Sen. Rand Paul holds up votes on the budget deal, says Republicans and Democrats are 'spending us into oblivion.'

Map. History of District Columbia conflict

17 August 2018
House narrowly passes bipartisan budget measure, ending government shutdown.
U.S. urges Cambodia to take back deportees
Here at Pyeongchang @AbeShinzo and @VP chatting while they await a photo with host @moonriver365
China says U.S. bill on Taiwan ties threatens stability
North Korea, U.S. set for icy encounter at Olympics as North delegation arrives
Trump, