
McMaster called it a "model of really operating through civil society. Then the education sector. Then the police and judiciary. And then the military to consolidate power in the hand of a particular party which is something we'd prefer not too see" re Turkey
US NatSec Advisor Gen HR McMaster also said "a lot of Islamist groups have learned from" Turkey and the AKP
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Every Senate Republican voted last night to confirm Steven Grasz to a lifetime judgeship despite the fact that he was voted unanimously "NOT QUALIFIED" due to concerns that he could not be impartial. Biased judges on our courts should alarm every American.
Sources say General Kelly did the firing and Omarosa is alleged to have acted very vulgar and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump. The word is a General Kelly had it and got rid of her.
Sen. Schumer calls for delay in tax vote until Doug Jones is sworn in: "It would be wrong for Senate Republicans to jam through this tax bill without giving the newly-elected senator from Alabama the opportunity to cast his vote."
There's a few dozen people outside the FCC building ahead of the #NetNeutrality vote tomorrow.
There's a few dozen people outside the FCC building ahead of the NetNeutrality vote tomorrow.
[email protected]: "The suburbs are swinging back to us."
[email protected]: "The Republican brand, even in deep-red Alabama, is positively toxic."
WH announces Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday "to pursue other opportunities." Departure effective January 20. "We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service," says @PressSec
Schumer says Democrats are now officially calling on McConnell "to hit pause on his tax bill" until Jones is seated.
A Democratic operative tells AP that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has chosen Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to fill Al Franken's seat until the November election—and Smith will run in that election to complete Franken's term.
@lisamurkowski: Whether it is energy production, pipelines, pumped storage, water supply, mining, or LNG, the permitting system needs to be improved across the board. My energy bill with @SenatorCantwell does just that.
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson will be on Capitol Hill today, meeting with @HouseForeign and @HouseAppropsGOP State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees.
9 month ago
[email protected]: If last night's election proved anything, it proved that we need to put up GREAT Republican candidates to increase the razor thin margins in both the House and Senate.
"Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities. Her departure will not be effective until January 20, 2018. We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service," according to a @WhiteHouse statement sent to reporters.
@SenatorCollins says she doesn't believe the ALSEN results will delay tax overhaul, nor should it: "I don't think an election should drive the timetable"
@RepLoisFrankel: 70% of Americans want Congress to investigate @realDonaldTrump for sexual harassment, according to @QuinnipiacPoll. Democrats are working to get an Oversight Committee investigation into the many allegations
New Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel G. Romualdez met members of local the Filipino community on at the embassy’s Romulo Hall
Russian hacker currently jailed in Russia, admits in digitally smuggled analog letter that he hacked - under FSB instructions -  not only @HillaryClinton but also MH17  investigators.9 month ago
Russian hacker currently jailed in Russia, admits in digitally smuggled analog letter that he hacked - under FSB instructions - not only @HillaryClinton but also MH17 investigators.
9 month ago
[email protected]: Wow, more than 90% of Fake News Media coverage of me is negative, with numerous forced retractions of untrue stories. Hence my use of Social Media, the only way to get the truth out. Much of Mainstream Meadia has become a joke! @foxandfriends
9 month ago
[email protected]: The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!
9 month ago
[email protected]: Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!
Source close to WH: "It's devastating for the president this is an earthquake Virginia but on steroids the president has egg on his face" because of Bannon.
Democrat Doug Jones won election to the U.S. Senate from Alabama in a sharp blow to President Trump that narrows the GOP's majority in the Senate to two. He beat Roy Moore, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court who had been accused of sexual misconduct.
Two FBI agents assigned to the Russia investigation exchanged text messages referring to Trump as an "idiot"
9 month ago
[email protected]: Wishing all of those celebrating Hanukkah around the world a happy and healthy eight nights in the company of those they love.
9 month ago
[email protected]: 'Your Mind Is in the Gutter' If You Think Trump's Tweet at @SenGillibrand Was Sexual
Chanukah message from @POTUS just released by @WhiteHouse.9 month ago
Chanukah message from @POTUS just released by @WhiteHouse.
Diplomatic solutions with DPRK will be pursued "until the first bomb drop." - Tillerson
9 month ago
Sanctions on DPRK beginning to have an effect: Rising fuel prices, shortages of some good in North Korea, says Tillerson.
US is strongly prepared to respond to DPRK and has a full range of contingencies available, says Secretary of State Tillerson.9 month ago
US is strongly prepared to respond to DPRK and has a full range of contingencies available, says Secretary of State Tillerson.
9 month ago
US is prepared to talk with North Korea whenever it's prepared to talk, says Tillerson.
9 month ago
@NancyPelosi: The 3 R's of the GOPTaxScam: Robs from the future, Rips off the Middle Class, Rewards the wealthy
9 month ago
@lisamurkowski: Sad to hear of the loss of Staff Sergeant David T. Brabander, 24, of Anchorage, who died yesterday in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, supporting Operation Freedom's Sentinel. Deepest condolences to his family. Staff Sgt Brabander's service to our nation won't be forgotten.
In response for new call for Congress to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct against @realDonaldTrump, @PressSec says the president addressed those concerns, the American people voted for him, have confidence in him and wanted him to lead this country.9 month ago
In response for new call for Congress to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct against @realDonaldTrump, @PressSec says the president addressed those concerns, the American people voted for him, have confidence in him and wanted him to lead this country.
9 month ago
@PressSec @POTUS @SenGillibrand @realDonaldTrump "We've been very hard on Russia from the beginning," says @PressSec on question about upcoming NSS.
