New court filling: Manafort suggests special counsel is trying to limit his 1st amendment rights by trying to stop him from publishing an op-ed in Ukraine, and argues that the op-ed wasn't an effort to influence his case.

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

21 February 2018
2 month ago
[email protected]: I fulfilled my campaign promise - others didn't!
2 month ago
[email protected]: Tonight, @FLOTUS Melania and I were thrilled to welcome so many wonderful friends to the @WhiteHouse – and wish them all a very HappyHanukkah
The Justice Department has formally launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood's practices and the sale of fetal tissue
Now House Ethics Committee says it is taking a look at Rep. Trent Franks
2 month ago
Congressional leaders today at the @White House "agreed on the need for eliminating the defense sequester to deal with the grave national security threats we face," says @PressSec.
Kaspersky shutting its DC office because it can no longer get federal biznes
New court filling: Manafort suggests special counsel is trying to limit his 1st amendment rights by trying to stop him from publishing an op-ed in Ukraine, and argues that the op-ed wasn't an effort to influence his case.
Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign - likely tied to unspecified allegations of inappropriate behavior.
House passes temporary funding bill to prevent shutdown this weekend, keep government running through Dec. 22.
2 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "We have someone in the White House who is taking it to the mat to the average, everyday American." @TeamCavuto
In response to Reps. Lewis and Thompson skipping civil rights museum opening @PressSec: "We think it's unfortunate that these members of Congress wouldn't join the President in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to right the injustices in our history."
[email protected]: "The President hopes others will join him in recognizing that the movement was about removing barriers and unifying Americans of all backgrounds."
2 month ago
[email protected]: Across the battlefields, oceans, and harrowing skies of Europe and the Pacific throughout the war, one great battle cry could be heard by America's friends and foes alike: "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR."
NRSC Chair Cory Gardner: "Roy Moore will never have the support of the senatorial committee. We will never endorse him. We won't support him. I won't let that happen. Nothing will change."
[email protected]: "If he had pro-Clinton or anti-Trump bias, what the hell was he doing interviewing @HillaryClinton?"
2 month ago
"The President's meeting with Congressional leadership moved from the Oval Office to the Situation Room where they are all receiving an update on our military by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis," says @PressSec.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Today, as we Remember Pearl Harbor, it was an incredible honor to be joined with surviving Veterans of the attack on 12/7/1941. They are HEROES, and they are living witnesses to American History. All American hearts are filled with gratitude for their service and their sacrifice.
[email protected]: "There are some important issues that we share with you…opioid crisis in our country. We want to address that. We want to help our veterans, s-chip, children's health insurance. Again, all things that have bipartisan support in the congress."
[email protected] at congressional meeting: " I'm more confident than everthat with your leadership and with the good faith of all the people in this room that before this Christmas we'll produce real results for the American people that will make America stronger and more prosperous."
The @POTUS meeting with Congressional Leaders began in the Oval Office, but then moved to the Situation Room for a military updated from DefSec Mattis.
2 month ago
"The American vice president is not welcome in Palestine" Jibril Rajoub, a senior member of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah, told AFP.
"We're here in the spirit of 'let's get it done,'" says @SenSchumer at start of congressional leaders meeting with @POTUS on keeping government funded. "We're here to reach a bipartisan agreement to finish out the year," says @SenateMajLdr
Congressman, civil rights icon John Lewis says he won't share stage with Trump to open Mississippi civil rights museum.
"We're all here as a very friendly, well-unified group," said @POTUS, at start of meeting with Congressional Leaders of both parties. "We hope that we're gonna make some great progress for our country. I think that will happen."
@statedeptspox: We are extremely concerned about the increase in violence in Yemen. We call on all parties to reject the use of violence against their political opponentsA political solution is the only way to advance long-term stability in Yemen.
After brief comments in the Oval Office with congressional leaders @POTUS declines to answer any questions from the press pool.
And @VP expresses hope that "before this Christmas we'll produce real results for the American people,"
"Glad we're here to resume conversations," says @SpeakerRyan.
Schumer: "We're in the spirit of let's get it done."
In Oval Office, @SenSchumer says "we hope we can come to an agreement" to fund the governmentwe're here in the spirit of 'let's get it done.'"
2 month ago
[email protected]: Today, the U.S. flag flies at half-staff at the @WhiteHouse, in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
Here's info on the PearlHarbor survivors @POTUS has escorted into the Oval Office.
US House now debating a 2 week temporary federal funding extension to December 22
[email protected] and @keithellison: "Democrats can win if we're united, and we know that can only happen by healing divisions that still linger from last year's bruising presidential nominating contest."
"I didn't hear it, sorry," says @POTUS when asked about @alfranken resignation speech as he walks out to take PearlHarbor survivors into the Oval Office.
