[email protected]: "I'm not negotiating— I just want fairness for the United States."

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

19 September 2018
FBI agent Peter Strzok just testified that the Steele dossier was not the reason why the FBI opened its Trump-Russia investigation in July 2016.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Great success today at NATO. Billions of additional dollars paid by members since my election. Great spirit.
US asks UN to cut off oil products to North Korea
US Defense Secretary Mattis told reporters traveling with him to Croatia that NATO is stronger than it was yesterday, a month ago, or a year ago
2 month ago
German Foreign Office "sets numbers straight" on German energy and gas consumption after Trump said yesterday that Germany was "captive" to Russia, claiming that Germany would get "60-70% of their energy from Russia" with new Nordstream2 pipeline
Treasury's Mnuchin says door still open to further Chinese talks
North Koreans no-show for meeting today on return of American remains from Korean War, U.S. officials confirm, but Pompeo last week said meeting "could move by one day or two"
Defense Secretary Mattis has landed in Zagreb, Croatia, to attend Adriatic council meeting, hours after Leaving NATO summit in Brussels.
U.S. Treasury head Steven Mnuchin repeats support for bill tightening foreign investment
FBI agent Peter Strzok says his hearing is a "victory notch in Putin's belt"
China says 'bully' United States started a trade war
2 month ago
[email protected]: "Trump has been the most consequential president in history when it comes to minority employment. In June, for instance, the unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos 16 years and older fell to 4.6%, its lowest level ever, from 4.9% in May."
2 month ago
[email protected]: Thank you NATO2018.
Donald Trump and Melania arrive at Stansted2 month ago
Donald Trump and Melania arrive at Stansted
Air Force One wheels up from Belgium for UK.
France's Macron says Trump never threatened to leave NATO
US President Trump, in closed-door meeting at NATO, told allies to raise spending by January 2019 or the US would go its own way - two sources at NATO
Macron denies Trump claims on defense spending
France's Macron says NATO debates took different tone from tweets, were respectful, when asked about Trump's comments on Germany
2 month ago
[email protected]: "I really believe through strength you get peace."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "We want peace all over the world. That's my number one goal."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "I've taken over a lot of bad hands and I'm fixing each one of them—and I'm fixing them well."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "It all came together at the end."
2 month ago
President Trump on his relationship with President Putin: "He's been very nice to me," and he's a competitor, but he's not my enemy and not a friend - but hopefully some day he'll be a friend.
2 month ago
President Trump on pressing President Putin on U.S. election meddling: All I can say to him is did you do it, and don't do it again, and he may deny it.
@realDonaldTrump says Iran at some point "will call me and ask for a deal - and we'll make a deal. Iran is treating the US with much more respect than they did in the past," he added
"We want peace all over the world," says @realDonaldTrump, "that's my goal" before adding "we're going to have the best military in the world and hopefully we'll never have to use it."
Trump on meeting with China's Premier Xi: "Among the most magical two days I have lived"
Trump says we're going to negotiate a fair trade deal with China if that's possible
Trump says right we are in a nasty trade battle with China, but it will work out ultimately
Trump on NATO membership for Georgia: "At a certain point they will join, but not right now"
2 month ago
[email protected]: NATOSummit2018 Press Conference in Brussels, Belgium:
"No more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world" would be the ultimate outcome of the summit with Putin, says @POTUS in response to reporter from Finland.
Trump on the UK " I'm going to pretty hot spot right , with a lot of resignations" goes on (helpfully on May's EU plan) to say 'I don't know if that's what they voted for'
2 month ago
[email protected]: "I'm not negotiating— I just want fairness for the United States."
On Brexit, @realDonaldTrump says U.K. seems to be aiming at a Brexit which is "partially involved back" with the EU. "I would say that Brexit is Brexit...The people voted to break it up so I would imagine that's what they'd do."
Trump on Putin: "He's a competitor. Somebody was saying is he an enemy? He's not my enemy. Is he your friend? No, I don't know him very much. But the couple of times I've met him, we've gotten along well. Hopefully, someday, maybe he'll be a friend. It could happen."
Putin "will see this has been a pretty successful summit," says @POTUS at @NATO.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "The people have stepped up today like they've never stepped up before."
UK "a pretty hot spot" right now, according to @POTUS.
"I think they like me a lot in the UK," says @POTUS of his visit there later today.
"They intend to denuclearize," @SecPompeo says of DPRK.
Leaders at @NATO "thanked me for meeting with President Putin," according to @POTUS, saying it'll be a loose meeting that could lead "to something very productive."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "Germany has agreed to do a lot better than they were doing."