9 month ago
"The president is always going to be somebody who responds," replies @PressSec to question about why @realDonaldTrump made the attack on @SenGillibrand so personal.
"She's a puppet for Chuck Schumer…She is controlled by people who donate to her cause." — Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
9 month ago
@PressSec @POTUS @SenGillibrand @realDonaldTrump "She's controlled by special interestsshe's a puppet for Chuck Schumer," says @PressSec of @SenGillibrand.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "90 percent of the coverage that comes out of the media is negative and rarely covers those topics," like the economy, jobs, national security, immigration etc.
9 month ago
@PressSec @POTUS @SenGillibrand @realDonaldTrump "Only if your mind is in the gutter would you have read it that way," says @PressSec of perceived sexual innuendo in @realDonaldTrump tweet about @SenGillibrand.
9 month ago
The American people "have confidence in this president," adds @PressSec.
9 month ago
"All false and fabricated accusations," says @PressSec of the allegations being made against @realDonaldTrump by women.
9 month ago
"I'm not going to speak to specifics of another country when I don't know the details," replies @PressSec when asked about authoritarian leaders parroting @POTUS on "fake news" in their country.
9 month ago
@PressSec @POTUS @SenGillibrand On whether there should be a special counsel to probe the special counsel: "This looks pretty bad," says @PressSec and that @POTUS "has great concern."
9 month ago
@PressSec On tweet today by @POTUS about @SenGillibrand, in response to question, @PressSec says, "there's no way that's sexist at all."
9 month ago
Director of @USCIS acknowledges his mother and mother-in-law are immigrants but says "perfectly rational" to "change things."
9 month ago
@USCIS: "The program is vulnerable to exploitation by militants," he answers to questions about the diversity visa lottery, while acknowledging yesterday's suspect came in on family visa.
9 month ago
@USCIS: "Bad guys can come in."
9 month ago
@NancyPelosi: @realDonaldTrump's attack on @SenGillibrand was shameful and disgusting. I would say that, as with many things the President says, it is likely a projection of his own behavior.
9 month ago
@USCIS: "I have no idea," whether suspect in NYC bombing yesterday was radicalized before he got to US or while he lived in this country for the past decade.
9 month ago
President Trump's legal team wants second special counsel to probe FBI, DOJ for conflicts.
Today 100+ @HouseDemocrats demand House Oversight cmte investigate @realDonaldTrump sexual misconduct allegations from at least 17 women.9 month ago
Today 100+ @HouseDemocrats demand House Oversight cmte investigate @realDonaldTrump sexual misconduct allegations from at least 17 women.
Should President Trump resign? I don't think he ever should have been president, @NancyPelosi says.9 month ago
Should President Trump resign? "I don't think he ever should have been president," @NancyPelosi says.
9 month ago
Cissna: "There are a lot of things we're going to do," with visa restrictions to protect American workers.
9 month ago
On "chain migration," sponsorship, Cissna says, "that is not the way we should be running our immigration system."
At WH briefing, Francis Cissna, Dir of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, says NYC bombing suspect entered US under most extreme remote family-based connection - as the child of a sibling of a US citizen. Pres today said he wants such chain migration entries ended.9 month ago
At WH briefing, Francis Cissna, Dir of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, says NYC bombing suspect entered US "under most extreme remote family-based connection" - as the child of a sibling of a US citizen. Pres today said he wants such "chain migration" entries ended.
9 month ago
"The program is wracked with fraud," says Cissna of US diversity "lottery" visa program.
9 month ago
Chuck Grassley has reportedly issued a rare rebuke of two of Trump's judicial nominees, advising the White House to "reconsider" the nomination of Jeff Mateer, saying it "should not proceed" on the nomination of Brett Talley (who has never tried a case).
At the podium now is Francis Cissna, who is director of @USCIS.9 month ago
At the podium now is Francis Cissna, who is director of @USCIS.
9 month ago
@SenWarren: We need to fight for judges that protect the rights of all Americans, not just the wealthy and the well-connected. That's why I will be voting against these judicial nominees, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.
9 month ago
Trump says his accusers are "women who I don't know and/or have never met." People Magazine has evidence that shows otherwise.
9 month ago
@SenWarren: This week, the GOP Senate will vote on Steven Grasz, Donny Willett, and James Ho to sit on the federal courts of appeals. The records of all 3 nominees show that they will favor powerful interests over workers, women, LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and religious minorities.
9 month ago
@SenWarren: Now that there's a GOP President who's committed to tilting our courts further in favor of the rich and the powerful, Republicans are looking to fill our courts with judges who share that commitment.
9 month ago
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon to lead the US delegation to JCPOA meeting in Vienna tomorrow, announces @StateDept.
Department of State: Today, @USEmbassyKabul Ambassador John Bass presented his credentials to Afghanistan's President @ashrafghani.
9 month ago
@SenWarren: For years, the GOP have worked hand-in-hand with billionaire-funded right-wing groups to ensure that our courts advance the interests of the wealthy and powerful over those of everybody else.
9 month ago
Elizabeth Warren says Trump's tweet "was disgusting." "It was clear what he was getting at," she said. "He is disgusting."
[email protected] on Gambia: The United States has now ended visa restrictions and has resumed normal visa processing in all visa categories effective December 12.
Rep. Al Green: "There will be another vote to impeach this president."
9 month ago
[email protected] asked extensively at stakeout what role Judge Moore would be allowed to play within the Senate. McConnell: "All of those are good questions for tomorrow."
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