We'll do it for another seven years and you all have to promise you're going to be around," says @POTUS of the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day proclamation he's now signing.
"Remember Pearl Harbor," says @POTUS. "Have you heard that a couple of times before?" That prompts one of the survivors to break out in song.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "They fought, they bled, they sacrificed and they triumphed."
"We are building up the military beyond what you ever thought," @POTUS tells PearlHarbor survivors. "We'll do it in your honor."
[email protected]: "As a woman myself, I've never felt anything but treated with the highest level of respectThat's what I've seen the president do day in and day out since we've been here and during the campaign. I think that's a pretty good start and a pretty good example."
Press Sec. Sanders says President Trump will have a full physical at Walter Reed Medical Center early next year, and "those records will be released by the doctor following that."
On Trump's slurred speech yesterday: @PressSec says "the president's throat was dry - nothing more than that." She also says @POTUS has a full medical checkup scheduled at @WRBethesda "the first part of next year" and a medical report will be issued afterward.
Results of @POTUS medical examination will be released after his physical at @WalterReedArmy "next year," adds @PressSec.
[email protected] says she's not aware of any other countries currently intending to follow President Trump's lead on changes in Jerusalem policies.
Sanders: "The president's throat was dry, nothing more than that."
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec @alfranken @realDonaldTrump "The president's throat was dry, nothing more than that," says @PressSec of slurred words at end of Jerusalem announcement yesterday.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that since all presidents' taxes are audited, President Trump cannot release them. But…
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec @alfranken @realDonaldTrump No official US decision yet on participation in WinterOlympics2018 amid Korean peninsula security concerns, says @PressSec.
[email protected] says @POTUS doesn't disagree with Chris Wray about the FBI (even though he tweeted a few days ago that the agency was in tatters)
@PressSec: "I believe there are actions taking place for a port to open" to bring in humanitarian aid to Yemen after @WhiteHouse yesterday called on Saudi Arabia to help open the way for relief.
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec @alfranken @realDonaldTrump "I'm not aware of any countries" following suit and planning to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, says @PressSec.
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec "The president addressed the comments back during the campaign," says @PressSec on @alfranken remarks about @realDonaldTrump in his resignation speech.
[email protected] met with his friend John Bolton today, according to @PressSec
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec "We're committed to getting the lowest corporate rate we can," says @PressSec on TaxReform.
2 month ago
@WhiteHouse @POTUS @PressSec "We expect a clean CR to pass with Democrat support, says @PressSec about question on possible government shutdown.
2 month ago
At @WhiteHouse today @POTUS to meet with Pearl Harbor attack survivors, says @PressSec.
The federal government is asking a judge to delay a requirement that it begin allowing transgender people to enlist in the military on January 1.
@keithellison: I commend the brave women who have come forward in recent weeks to share their experience of sexual harassment and assault. Their courage is immense, and has sparked a long overdue national reckoning with persistent inequities and injustices in our society. (1/4)
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: To all the people in Southern California: we are thinking of you and we are here to help. To all of the firefighters: we are so grateful to you and are praying for you.
"There's always going to be someone who doesn't like what we do," says @FBI Director Wray.
DOD: If there is a Government Shutdown no US troops get paid until the shutdown is over, even those on the frontlines. Also no death benefits will be paid.
Ex Congressman @HFord2 fired for misconduct by @MorganStanley, reports @HuffPostPo.
Bernie Sanders: Republican plan: 1. Run up the deficit with tax breaks for the wealthy 2. Freak out about the deficit 3. Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to bring down the deficit
Rep Ron DeSantis R-FL blasts FBI Director on lack of answers: "I think you're walking into Contempt of Congress"
US senator Tammy Duckworth on North Korea: "Most Americans don't realize how close we are to this war"
Tim Kaine is requesting information from the Senate Office of Compliance on the number of sexual harassment claims filed against Senators, members of their personal staff, and committee staff, along with the amount of monetary settlements that were reached in harassment cases.
Reporters say @VP at @DeptofDefense for lunch with Secretary Mattis. The meeting was not listed on the vice president's daily schedule that was released to the media earlier today.
Rep. Trey Gowdy, on Mueller team: "We can't manage to find prosecutors who haven't donated to presidential candidates… We can't find a dozen that haven't donated to major political candidates." Worth noting: as a prosecutor, Trey Gowdy donated to major political candidates.
Bernie Sanders: We have a president who acknowledged on tape that he assaulted women. I would hope that he pays attention to what's going on and think about resigning.
MN Gov. Mark Dayton on Sen. Al Franken's resignation announcement: "I have not yet decided on my appointment to fill this upcoming vacancy. I expect to make and announce my decision in the next couple of days."
Only one Republican senator attended Al Franken's resignation speech: Jeff Flake.
