Feinstein has requested additional documents and interviews from Maria Butina, Rick Dearborn, and Rick Clay related to efforts by Alexander Torshin to arrange a meeting between Putin and Trump

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

19 September 2018
Trump decision on Jerusalem embassy delayed until after Monday: White House
McFarland Contradicted Herself on Russia Contacts, Congressional Testimony Shows
Special counsel prosecutors say Paul Manafort had been ghostwriting an editorial about his political work in Ukraine as recently as Nov. 30, working with a Russian with ties to Russian intelligence
Special counsel urges judge to deny Paul Manafort's request to lift home arrest, says he recently ghostwrote draft op-ed with a Russian tied to intelligence services - court filing
U.S Supreme Court allows full enforcement of President Trump travel ban affecting residents of six mostly Muslim countries.
The @DeptofDefense official adds that the US approach towards Pakistan is based on conditions, not timelines, cautioning, however, "our patience is not unlimited."
Mattis has "too much respect for Pakistan's military to believe they can't or won't" address US concerns about militants and he came away from the meetings "confident and optimistic."
Talks between US Defense Secretary Mattis and officials in Pakistan were "straightforward" and "focused on rebuilding trust," says a senior @DeptofDefense official, according to @GalloVOA. "Rather than present a list of charges" Mattis focused on finding common ground.
Feinstein has requested additional documents and interviews from Maria Butina, Rick Dearborn, and Rick Clay related to efforts by Alexander Torshin to arrange a meeting between Putin and Trump
FBI supervisor removed from Special Counsel's Office reportedly interviewed Michael Flynn - @SaraCarterDC
In defense of @POTUS actions, WH says US Presidents have "modified the boundaries to remove lands from national monuments 18 times in the past." WH cites Woodrow Wilson in 1915 when he "halved Mount Olympus National Monument, which is now a National Park."
Bush 43 W.H. ethics chief Richard Painter on MSNBC: "I think it's an embarrassment when you have people like Alan Dershowitz going out there, shilling for the president, and encouraging him to flout the law and flout the constitution of the United States."
@SenGillibrand: I will not vote for any long-term spending bill unless Congress acts to protect our Dreamers. This is a matter of respecting basic human rights and human dignity.
"If I was a foreign minister in the Maghreb I'd wonder how reliable the United States is" after @POTUS tweeted "Rogue vile, Islamophobic, pseudo videos that demean and degrade" Muslims, per @GerryConnolly
"There are issues of volatility reliability and security with intel that you give at the highest levels of our government" @GerryConnolly says of @POTUS Trump Administration "It does have a chilling effect"
9 month ago
Capping months of speculation, President Trump on Monday signed a pair of executive orders to significantly shrink two of Utah's national monuments – Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante – that were created by his Democratic predecessors.
"There are real problems when a great power is acting like a country putting together its first ever diplomatic corps" says @GerryConnolly at @CSISMidEast re: US @StateDept under @POTUS
Feds issue 4,000 orders to seize guns from people who failed background checks - USA Today
@POTUS: A coalition of five Indian nations is poised to file legal action to prevent the reductions of the national monuments.
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" began playing as President Trump autographed this man's hat, moments after he signed proclamations scaling back national monuments in Utah.
[email protected] on new monument legislation: "Public lands will once again be for public use."
Brief chants of "Four more years!" as @POTUS signs the proclamations.
@POTUS: "We will usher in a bright new future of wonder and wealth," concludes @POTUS in Utah State Capitol speech. "I will now sign this very, very important proclamation."
@POTUS: "We will put our nation's treasures to great and wonderful use."
Such abuses of the Antiquities Act prevent Native Americans from having a voice over their sacred land (which is owned now by the federal government), says @POTUS.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Your timeless bond with the outdoors should not be replaced with the whims of regulators thousands and thousands of miles away."
Previous @BarackObama administration took conservation actions over "the loud objections" of the people in Utah, says @POTUS.
@POTUS: "These abusesgive enormous power to faraway bureaucrats."
"As many of you know, past administrations have severely abused" the Antiquities Act, contends @POTUS.
"All of the friends I have in Utah" said this "would be incredible for our country, incredible for Utah" by giving people back access to their land, says @POTUS. "They all told me no," when he asked them if it would be controversial.
