Trump says won't build California border wall until whole wall is approved

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

23 September 2018
6 month ago
@POTUS: praises Hicks "as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person. I will miss having her by my side but when she approached me about pursuing other opportunities, I totally understood. I am sure we will work together again in the future."
Top Trump aide Hope Hicks resigning, White House says
White House Communications Director HopeHicks, who has been with President Trump since the beginning of his campaign, is resigning -CNN reporting
6 month ago
[email protected]: It was an honor to welcome bipartisan members of Congress for a discussion on SAFE schools and SAFE communities. As we continue to mourn the loss of so many precious young lives in Parkland, we are determined to turn our grief into action. Full meeting:
6 month ago
[email protected]: "I'd rather have you come down on the strong side instead of the weak side. The weak side would be much easier. I'd rather have you come up with a strong, strong bill, and really strong on background checks."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "I don't understand why this hasn't happened. For the last 20 years, nothing's happened. So, we're going to get it done."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The video games, the movies, the Internet stuff is so violent, it's so incredible."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "I'll tell you what: I don't want mentally ill people to be having guns."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "I'm going to write the bump stock, essentially, write it out. So, you won't have to worry about [the] bump stock. Shortly, that'll be gone."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "If you think that somebody's going to be able to walk into a school, if they feel that they're not going to have bullets coming at them from the other direction, you're never going to solve the problem. I feel thatBut I'm certainly open to suggestions."
"You are going to decide," @POTUS says to senators on proposed age limit on purchase for assault weapon, and adds there is @NRA opposition to it.
"You're afraid of the NRA!" Trump chides Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) for not raising the age to 21 for purchasing assault weapons.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We have to pursue common sense measures that protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, while keeping gunsout of the hands of those that pose the threat."
"A lot of people have mental issues that are not dangerous to themselves on others," says @ChuckGrassley to @POTUS urging "caution."
Pres says something has to be done to stop the mentally ill from being able to buy a gun. "I don't want mentally ill people to have guns," he says.
"You have to have very strong provisions for the mentally ill," replies @POTUS.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We have to confront mental healthThe local police, the state police, the FBI, everybody was seeing that this guy was sick, and nothing happened."
Touting the gun control bill he has co-sponsored, @Sen_JoeManchin tells @POTUS "with your support it would pass."
Trump repeatedly saying that Obama was the problem, and why gun legislation didn't pass
Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) explains the Manchin-Toomey legislation Trump: You didn't have presidential support. Toomey: Well, actually, we did. Obama supported it. Trump: Well, that was your problem.
[email protected] tells Trump he needs to bring Republicans to the table on comprehensive background checks. Trump says he likes that responsibility.
Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT complains to Pres about trouble enacting better background checks "because the gun lobby has veto power." Pres responds that "I think it's time a president steps up."
Sen Pat Toomey R-PA making case to Trump to require background checks on sales at gun shows and the internet
"One bill is nicer than seven bills," President Trump says, instructing members of Congress to combine various proposals dealing with guns.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Today, we're here in a bipartisan fashion to show leadership in an effort to end this senseless violence. It can be ended, and it will be ended."
"It's time," President Trump says of addressing gun laws. "It's time that a president stepped up."
Sen Chris Murphy D-CT urges President Trump to back a Manchin-Toomey type background check bill
Pres tells @JohnCornyn and others they don't have to worry about bump stocks. Says he can eliminate those devices, which turn some semi-automatic firearms into machine-guns, with an Executive Order and lawyers already working on that.
@SenFeinstein tells @POTUS she was taught how to shoot a gun after becoming mayor of San Francisco as a result of an assassination.
Trump again says he doesn't want any narrow bills, he wants a big 'comprehensive' measure post-Parkland shooting
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We're determined to turn our grief into action."
"I am going to essentially write the bump stock outwe'll have that done pretty quickly. The lawyers are working on it right now," interjects @POTUS after @JohnCornyn mentions @SenFeinstein is "passionate" about that issue.
"In the past we've acquiesced to failure," says Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)
Mentions his proposal about arming some school teachers, and looking at mental health issues in school shooters. "Hopefully, we can put those ideas in a bipartisan bill," he says about steps to stop school shootings.