Sen.Franken: "For a decade now, every time I would get tired or discouraged or frustrated, I would think about the people I was doing this for, and it would get me back up on my feet I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."
Franken: "Let me be clear, I may be resigning my seat but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen and as an activist."
@alfranken: "Even on the worst day of my political life I feel like it's all been worth it….I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."
2 month ago
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 3647 6th St SE: 2 injured
@DonaldJTrumpJr: Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and God-darnit people like me. Franken
Franken: "Even when you win, progress is far from inevitable."
Sen. Al Franken: "There is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office."
"I did not grow up wanting to be a politician," adds @alfranken. "It wasn't easy and it always wasn't fun."
Senator Al Franken, in essence: I admit to nothing. I champion women. I will not be silent. But I am resigning. And oh the irony that Trump remains in power.
2 month ago
"The future belongs to those who are passionate, and who work hard," @SenFranken quotes Paul Wellstone in his resignation speech
Sen. Al Franken has announced his resignation from the Senate in the coming weeks.
Franken on allegations of sexual misconduct: "I was shocked. I was upset. But in responding to their claims, I wanted to be respectful of that broader conversation because all women deserve to be heard and their experience taken seriously."
@alfranken: "There is a big part of me that will always regret walking away from this job with so much work yet to be done."
@alfranken: "I know who I really am."
Franken says "in the coming weeks, I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate"
"Nevertheless, today I am announcing that in the coming weeks, I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate." — Al Franken
"I am proud that during my time in the senate I have used my power to be a champion of women." — Al Franken
@alfranken: "Some of the allegations against me are simply not true, others I remember very differently."
Sen. Franken to make an announcement amid sexual harassment allegations
FBI Director Wray told lawmakers the bureau is negotiating with the intel committees about whether to provide info about FISA applications in Russia probe. First official confirmation they exist.
Senator John McCain : Thank you @SenatorStrange for your important contributions to the Senate Armed Services Committee, your unwavering commitment to our men and women in uniform and your outstanding service in the U.S. Senate for the people of Alabama.
Media reports minutes ahead of his remarks say @alfranken is resigning.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Today, our entire nation pauses to REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR—and the brave warriors who on that day stood tall and fought for America. God Bless our HEROES who wear the uniform, and God Bless the United States of America. PearlHarborRemembranceDay
FBI chief rejects Trump's claim of agency 'in tatters'
Chuck Schumer: On the DreamAct, as @SenatorDurbin said yday, we are making progress in talks with the GOP and I hope we can reach an agreement soon. Democrats support real border security and will happily join with Republicans to pass legislation to secure our border in exchange for the Dream Act.
Chuck Schumer: Our veterans deserve better. People seeking recovery from opioid addiction deserve better. Hard-working pensioners deserve better. We must do both of these things - support the military and programs that create jobs and economic growth here at home - in equal measure.
"There is no finer institution than the FBI," says Director Wray when asked about @POTUS criticism of the bureau.
Chuck Schumer: Nobody wants to see a shutdown. But without an agreement that covers defense AND economic development, programs to combat the opioid crisis, shore up pension plans, support veteran's health care, relieve student loan debt, and build rural infrastructure could see a cut.
FBI Director Wray deflects questions about Hillary Clinton/FBI email probe, saying it's being investigated by DOJ IG
Chuck Schumer: Congressional negotiators are making good headway on a budget deal that would meet our commitments to our military and urgent priorities here at home. I hope this progress continues but it's in stark contrast to @POTUS who again said yesterday: "a shutdown could happen."
At House hearing, first subject brought up by GOP to FBI Director Wray is the Hillary Clinton email investigation
2 month ago
[email protected]: National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - "A day that will live in infamy!" December 7, 1941
Pres Trump to hear complaints about the Renewable Fuel Standard, which requires addition of ethanol or other renewables in transportation fuels. Some states seeking waivers. Senators taking part in @POTUS meeting:
Kentucky Republicans claim the statehouse speaker got campaign donors to pay his sexual harassment settlement
Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are demanding Rex Tillerson end a hiring freeze at the State Department and explain to Congress his plan to restructure the agency.
Former Gov. Phil Bredesen, the last Democrat to win a statewide election in Tennessee, joins race to succeed GOP Sen. Bob Corker.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Go get the new book on Andrew Jackson by Brian KilmeadeReally good. @foxandfriends
IMF and World Bank say Ukraine corruption fight is threatened
2 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "His demeanor in the presidency is a deterrent for [Russia and China] he's a bold leader and he speaks his mind." @IngrahamAngle
2 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "The idea that the behavior or positions being taken by [Trump] are ruining our image around the world I think is a massive overstatement." @IngrahamAngle
Trump Jr. claims he didn't speak directly with Trump on misleading Trump Tower meeting statement: report