An adult man was killed when they were hit and then trapped under a bus near 14th Street and Madison Drive, according to DC police. DC Fire and EMS, as well as the major crash team, is currently on the scene. 14th Street between Constitution and Madison Drive, NW, is now shut down in both directions.

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

17 August 2018
Senate vote on budget deal delayed by objection to spending levels by Republican Senator Rand Paul - Sen. Cornyn
6 month ago
Biden on Trump: "I find him not credible"
Bernie Sanders: I'm proud of initiatives I fought for in the budget agreement that increase funding for child care, the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, community health centers, student debt relief, our crumbling infrastructure, the opioid epidemic and disaster recovery.
Bernie Sanders: However, I will be voting no. This bill does not address the great moral issue of our time – the fact that in three weeks 800,000 young Dreamers will lose their legal status and be subject to deportation.
Bernie Sanders: Second, the $165 billion increase in defense spending is much too large. I believe in a strong military, but at a time when the U.S. spends more on defense than the next 12 countries combined, the last thing we should do is massively increase the Pentagon's budget.
6 month ago
[email protected]: I will be meeting with Henry Kissinger at 1:45pm. Will be discussing North Korea, China and the Middle East.
[email protected] on budget agreement: "I strongly oppose this deal."
WH announces Pres Trump to nominate longtime tax attorney Charles Rettig to be IRS Commissioner. If confirmed by Senate, he would success John Koskinen, whose controversial term ended in November. WH notes Rettig also served as chair of the IRS Advisory Council for almost 20 yrs.
Extensions of various expiring tax provisions - $15 billion over 10 years Miscellaneous tax provisions in bill - $2 billion over 10 years
Biden responds to Trump's 'treasonous' remark: "I wonder about his grasp of the role of any president. I wonder as to whether or not— why every single thing he does is put in the prism, not how it affects America, but how it affects him."
Tax relief for California wildfires - $439 billion over 10 years Tax relief for Hurricane victims- $456 billion over 10 years
Admin policy statement says increase in defense spending "would ensure America is prepared to deter and, if necessary, defeat the full spectrum of threats from rival powers, rogue states, and terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."
"Our position is to provide our diplomats with the strongest position so that they can find a political, a diplomatic solution [for Syria] through the Geneva process" per @ChiefPentSpox
"We are there [Syria] to defeat ISIS. They are on the run but there is still work to be done," adds DoD's White
Fearing Russia, United States, Germany offer to host new NATO commands: officials
"I can't confirm the numbers" says @ChiefPentSpox re reports 100 pro-Assad forces killed in SDF/coalition attack response
6 month ago
[email protected]: Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares "IN GOD WE TRUST." And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim that we are "One Nation Under God." NationalPrayerBreakfast
Yulia Tymoshenko front and center as Trump spoke at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington
Ryan says he has enough votes to pass budget deal with shutdown deadline hours away
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Let us seek to build a more just and peaceful world where every child can grow up without violence, worship without fear, and reach their God-given potential."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "America stands with all people suffering oppression and religious persecution."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Together as Americans, we are a tireless force for justice and for peace."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "All we have to do is open our eyes and look around us and we can see God's hand."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We see the Lord's grace in the service members who risk their lives for our freedom."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Our rights are not given to us by man. Our rights come from our Creator."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "America is a nation of believers and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer."
6 month ago
Laura Wilkerson on @POTUS: "I think he's doing everything he can to right this country in the way that we need to go moving forward." @foxandfriends
6 month ago
@VP reiterates to @moonriver365 that the US will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the ROK to denuclearize the Korean peninsula
6 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "This president is rebuilding our military's readiness, but he's also rebuilding our military's morale and both have been ignored for a very long time." @foxandfriends
A top official at the Department of Homeland Security says that the Russians were able to gain access to the registration rolls of an "exceptionally small" number of states.
6 month ago
Korea president Moon, @VP Pence reaffirm strong alliance, joint efforts to denuclearize North Korea
6 month ago
[email protected]: Will be heading over shortly to make remarks at The National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Great religious and political leaders, and many friends, including T.V. producer Mark Burnett of our wonderful 14 season Apprentice triumph, will be there. Looking forward to seeing all!