Trump tells lawmakers not to deal with bump stocks, that he will deal with that administratively
"Certain ideas sound good, but they're not good." —President Trump on ending shootings at schools
"Leaving this town and going home empty-handed is not acceptable," @JohnCornyn tells @POTUS.
POTUS: "it would be so beautiful to have one bill that everybody could support."
President Trump urges bipartisan group of lawmakers to come up with one bill on school safety
POTUS: "It's time. We've got to stop this nonsense."
President says we continue to mourn the loss in the school shooting in Parkland, "We're determined to turn our grief into action."
POTUS: "We have to create a culture that cherishes life and human dignity."
"We have to do something about it," says @POTUS about school shootings. "We can't wait and play games and nothing gets done," he says at start of meeting with some Members of Congress of both parties.
The president is reasserting "you've got to have defense too. You just can't be sitting ducks."
"This is a very different period than we have experienced," says @POTUS opening bi-partisan 'Safe Schools' session in Cabinet Room, adding that something has to get done.
CREW is calling for a new and expanded investigation of Ben Carson's spending by the Housing and Urban Development inspector general.
[email protected] on Jerome Powell: "I think what the Chairman understands today is that open free markets work and let's not impose Fed policies in to try to interdict how markets can correct themselves."
Mueller's team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been stolen before that was publicly known, and whether he was involved in their strategic release, people familiar with the probe tell NBC News.
Readout from @WhiteHouse of @POTUS phone call with Qatar emir.
@RonWyden: Corporations are shoveling money into investor windfalls at a rate 30 TIMES greater than worker bonuses. Republicans in Congress said workers would see bulging paychecks. Wealthy shareholders are disproportionately benefiting from GOPTaxScam.
Today's White House Press Briefing Has Been Cancelled - Press Sec.
Mueller team asking whether Trump was aware of stolen Democratic emails before the public
6 month ago
[email protected]: Today we honor Billy Graham as only three private citizens before him have been honored. We say a prayer for our country: that all across this land, the Lord will raise up men and women like Billy Graham to spread a message of love and hope to every precious child of God.
6 month ago
[email protected]: Starting at a small Bible School in Florida, Billy Graham soon led a nationwide revival. From a large tent in Los Angeles, to one hundred thousand people in a single day at Yankee Stadium, to more than two million people at Madison Square Garden over sixteen weeks in 1957
AG Jeff Sessions responds to tweet criticism from President Trump saying "As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor."
New York bank regulator asks Deutsche Bank, two others for information on Kushner loans: source
New York state bank regulator asks @DeutscheBank and two other banks for information on @JaredKushner loans, according to source.
WH cancels press briefing. But Sanders says Pres Trump wants press to stay in the Cabinet Room for all of his meeting today with these House and Senate members to discuss steps to prevent school shootings
6 month ago
EU, U.S. officials plan Berlin talks on Iran nuclear deal: source
@NancyPelosi: Trump Admin raids in the San Francisco Bay Area were a shocking abuse of law enforcement power which solely served to terrorize innocent immigrant families.
@RepLeeZeldin: Just sent letter asking @jeffsessions to appoint Special Counsel to investigate decisions/activities re FISA abuse, and howith why Clinton probe ended, and Trump-Russia probe began. TY to @Jim_Jordan, @RepRooney @RepTedBudd @RepMattGaetz @RepMarkMeadows @replouiegohmert and other signers!
White House offiical says 17 lawmakers will meet with President Trump at 3 pm on Parkland, FL school shooting
More than 150 organizations that deal with human rights, health and development issues have signed on to a letter expressing concern over the State Department's decision to pare back "critical language" in its annual report on global human rights
US President @realDonaldTrump has proclaimed March 2018 as Irish-American Heritage Month
6 month ago
[email protected]: Today, in the center of this great Chamber lies Billy Graham – an Ambassador for Christ who reminded the world of the power of prayer and the gift of God's grace.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Today we say a prayer for our country, that all across this land the Lord will raise up men and women like BillyGraham to spread a message of love and hope to every precious child of God."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Here in this room, we are reminded that America is a nation sustained by prayer." BillyGraham
6 month ago
[email protected]: "BillyGraham carried his message around the world but his heart, as Franklin will tell you, was always in America."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "My father said to me, 'Come on, son,' and by the way, he said, 'Come on, Mom, let's go see BillyGraham at Yankee Stadium, and it was something very special."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The North Carolina farmboy walked out of those fields into a great and beautiful history." BillyGraham
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to the new set of charges filed against him, including allegations of money laundering conspiracy, and trial date set for Sept. 17
6 month ago
[email protected]: Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn't the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!