"I'm not happy about Crimea. That was Barack Obama's watch." says Trump
2 month ago
[email protected]: "NATO is much stronger than it was two days ago."
On Georgia, "they were here. They made a very favorable impression," says @POTUS.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "NATO is really a fine-tuned machine. People are paying money that they've never paid before. They're happy to do it and the United States is being treated much more fairly."
"I will be asking that question again" to Putin about election meddling. "He may deny." says Trump
2 month ago
[email protected]: "I believe in NATO."
2 month ago
[email protected]: "I told people that I'd be very unhappy if they didn't up their commitments very substantially because the United States has been paying a tremendous amount."
Trump says on July 25 EU talks on trade will begin; if they don't negotiate in good faith action will be taken on cars
Trump on disagreements at NATO summit: NATO leaders are "very united, very strong, no problems"
"What they're doing is spending at a much faster clip," says @POTUS, replying to @JonLemire. "They're going back for approvals."
"I think 4% is the right number," says @realDonaldTrump on defense spending/GDP. Says @NATO allies committed to hitting 2% of GDP over "a short numbers of years." "I'm a very consistent genius," he adds.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "We are doing numbers like they've never done before or ever seen before."
"I think I probably can (pull US out of @NATO), but that's unnecessary," replies @POTUS to @margarettalev question
2 month ago
Kremlin rejects Trump's description of Germany as Russian 'captive'
"Germany's coming along. We still have to figure out what's going on with the pipelin...nobody brought it up but me," says @POTUS.
"NATO is really a fine-tuned machine," declares @POTUS.
"The United States was not being treated fairly but we are," says @POTUS. "They raised an additional 33 billion dollars."
Numbers on increased defense spending will be announced today by @jensstoltenberg, according to @POTUS
"I hope that we're able to get along with Russia... the people in the room really think so," says @POTUS.
"We made a tremendous amount of progress today," declares @POTUS at @NATO.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "The commitment was at 2%— ultimately that will be going up quite a bit higher than that."
U.S. President to speak to reporters shortly after NATO summit
2 month ago
[email protected]: "Everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment. They're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before."
"I'll do my own thing," @POTUS reportedly told @NATO allies if they did not immediately meet the two percent spending goal.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there was 'clear commitment to NATO' by all in alliance's emergency session
Beijing urges U.S. firms in China to lobby Washington over trade war
2 month ago
Trump's attacks on Nord Stream 2 are 'unfair competition', Kremlin says
Trump blasts NATO in closed-door summit session: sources
German media reporting Trump has threatened to leave NATO unless allies pay more, immediately
China does not need soybean imports from US for its state reserves - Sinograin official tells China state TV
US President Trump sharply criticised alliance at summit again on Thursday, allies meeting in special, unscheduled session - two NATO sources
US President Trump significantly toughens tone on NATO defense spending in summit, singles out Germany, Spain, others
Trump did not threaten to pull out of NATO, despite tough words on defence spending by allies - two NATO sources
US President Trump forcibly restated his position on wanting NATO members to reach 2 pct spending target to a short deadline
2 month ago
As U.S.-China trade war escalates, South Korea warns on impact
China says has not been in touch with U.S. about restarting trade talks
FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts to tell House lawmakers that his work has never been tainted by political bias
Bild newspaper: "US President Donald Trump scolds Germany again and again, but his attacks are also directed against Chancellor Angela Merkel personally."
As Trump arrives for Day 2 of NATO meetings, US official tells "We're hoping we're through the worst of it, but waiting to see how the morning goes."
U.S. Navy dedicates one of two destroyers involved in fatal accidents in the Pacific last year to Sen. John McCain.
2 month ago
@POTUS will have "pull-asides", each ~10-15 minutes, this morning in Brussels, with leaders of Azerbaijan (9:30), Romania (10:00), Ukraine (11:00), and Georgia (11:45). Also he will have a "handshake" with leaders of Armenia and Hungary, says @PressSec.
2 month ago
[email protected]: .On top of it all, Germany just started paying Russia, the country they want protection from, Billions of Dollars for their Energy needs coming out of a new pipeline from Russia. Not acceptable. All NATO Nations must meet their 2% commitment, and that must ultimately go to 4%.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get Germany and other rich NATO Nations to pay more toward their protection from Russia. They pay only a fraction of their cost. The U.S. pays tens of Billions of Dollars too much to subsidize Europe, and loses Big on Trade.
