New HHS Secretary Alex Azar: What an honor it is to become the 24th secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States. Only in America, the grandchild and great-grandchild of immigrants from Lebanon, Ukraine, England, Switzerland, gets to have that opportunity.

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

17 August 2018
Trump administration declines to apply new Russia sanctions
The Trump admin has notified Congress that last year's bipartisan Russia sanctions bill is serving as a "deterrent" and as such, specific sanctions aren't needed at this time. From a State Dept spox
6 month ago
CIA director tells the BBC he sees Russia as an adversary, expects it to target the US mid-term elections
Sean Spicer: "I regret things that I did that brought embarrassment to myself, my family, friends of mine who have been very big supporters"
[email protected] (D-Wis.), who is bringing @SpeakerRyan's Dem challenger @IronStache to SOTU address, knocks his fellow Wisconsin House colleague: "Speaker Ryan has abandoned his Wisconsin values by refusing to face his constituents in a truly open town hall"
FBI Director Christopher Wray put pressure on Andrew McCabe to step aside after months of criticism from Trump, NYT reports.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to @TheView on accusations of sexual misconduct against President Trump: "Congress should be doing hearings. Where are the hearings on all of these allegations?"
Bernie Sanders: You know what Trump won't be talking about in his State of the Union? He will surely not be apologizing for the many lies he told American voters: how he promised to defend the interests of working people, but then sold them out to Wall Street and the billionaire class.
Bernie Sanders canceled an interview after reporters refused to agree not to ask about his family. Sanders' wife is under FBI investigation, and his stepdaughter is running for mayor of VT's largest city
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Senate Republicans are bringing up a bill today to undermine a woman's constitutional right to make decisions about her own body. Awful legislation. NoAbortionBan
The day after Trump fired Comey, he called McCabe to vent over the TV coverage, NBC reports.
Rep Raul Grijalva D-AZ says his Trump speech tickets have a typo - "State of the Uniom"
6 month ago
[email protected]: Congratulations to America's new Secretary of @HHSGov, Alex Azar!
Elizabeth Warren: The GOP bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks would force women with severe health issues to stay pregnant until their lives are endangered, and force those with unviable fetuses to carry to term. This bill is dangerous and cruel – we cannot let it pass. NoAbortionBan
Elizabeth Warren: Today, the Senate will vote on a bill to ban all abortions after 20 weeks, with limited exceptions. Only 1% of abortions take place at 21 weeks or later – and the reasons are heartbreaking.
President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump Announce Special Guests for the State of the Union Address
6 month ago
[email protected]: White House Not Involved in McCabe Decision
6 month ago
[email protected]: "This is a president who wants to lead for everybodyHe's building an economy that helps every American."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We're trying to fix unemployment for all Americans."
Rep. Eric Swalwell: "If [McCabe] is leaving for any reason other than personal, this is going to be a problem because we know the president's desire to remove people who he perceives to stand in the way of him being cleared in the Russia investigation."
Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly will vote yes on Lindsey Graham's 20-week abortion ban legislation tonight, per a spox.
Sanders: "only thing the president applied pressure to is to get it resolved so you guys and everyone else can focus on the things Americans actually care about- making sure everybody gets the Russia fever out of their system once and for all."
WH @PressSec says the State of our Union is "incredible."
6 month ago
"The president was not part of this decision-making process," White House says of FBI Dep. Dir. McCabe departure. Sanders adds that Trump did not have any conversations with FBI about McCabe's departure.
The Trump administration hopes "everybody gets the Russia fever out of their system once and for all," adds @PressSec
@PressSec: "We have done everything we can to be fully transparent" with special counsel
"The president wasn't part of this decision-making process." says @PressSec
@PressSec:"The president stands by his previous comments" (about McCabe).
On @FBI deputy director stepping down today: "None of this decision was made" by @WhiteHouse
6 month ago
SOTU tomorrow night will be "must TV," says @PressSec.
Former 12-term congresswoman from Florida, Rep.Corrine Brown convicted of taking money from a charity, reports to federal prison.
Updated list issued by @WhiteHouse of the UN Security Council ambassadors having lunch with @POTUS.
@DonaldJTrumpJr: Strange timing. "Stepping down" the day after FBI brass sees the memo. I wonder what's in there?
AP sources: FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe leaving post early ahead of planned retirement
In brief remarks to the diplomats, Pres Trump denounced the Taliban saying "they're killing people left and right." As a result of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan, he said, "there's no talking to the Taliban."
U.S. to announce new 'security upgrades' to refugee program: Nielsen
In the State Dining Room, Pres Trump hosts lunch with diplomats representing member nations of the UN Security Council, including Russia and China.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Today we will discuss our cooperation on a range of security challenges, including the de-nuking of North Korea."
"Many, many women and children that are totally innocent," being killed by the Taliban.
Trump: "It's a whole different fight over therethey're killing innocent people left and right."
'We don't want to talk to the Taliban,' Trump says in State Dining Room at @WhiteHouse.
@SenGillibrand: Tonight's abortion ban vote is yet another attempt by Republican leaders to attack women's reproductive rights. Jam the phone lines, post those tweets, and spread the word. We must all speak out on this.
Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director and a frequent Trump target, stepping down.
@DHSgov creating "global baseline" for info sharing on immigration per Sec Nielsen, only handful of high risk nations have failed to comply
Republican strategist Shermichael Singleton: "As an African-American, I am so proud of my community I hope African-Americans who are listening to his words, screw Donald Trump — we're gonna continue moving forward and progressing and making our communities better."