6 month ago
Ukraine president says expects delivery of U.S. weapons in weeks
6 month ago
[email protected]: 45 year low on illegal border crossings this year. Ice and Border Patrol Agents are doing a great job for our Country. MS-13 thugs being hit hard.
Trump says won't build California border wall until whole wall is approved
Cambodia calls US aid cut "disrespectful" and "dishonest"
6 month ago
[email protected]: I have decided that sections of the Wall that California wants built will not be built until the whole Wall is approved. Big victory yesterday with ruling from the courts that allows us to proceed. OUR COUNTRY MUST HAVE BORDER SECURITY!
6 month ago
[email protected]: The Heritage Foundation has just stated that 64% of the Trump Agenda is already done, faster than even Ronald Reagan. "We're blown away," said Thomas Binion of Heritage, President Trump "is very active, very conservative and very effective. Huge volume and spectrum of issues."
U.S. tourist arrested in Cambodia accused of killing masseuse
U.S. investor transfers interests in Philippine news site to fend off government 'attack'
Saudi Crown Prince expected to visit U.S. March 19-22: source
6 month ago
The US military has carried out more airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan
6 month ago
The path toward talks between North Korea and the US will be “difficult” unless Pyongyang shows willingness to denuclearize, but there are still channels open for dialogue, an acting US ambassador in South Korea said
6 month ago
U.S. troops conduct copter landing operation on Dokdo ship
6 month ago
US trade pressure triggers Seoul government's discord over organizational changes
6 month ago
[email protected]: Big legal win today. U.S. judge sided with the Trump Administration and rejected the attempt to stop the government from building a great Border Wall on the Southern Border. this important project can go forward!
6 month ago
[email protected] on celebrities mentioning violence against @POTUS: "It just gets laughed off because of who the target is." Tucker
6 month ago
[email protected]: [email protected] of Mississippi has been a great supporter and incredible help in getting our massive Tax Cut Bill done and approved. Also big help on cutting regs. I am with him in his re-election all the way!
6 month ago
[email protected]: Texas LC George P. Bush backed me when it wasn't the politically correct thing to do, and I back him now. Also, AC Sid Miller has been with me from the beginning, he is "Trump's Man in Texas." Also support Comptroller Glenn Hegar, and Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick.
6 month ago
'Great cause for concern' about setbacks for democracy in Cambodia, says @PressSec as US cuts some aid. @VOANews
Officials in at least four countries (UAE/China/Israel/Mexico) have privately discussed ways they can manipulate Jared Kushner by taking advantage of his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy experience.
Per Atlantic Story, Roger Stone Could Be Charged With a Federal Felony at Any Time for Lying Under Oath to Congress
Washington Post: Foreign officials have discussed manipulating White House adviser Jared Kushner his business arrangements, U.S. officials say
[email protected]: "My guess is that he would refer to the people of the state of Missouri."
Roger Stone and WikiLeaks exchanged private Twitter messages during the election. They show, among other things, that WikiLeaks sought to keep its channel to Stone open after Trump won
Trump campaign names Michael Glassner chief operating officer and Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law, as senior adviser.
US State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert: We are following carefully what is happening in the eastern Ghouta
Accompanying release from @WhiteHouse on HBCU initiative just received.
"I'm really up for this challenge," declares @JohnnyCTaylorJr.
@JohnnyCTaylorJr will serve as new HBCU initiative chairman.
"They're working hard, doing welland we're making a very big commitment to them today," says @POTUS.
Chief of Staff John Kelly downgraded @JaredKushner security clearance on Feb. 23 from "Interim Top Secret" to "Interim Secret," according to an administrative staffer involved in the HR process for handling clearances
U.S. judge rules in favor of Trump administration in lawsuit seeking to stop administration building border wall
Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, along with some other aides, have had their top secret interim security clearance downgraded to secret - Politico
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The president is open to looking at a number of different ways of making sure that Russia doesn't meddle in our elections."