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book6 month ago
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book
6 month ago
Britain says wants to save Iran deal, working to address U.S. concerns
6 month ago
U.S. Central Command has officially designated Afghanistan and the fight against the Taliban as its "main effort."
6 month ago
Koreas president Moon calls for China's efforts to enable dialogue between U.S., North Korea
6 month ago
Koreas President @moonriver365 hosts @VP today and then DPRK high level officials on Saturday
@VP and @SecondLady disembark Air Force Two in Osan
NBC quoted a US official: Russia hacked the database of American voters
An adult man was killed when they were hit and then trapped under a bus near 14th Street and Madison Drive, according to DC police. DC Fire and EMS, as well as the major crash team, is currently on the scene. 14th Street between Constitution and Madison Drive, NW, is now shut down in both directions.
North Korea 'does not intend' meeting US during Olympics
US official says security assistance can be restored if Islamabad takes 'decisive and sustained' action against terrorist groups
6 month ago
[email protected]: The Budget Agreement today is so important for our great Military. It ends the dangerous sequester and gives Secretary Mattis what he needs to keep America Great. Republicans and Democrats must support our troops and support this Bill!
6 month ago
[email protected]: Congratulations to the Republic of Korea on what will be a MAGNIFICENT Winter Olympics! What the South Korean people have built is truly an inspiration!
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Leader Nancy Pelosi has held the House floor for 7 hours to advocate for a path to citizenship for Dreamers. Nancy knows how important it is to get this done because California is home to more Dreamers than any other state. Go Nancy!
GOP members of Senate Finance Committee tell Pres Trump that "preserving NAFTA is vital" for millions of American workers. In a statement, @OrrinHatch said they also discussed the need to "confront the challenges China poses to American businesses and workers."
Biden: "Here's the deal: our Democratic institutions are not guaranteed, man."
Joe Biden: "We're not a nation that gives comfort and safe harbor to neo-Nazis crawling out of fields, carrying torches."
[email protected] at ABetterTomorrow Democratic Issues Conference: It's not the example of our power, but the power of our example.
People gather in the Russell Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol for a protest in support of DACA
@LindseyGrahamSC: The details of the budget agreement that @SenMajLdr McConnell briefed me on is great news for our men and women in uniform. Without a doubt, it's the best news for our military in recent years.
Leader Pelosi has been speaking for 4 hours demanding @SpeakerRyan commit to bringing up bipartisan legislation to ProtectDREAMers
Today Ranking Member @RepMaxineWaters spoke on the @HouseFloor in opposition of HR1153, a bill that would undermine the strong consumer protections Democrats established under WallStreetReform
Rand says spending deal is "bad for the country," don't say if he will block quick passage of bill before shutdown deadline
U.S. House Oversight Cmte voted to advance the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act, which would modernize federal grant reporting from a document-based system to an open data model
Sanders confirms WH Staff Secretary Rob Porter is stepping down, but not right away. Porter issued statement decrying "outrageous allegations" of domestic abuse by his 2 ex-wives. Chief of Staff John Kelly praises Porter as "a man of true integrity and honor."
Press Sec. Sanders tells @CeciliaVega she hasn't spoken to President Trump on whether he had specific concerns about domestic abuse allegations against White House staffer who resigned today.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: This bipartisan budget agreement delivers on our commitment to fully fund our national defense—no more short-term ploys and patches. The men and women who serve in our Armed Forces are the winners today.
Sanders says Pres hasn't made a final decision about a big parade to honor US military. She says he's just exploring different ways to show pride in the military and it's too early for discussion of whether a parade is appropriate when nothing's been decided.
Senator John McCain: Today's budget agreement is vital to our national security. Without it, our military would not be able to defend the nation, as Secretary Mattis and our military leaders have repeatedly warned.
6 month ago
Porter says this photo is old, and "the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described." That's what Sanders just read.