Why is North Africa difficult for the US? "It is a more straightforward path to identify how US interests are affected in other locales around the world" says LtGen Nagata "As a result, it gets less attnetion"
"In very historic action" @POTUS also proposes reducing Grand Staircase Escalante Monument by nearly half and to split it into three.
Trump administration proposing reduction of Bears Ear National Monument by 90% and to split it into two areas.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "We're now one huge step closer to delivering, to the American people, the historic tax relief as a giant present for Christmas."
Utahns are a "special people in a special state," says @POTUS at state capitol, "We will always protect your religious liberty. And we've been doing that."
"He is protecting America and nobody loves it more," says @POTUS of @RyanZinke in speech in which he'll announce he'll shrink Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah.
"We cannot order whole of government. We've tried that," says NCTC's LtGen Nagata on question about whole-of-government approach to CT "We have to incentivize integration"
Speaking in Utah, @POTUS says "We're now one huge step closer" to delivering TaxReform "for Christmas."
"You don't learn about militants by talking to Mother Theresa…You have to get your hands a little dirty" says fmr @CIA official @jmclaughlinSAIS
LtGen Nagata raises the point after noting he has a greater chance of being killed by a household pet than he does of being killed by militants
"We do decide to react politically… to episodic low casualty producing [terror] events" says NCTC's LtGen Nagata @CSISMidEast "The price we pay is that everything has to be reacted to. It begs the question, 'Is that wise?'"
"There's going to be a much larger role for non governmental actors…going to have to be a much more prominent part of such efforts" per LtGen Nagata re CT in Africa
Africa Sahel Maghreb "going to be a test case" of whether international community can be effective vs. terror with out large scale military campaigns , per NCC's LtGen Nagata
"Nobody is going to be your partner if they don't trust you" per NCTC's LtGen Michael Nagata
Working with CT partners now often "kind of an unsatisfying , murky middle" per former Defense UnderSec @cwormuth
"We just don't have the resources that are needed" per @cwormuth "I don't think Santa Claus is coming with a bag of money" re counter terror in North Africa
With Africa counter terror, "If we want to be really successful I think we need to be reaching for the diplomatic tools" says fmr Under Secretary of Defense @cwormuth
"When big military gets involved… we run the risk of driving moderates underground" per @jmclaughlinSAIS re CT in Africa
"Are military solutions helpful? Yes of course," per @jmclaughlinSAIS "I think it ought to focus on the fusion of special operations and intelligence" re counter terror in Africa
"A lot of things combine to make this a more fertile environment for terrorist plotting and activity… makes classic counterterrorism much harder than just about anywhere else" per @jmclaughlinSAIS re Africa
Problem of terror/extremism in North Africa, Maghreb "deserves the highest attention" per fmr @CIA deputy director @jmclaughlinSAIS
If US goal is to stop another 9-11, "We will have to do that for ever," per NCTC's LtGen Nagata "There's no end to preventing another 9-11"
"In too many cases, our definition of what constitutes sufficient success is very different" from rest of world, says LtGen Nagata re terrorism
"The world is struggling with inconsistency with what our goals are" re counterterror, per LtGen Michael Nagata, Director, Directorate of Strategic Operational Planning, National Counterterrorism Center @CSISMidEast
In statement @SenSchumer and @NancyPelosi say they've accepted invite from @POTUS to meet him and @GOP leaders to discuss efforts to fund the government and avoid a shutdown.
President Trump endorsed Roy Moore via Twitter this morning, then called him from Air Force One
Department of State: The United States and China have negotiated compatible signal characteristics that will both protect and enhance service for users of the U.S. Global Positioning System and the equivalent Chinese system.
"The President had a positive call with Judge Roy Moore during which they discussed the state of the Alabama Senate race and the President endorsed Judge Moore's campaign," White House says.
White House says Trump spoke to republican Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore by phone and endorsed his campaign
27 senators are calling on the FCC to delay its vote on repealing net neutrality rules, citing concerns that the agency's public comment file may be filled with fake comments.
"We're making to very clear to (Democrats) that if they thinking a year-end deal that threatens a shutdown is a pure Dreamers-DACA codification, that they're probably going to lose that battle," Sen. Tillis
Roy Moore's wife, Kayla posts on Facebook: "Judge Moore just got off the phone with President Trump-we have his full support! Thank you Mr. President! Let's MAGA!"