Chuck Schumer: The Parkland students say Fix NICS is not enough, the American people say Fix NICS is not enough, and its own sponsor @ChrisMurphyCT says it's not enough. We MUST do more to improve GunSafety.
Pres Trump naming Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., as new Chairman for the Board of Advisors of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Taylor is the former Pres/CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund,
At today's briefing, @PressSec called for Senate to confirm @RichardGrenell as U.S. ambassador to Germany, a nomination that's been held up since last year.
No WH comment on whether Chief of Staff Kelly had made a decision on Jared Kushner's security clearance. But @PressSec says Kushner continues to do "the important work" he's been doing at the WH.
[email protected] says @POTUS still holds out hope that lawmakers will make pass legislation on Dreamers before his Monday deadline
6 month ago
@jaredkushner "will continue to do the important work that he's doing," says @PressSec.
Asked about @Delta vs. @NRA fight in Georgia, @PressSec replies: "We're not weighing in to other sidebar conversations right now."
[email protected] said she doesn't know if @POTUS thinks indicted Missouri governor Greitens should resign but she thinks he would say it's up to the Missouri voters
Confirmed (but not yet raised at this briefing): Senior @WhiteHouse communications official Josh Raffel leaving the administration.
Tomorrow @POTUS will visit Capitol where @BillyGraham body to lie in honor, announces @PressSec.
Senate Democrats weighing blocking Fix NICS bill if they don't get votes on other amendments, per senators
"Great cause for concern" about setbacks for democracy in Cambodia, replies @PressSec to my question about cutting $8.3 mil. in aid to the country after ruling party was able to sweep Sunday's senate election following banning of main opposition party.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The president still supports raising the age limit to 21 for the purchase of certain firearms."
"I'm also not going to comment on leaks" from confidential @HouseIntelComm hearing, adds @PressSec.
6 month ago
"We are cooperatingthere is no collusion," says @PressSec in response to today's testimony before @HouseIntelComm by @WhiteHouse Communications Director Hope Hicks.
"I don't have a timeline" on when administration will announce a nominee for ambassador to South Korea, answers @PressSec.
6 month ago
@POTUS "still supports" raising minimum age to 21 for purchase of "certain firearms," says @PressSec.
On disrupting Russian meddling and disinformation campaigns, @PressSec says Administration taking number of steps to confront it and looking at other ways as well.
6 month ago
"We don't discuss security clearances" and that's not going to change, says @PressSec in response to questions on fate of clearances for @WhiteHouse staffers.
6 month ago
"We're focused on looking at a variety of different ways" to counter Russia cyberattacks on US, says @PressSec in response to question about @NSAGov director's testimony today.
@PressSec: "This president has been much tougher on Russia than his predecessor."
6 month ago
"Half of President Trump's nominees are still waiting for confirmation in the Senate," says @PressSec, specifically blaming @SenSchumer.
In Syria, @CENTCOM's Gen Votel says US has "around 1,700 have been there" but adds don't generally talk about it in public
How many US troops in Afghanistan? @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Joseph Votel won't tell HASC during opening hearing: "We generally don't talk numbers in public"
6 month ago
[email protected]: "American consumers are the most confident they've been since 2000.A strong job market is boosting confidence. The unemployment rate has stayed at a 17-year low."
House GOP Whip Steve Scalise - the guy who counts votes to get bills passed - says to keep the Parkland teens in your thoughts and prayers as they visit Congress urging him to do something about gun violence.6 month ago
House GOP Whip Steve Scalise - the guy who counts votes to get bills passed - says to keep the Parkland teens "in your thoughts and prayers" as they visit Congress urging him to do something about gun violence.
[email protected] to @FoxNews: "The president still believes in an age 21 limit for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons."
6 month ago
[email protected]: I want to encourage all of my many Texas friends to vote in the primary for Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton. They are helping me to Make America Great Again! Vote early or on March 6th.