6 month ago
Mattis: Failure by Congress to fund new 2018 defense strategy "will leave us with a force that could dominate the last war, yet be irrelevant to tomorrow's security," he says at White House. "America can afford survival."
6 month ago
Sarah Sanders just read a statement from Rob Porter, not denying allegations by his two ex-wives that he beat them during their marriage. Stunning to hear this very personal non-denial of domestic abuse being read from the White House podium.
Full statement from Rob Porter:
Sanders stops short of saying Pres Trump would sign Senate budget agreement. Have to see what's in the final bill. But says WH applauds "the steps forward" taken by the Senate and supportive of meeting needs of defense spending.
"Shutting down the government would be very damaging to the military," Defense Sec. James Mattis tells @jonkarl. "It just paralyzes everything that we do."
Senior officials were trying to convince staff secretary Rob Porter, whose two ex-wives came forward with abuse allegations, "to stay and fight." Those officials included Chief of Staff John Kelly, Axios reports.
Rep Mo Brooks R-AL: I'm not just a no, I'm a "hell no" on budget deal
On Pres Trump's wish for a military parade, DefSec Mattis said "we're all aware of the president's affection and respect for the military." Mattis said Pentagon "putting together some options" for the president to consider.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Thanks to President Trump, we can have the strongest military we have ever had."
The WH's media rollout to manage the Rob Porter resignation news is actually impressive. At least four outlets popping this at 1:30 on the nose with the same backstory on how top folks wanted him to stay
At WH briefing, DefSec Mattis welcomes Senate's 2-year budget agreement and recognition of the effects on the military of "budgetary uncertainty."
Rob Porter resigns from White House.
Tillerson also said US won't be "lulled" by North Korean presence at the Olympics. "That isn't going to change anything," he said of US insistence North Korean end its nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs.
6 month ago
[email protected]: Best wishes to the Republic of Korea on hosting the @Olympics! What a wonderful opportunity to show everyone that you are a truly GREAT NATION!
Top White House aide announces deal on 2-year budget pact with huge increases for defense, domestic programs.
Mattis to brief media at 1:30 pm ET at White House after news that Trump wants military parade in Washington
6 month ago
Air Force flying more and more lethal, per @ResoluteSupport's MajGen Hecker - Afgahans flying 40 missions a week where munitions are dropped vs 25 a week for US/coalition aircraft
6 month ago
[email protected]: NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!
6 month ago
[email protected]: In the "old days," when good news was reported, the Stock Market would go up. Today, when good news is reported, the Stock Market goes down. Big mistake, and we have so much good (great) news about the economy!
Tillerson says North Korea an equal player at PyeongChang Olympics
Pentagon: Afghan war costing US $45 billion per year
6 month ago
South Korea in consultations with U.S on planned trips by North Korea leader's sister
"I'm announcing that the United States of America will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever – and we will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all." says @VP
"All options are on the table, and the United States has deployed some of our most advanced military assets to Japan and to the wider region, to protect our homeland and our allies and we will continue to," states @VP
"We will not allow North Korean propaganda to hijack the message and imagery of the Olympic Games. We will not allow North Korea to hide behind the Olympic banner the reality that they enslave their people and threaten the wider region," adds @VP
"I will have the privilege to lead the United States' delegation to the Winter Olympics says @VP. We'll be there to cheer our athletes, but we'll also be there to stand with our allies, and remind the world that North Korea is the most tyrannical and oppressive government on the planet."
US Vice President Mike Pence receives a briefing on the PAC-3 anti-missile defense system in Tokyo, ahead of his trip to South Korea
"The people of Japan can be assured: The full range of the Armed Forces of the United States is dedicated to the protection of Japan," @VP says alongside @AbeShinzo
US and Japan have "completely aligned" their policies on DPRK, says @AbeShinzo
"A good amount of time" spent today with @VP discussing DPRK, says @AbeShinzo, adding it will continue to provoke with an expected military parade tomorrow in Pyongyang
U.S. could lift aid suspension if Pakistan takes steps: State Department
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