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was personally involved in the process to remove sections on climate change from the agency's website, records obtained by the Environmental Defense Fund show, The Hill reports.
On immigration reform @POTUS says "Republicans really don't have the votes to get it done in any other way, so it has to be bipartisan. But hopefully the Democrats will join us, or enough of them will join us"
After taking oath of office, HHS Secretary Alex Azar pledges to "tackle the scourge" of opioid addiction and bring down the price of prescription drugs.
Chairman of the powerful @HouseAppropsGOP, @USRepRodney, says he won't seek re-election this year.
When groups such as ISIS appear to be winning they attract new foot soldiers to their case, per @DHSgov Sec Nielsen @POTUS administration making clear ISIS losing
[email protected] to @TheView: "I think a lot of President Trump's rhetoric is racistWhen someone uses the phrase 'chain migration,' it is intentional in trying to demonize families, and make it a racist slur. It is not right."
New restrictions on immigration have "Nothing to do with race or religion" per @DHSgov's Nielsen, says US has rightandresponsibility to make sure immigrants "are who they say they are"
Would @SenGillibrand vote for President Trump's proposed DACA-border wall deal? "No," she says.
[email protected] Pence swore Alex Azar as secretary of Health and Human Services. @POTUS attended.
New-Use of drones in terror attacks on West "only a matter of time" per @DHSgov Sec Kirstjen Nielsen at The Wilson Center
Trump, post Azar swearing in, speaking of his "big speech" Tuesday night, says he'll discuss immigration, trade + other topics. "I hope you enjoy it."
Q: Are you going to bring Senator Schumer down here again? Trump: "We might."
"it's going to be a very important speech on trade," replies @POTUS to question about SOTU address.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "As our new secretary [Alex Azar] will continue to implement the administrative and regulatory changes needed to ensure that our citizens get the affordable high-quality care that they deserve."
New @HHSgov secretary promises to bring down drug prices and combat the scourge of the opiate crisis.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "[Alex Azar] brings an invaluable private sector experience to complement his years of public service."
Pres says Azar will confront addiction and death due to opioids. Says he'll be tough on drug companies and doctors on this issue.
Sen. Gillibrand to @TheView: "I have a 14-year-old son, I have a 9-year-old son—how am I supposed to tell them it's okay to grab a woman here, it's okay to grab a woman here, but it's not okay to grab a woman here? Absolutely not."
New HHS Secretary Alex Azar: What an honor it is to become the 24th secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States. Only in America, the grandchild and great-grandchild of immigrants from Lebanon, Ukraine, England, Switzerland, gets to have that opportunity.
Pres shakes hands with Alex Azar, about to be sworn-in as HHS Secretary. "Gonna get those prescription drug prices way down," says @POTUS of Azar.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Al Franken "is entitled to a hearing. But he's not entitled to my silence."
"We have a long way to go" in bringing down healthcare costs, says @POTUS. "Alex is going to bring that down to a big, brand new level.
Man shot, killed in SE, DC on 800 block of Chesapeake Street
The memo reportedly claims that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein approved extended surveillance of Carter Page based on the Fusion GPS Russian dossier paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.
6 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "He's not going to give up putting America first." @foxandfriends
EU says would react 'swiftly' to any Trump trade curbs
Chief Justice of Pakistan has urged Mr. Hussain Haqqani, Former Pakistani Ambassador to US to return home and face the case of memogate addressed to Admiral Mike Mullen seeking US help to avert a military take over in the wake of OBL raid and civilian grasp on military apparatus
Speaking at the reception, the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, David Hale thanked the leadership for its volunteer work and further added, "Your involvement with PUAN is an extension of the work we [at the Embassy] do to share American culture with Pakistan."
A person was struck and injured by a train at Suitland on Sunday night. Rail Operations responded to a report of a person being struck by a Green Line train at 8:50 p.m. The adult male victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries
6 month ago
[email protected]: "It wasn't until I became a politician that I realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious, and how fake the press can be." Davos
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We've set 84 records since my election, record stock market prices, meaning we hit new highs 84 different times out of a one-year period." Davos
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We must replace our current system of extended family chain migration with a merit-based system." @POTUS's full address to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - Part 2.
President Trump to Piers Morgan: "'I wouldn't say I'm a feministI'm for women, I'm for men, I'm for everyone."
Republican Sen. Susan Collins says it "wouldn't hurt" for Congress to protect special counsel Robert Mueller following reports President Trump considered firing him in June
[email protected] reacts to being the first senator who will give birth while in office:
[email protected] explains why she called President Trump a "five deferment draft dodger."
After her helicopter was shot down in 2004, @SenDuckworth said, "I was missionless. I was a helicopter pilot with no legs and I was trying to find a way to serve my country."
"I decided to run for the United States senate when I was on maternity leave, which was a leap of faith to do that." - @SenDuckworth
[email protected]: What did your doctor say about your chances of getting pregnant at 49? @SenDuckworth: "He said it's the new 40." A 50-year-old mom is the new 40.
[email protected] on immigration: If you just do border security and DACA, all you do is create an incentive for more people to try and flood the border.
[email protected] says that the White House submitted its priority for an immigration plan many months ago. We were clear what we wanted, and we put our priorities in writing and sent them to congress on Oct. 8th.
[email protected]: President Trump never intimated to me that he wanted to fire Mueller.
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