Sen. Chris Murphy responds to this story: "Well it was one staffer," but quickly adds that "no Democrat should be worried about talking about policy changes in the wake of these mass shootings"
"There certainly needs to be more accountability and pressure put on Russia to do what they said they ere going to do" says @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
6 month ago
Also concerns about growing divisions in Syria: "As the caliphate goes away and the threat of ISIS is removed we will begin to see more of a return to the underlying challenges that really gave birth to this problem and the problems in the country" per Gen Votel
"Russia is a party to this and they have responsibilities to ensure that the tractable partners that may be in this area are under control not just the Iranians but the others that are down that are much more akin to the violent extremists" per Gen Votel
6 month ago
Concerns about SW Syria: "In these places down in the southwest particularly up in places like Idlib, these are becoming collection zones for a lot of unsavory organizations right here and eventually they are going to have to be dealt with," per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
Manchin says he would not seek full repeal of tax reform law. "There's a lot of good things in there"
Just announced: @SecNielsen to lead US presidential delegation to PyeongChang2018 Paralympics.6 month ago
Just announced: @SecNielsen to lead US presidential delegation to PyeongChang2018 Paralympics.
@CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel: 64% of Afghanistan controlled by Afghan government; 12% controlled by Taliban. Rest of the country is contested
"We are taken a conditions-based approach that is focused on reconciliation as its end state" Gen. Votal says of Afghanistan "We are engaging the partners in the region"
"The big idea here in with what we're trying to do in Afghanistan is drive toward reconciliation" per @Centcom's Gen. Votel. "This is different" he says "than the approach we've had in the past"
EU to act if U.S. introduces steel tariffs, Germany warns6 month ago
EU to act if U.S. introduces steel tariffs, Germany warns
@ChuckGrassley: Just left WH mtg on the. Same discussion again. No deal made. program design destroyed by RIN cap/waiver. Not "win win" promised Would destroy ethanol demand making benefits of RVP useless
Republican member of House Intelligence Committee says WH Comms director hope Hicks will not answer some questions, including about her time in the Trump administration (which is of major interest to investigators.) She is testifying in private today
"The Syrian government itself has proved unwilling and unable to address this particular threat" per @CENTCOM's Votel "They have taken the pressure off of ISIS and created more problems for the coalition in dealing with this"
6 month ago
Legal basis for US presence is Syria "largely driven by the collective self defense of Iraq" per Gen Votel
"The principle reason we are in Syria is to defeat ISIS and that remains our sole and single task" per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
@IvankaTrump: Looking forward to today's House vote on legislation that will help prevent online sex trafficking. The perpetrators of this horrific crime need to be held accountable, and we must continue to take steps to combat all forms of sex trafficking.
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell on GDP growth: "The tax bill was passed about a week and a half after our December meeting and then the spending bill was about a week and a half after our January meeting so in each case we didn't really have the full set of information."
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell: "We're strongly committed to our 2% inflation goal."
"We are beginning to see positive indicators" per @CENTCOM's Votel "Some of the actions they are taking on the ground, thee are positive indicators that they are moving in the right direction."
6 month ago
@CENTCOM Commander General Votel on Pakistan's efforts: "It does not yet equal the decisive action we would like to see them take in terms of a strategic shift but they are positive indicators. They give me hope."
"I do have very frequent and routine, professional communications with my counterpart [in Pakistan]" per Votel "I can't describe the relationship as trustful at this point. There is a lot of history that has to be overcome"
"Success in Afghanistan and South Asia will require a strong relationship and the cooperation of Pakistan" per @CENTCOM's General Votel
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell responds to questions from @RepAlGreen on African American unemployment:
"Either Russia has to admit it is not capable or that it doesn't want to play a role in ending the Syrian conflict" per Gen Votel "Their role is incredibly destabilizing at this point"
"Russia has failed to follow through on delivering the [Syrian] government in a number of different areas" including @UN ceasefire which Moscow helped draft, per @CENTCOM's Gen. Votel
Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he believes bump fire stocks can be effectively banned through regulation
NSA Director Rogers on Russian cyberattacks: "I believe that President Putin has clearly come to the conclusion there's little price to pay here."
GOP Rep. Chris Stewart says Hope Hicks' interview with House Intel Committee is "not done by a long ways,"
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign is open for business at Trump Tower, with the Republican National Committee paying the rent. Rent payments - for more than $37,000 a month - began in late September.