Ex-Rep Corrine Brown D-FL gets 5 years in prison for federal corruption conviction
@SenKamalaHarris: Something we need to be talking about that has barely been discussed: funding for community health centers expired at the end of September. We need to reauthorize it now.
@RepAdamSchiff: Just because the President has the power to fire someone — or express his views on their performance — doesn't mean he can fire them for an illicit reason. A president is not above the law.
New generation of jihadists are "fast food" jihadists because they are radicalized so quickly, says @BrandeisU's Dr. Mohammed Masbah, speaking about Morocco, where he says "Radicalization is on the rise"
Biggest concern for terror/foreign fighters in north Africa - "What's going to happen when those of them who are currently in prison get out?" asks Nat Defense University's Cragin, with most only incarcerated for 4-5 years
In Algeria, "It doesn't seem to be that IS [ISIS] and AQIM are competing for the same recruits" per National Defense University's Dr. Kim Kragin @CSISMidEast
"Everyone of them is a bomb wherever he is" per Algeria's Amb Riache "They are connected among themselves" with internet and social media
Washington: Police arrested a DC man for Saturday's fatal shooting that left a woman dead inside of a residence in Southeast Washington, police said. The victim was identified as Valerie Regina Coleman, 55, of Southeast. Police arrested Kevin Lamont Smith, 47, also of Southeast, and charged him with second-degree murder while armed
Key thing to know about ISIS foreignfighters, "they're really very simple people" per Morocco's Tamek. with "very superficial" knowledge of Islamic texts
Cannot think that putting foreign fighters in prison cells is solution -"That's worng" per Morocco's Amb. Tamek "The point is not to put these offenders in prison but to convince them to disengage" with multidimensional rehabilitation strategy
Definite threat from potential returnees from ISIS' so-called caliphate, says Morocco's Amb. Mohamed Salah Tamek
Combating terrorism/extremism not just via military might- national reconciliation also needed, says Algeria's Amb. Riache
Foreign Fighters "returning in numbers" to north Africa along with their families, per Algeria Amb. El Haouès Riache
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI, nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life. I think it's a shame."
9 month ago
[email protected]: "The stock market I think is going to have a very big day, based on the massive tax cuts that we're very much in the process of getting approved."
PA President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party calls for mass protests should @realDonaldTrump announce embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Wednesday night.9 month ago
PA President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party calls for mass protests should @realDonaldTrump announce embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Wednesday night.
9 month ago
[email protected]: A must watch: Legal Scholar Alan Dershowitz was just on @foxandfriends talking of what is going on with respect to the greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history. Enjoy!
9 month ago
Peskov: allegations that Flynn allegedly asked former ambassador Kislyak to ask Kremlin not to take measures in response to expulsion of Russian diplomats are absurd
9 month ago
Flynn was in no position to ask Russia's ambassador or Putin anything, it is absurd – Kremlin
9 month ago
[email protected]: With the great vote on Cutting Taxes, this could be a big day for the Stock Market - and YOU!
President Donald Trump endorses Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct
9 month ago
[email protected]: Putting Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Puppet Jones into office in Alabama would hurt our great Republican Agenda of low on taxes, tough on crime, strong on military and bordersand so much more. Look at your 401-k's since Election. Highest Stock Market EVER! Jobs are roaring back!
9 month ago
[email protected]: Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg says foreign ministers will have no trouble focusing on core tasks of alliance this week despite rumors US Sec of State Tillerson is on his way out of the Trump Administration
"Of course it always matters what the US does," says @jensstoltenberg, welcoming US Secretary of State Tillerson to NATO this week. He says foreign ministers will focus on "making sure the transatlantic bond remains strong" rather than "Rexit" rumors
NATO Secretary General: I'm very much looking forward to welcoming Secretary Tillerson tomorrow. I highly value his strong, personal commitment to the transatlantic bond
Secretary of Defense James Mattis is in Islamabad today to meet with senior Pakistani civilian and military officials
D.C. police are searching for a 12- or 13-year-old boy in connection with a stabbing in Southeast.
FBI agent removed from Mueller's team over potential anti-Trump texts
"The Justice Department has agreed to allow congressional investigators to interview a key FBI employee believed to have served as the main contact, or "handler" of, former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele." @LauraAJarrett reports
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