2 month ago
[email protected]: As I head out to a very important NATO meeting, I see that FBI Lover/Agent Lisa Page is dodging a Subpoena and is refusing to show up and testify. What can she possibly say about her statements and lies. So much corruption on the other side. Where is the Attorney General? @FoxNews
2 month ago
[email protected]: Billions of additional dollars are being spent by NATO countries since my visit last year, at my request, but it isn't nearly enough. U.S. spends too much. Europe's borders are BAD. Pipeline dollars to Russia are not acceptable.
2 month ago
[email protected]: How can the Rigged Witch Hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on, for an extended period of time, by former FBI Agent/Lover Peter Strzok? Read his hate filled and totally biased Emails and the answer is clear.
2 month ago
[email protected]: Ex-FBI LAYER Lisa Page today defied a House of Representatives issued Subpoena to testify before Congress. Wow, but is anybody really surprised. Together with her lover, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, she worked on the Rigged Witch Hunt, perhaps the most tainted and corrupt case EVER.
2 month ago
[email protected]: If the Democrats want to win Supreme Court and other Court picks, don't Obstruct and Resist, but rather do it the good ol' fashioned way, WIN ELECTIONS.
The Senate today confirmed Brian Benczkowski as head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, by a 51-48 vote (Manchin only Dem to vote yes). He was nominated more than a year ago, and faced scrutiny for his work for a Russian bank
2 month ago
[email protected]: What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? Why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment? The U.S. is paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade. Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025.
2 month ago
[email protected]: What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? Why are their only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment? The U.S. is paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade. Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025.
Europe is not facing a break-up of the alliance with the U.S.: French official
2 month ago
[email protected]: Democrats in Congress must no longer Obstruct - vote to fix our terrible Immigration Laws now. I am watching what is going on from Europe - it would be soooo simple to fix. Judges run the system and illegals and traffickers know how it works. They are just using children.
2 month ago
Sanders: "During [POTUS] remarks today he suggested countries not only meet their commitment of 2% of GDP on defense spending, but that they increase it to 4%. [He] wants to see our allies share more of the burden and at a very minimum meet their already stated obligations."
NATO allies vow to meet spending targets after Trump criticism
A White House official says U.S. President Donald Trump told NATO leaders defence spending should increase to 4% of GDP rather than the original target of 2%
U.S. House Speaker Ryan: tariffs not the way to go in China trade dispute
US State Department still investigating diplomats' illnesses in Cuba, China
Trump sets higher target for NATO defense spending: Bulgarian president
2 month ago
Macron on relationship with Trump: "We've worked together for 12 months now. We've took some great decisions, and we will continue to work together."
In meeting with @POTUS, France President @EmmanuelMacron says he does not believe Germany is beholden to Russia
2 month ago
Reports of new suspected U.S. airstrike reported near Jawaari village, Middle Jubba region last night. Pro-Al-Shabab media say no one was hurt but other sources say as many as 8 militants were killed
Trump insists he has 'very good' relations with Merkel
US Homeland Security secretary is creating an office within the department for governments of Central America and Mexico to get information about reunifying families separated at border
@WhiteHouse: @POTUS orders the Attorney General to establish within @TheJusticeDept a task force on "Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud."
Pompeo: @NATO is the most successful alliance in history. All NATO allies have committed to extending this success through increased defense spending, deterrence and defense, and fighting terrorism. Weakness provokes; strength and cohesion protects. This remains our bedrock belief.
2 month ago
[email protected]: "We have a tremendous relationship with Germany."
Euro succumbs to selling after U.S. threat of more China tariffs
Trump says Pfizer is rolling back drug price increases after he spoke with its CEO
Merkel vs Trump at NATO: Here again the German Chancellor's arrival statement with English subs. President Trump this morning called Germany 'Russian captive'
Mexico's president-elect says he'll use a meeting with U.S. Treasury chief Mnuchin to push anti-poverty plan
Sarah Sanders: Preparing for NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium
2 month ago
[email protected]: Things up, better than ever before, but it can't go too quickly. I am fighting for a level playing field for our farmers, and will win.
2 month ago
[email protected]: I am in Brussels, but always thinking about our farmers. Soy beans fell 50% from 2012 to my election. Farmers have done poorly for 15 years. Other countries' trade barriers and tariffs have been destroying their businesses. I will open
May and Trump in NATO HQ
2 month ago
A giant 'Trump baby', approved by @SadiqKhan, is inflated as protesters prepare to fly it over London for @realDonaldTrump's visit
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