President Trump has tapped former adviser Brad Parscale to be campaign manager for his 2020 re-election bid, underscoring his intentions to run for a second term.
[email protected]: "President Trump is still very interested in being able to get a great immigration bill done as quickly as possible."
"Turkey has been absolutely vital throughout the entire [anti-ISIS] campaign," per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel, acknowledging Ankara's concerns about PKK militants, tensions on the ground with US partners
"These fighters that are able to depart these war zones are able to take with them experiences and tactics that could potentially be applied other places" per @CENTCOM's Votel "They have to the ability to bring others on board"
Concerns about ISIS foreignFighters - Most killed/captured but, "There are some that have gotten away," per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
GOP Sen. Bob Corker has decided he will not run for re-election after reconsidering his decision to retire last year
"Some of these indirect things that we are doing is very very important" says @CENTCOM's Gen Votel re Iran
[email protected]: "There has been no collusion here."
"Countering Iran is not one of the coalition missions in Syria" per @Centcom's Gen Votel
[email protected]: "Legislation can't just feel good, legislation has to do good and that's what this president wants."
Mueller's team has officially proposed dismissing charges against RICK GATES, following last week's guilty plea.
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell: "At the December meeting, the median participant called for 3 rate increases in 2018 Since then what we have seen is incoming data that suggests a strengthening of the economy."
NSA Director Mike Rogers testifies he has not been authorized by President or Mattis to retaliate against Russian cyber operators who attacked 2016 election
@NSAGov chief Adm. Michael Rogers says Russia has "not paid a price that is sufficient to change their behavior," when it comes to their cyberattacks on the US. adds Russians have been in no way deterred from continuing ongoing cyberattacks on the US.
Cybercom Chief Rogers tells the Senate Intel Committee that he has not been directed by President Trump or Defense Secretary Mattis to disrupt Russian hacking operations against the United States where they originate.
"Both China and Russia seek to fill in perceived gaps in US interest by increasing defense cooperation and sales" per Gen Votel "They both are also cultivating multidimensional ties with Iran"
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell: "There's always a risk of a recession at any given point in time, I don't see it as at all high at the moment."
New China base in Djibouti, new Gwadar port in Pakistan "bolsters China's force projection into the region" says @CENTCOM's Votel
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell: "We do see some high asset prices What we don't see is the buildup of leverage among households."
China "pursuing long term steady economic growth" in @CENTCOM's area of operations, per Gen Votel "But it is also improving its military posture"
[email protected] Chair Jerome Powell: "Lower corporate taxes should leader to higher investment Higher investment should lead to higher productivity over time and higher productivity should lead to higher wages over time."
[email protected]: "I wouldn't be here right now, if it wasn't for law enforcement confronting the shooter in my case and it's really disappointing that ultimately somebody didn't go into that school, that was there and armed to protect those kids."
Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Fed diversity: "We always insist that there's a highly diverse candidate pool and that diverse candidates are always given serious consideration and every chance."
[email protected] asked if they are doing enough to prevent school shootings: "There was a colossal breakdown in the systemand we need to get to the bottom of how these breakdowns occur."
Trump to name strategist Brad Parscale as manager of his 2020 presidential re-election campaign - source tells @Reuters
"It is clear that Russia's interest in Syria are Russia's interests and not those of the wider international community" @CENTCOM's Gen Votel tells HASC
"Russia has placed this progress [vs ISIS] at risk with their activities which are not focused on defeating ISIS but rather on preserving its own influence and control over the outcome" per Gen Votel
"then serving as an arbiter to resolve disputes, attempting to undermine and weaken each party's bargaining position" adds Gen Votel re Russia
"While we continue to confront the scourge of terrorism, Iran's malign activities across the region pose the long-term threat to stability in this part of the world" @CENTCOM's Gen. Votel
White House, Boeing reach "informal deal" on fixed price contract for 2 new Air Force One planes; total deal price set to be $3.9B
White House cites recent setbacks to democracy in Cambodia that have caused deep concern
White House says U.S. will suspend or curtail several U.S. aid and military programs to Cambodia - statement
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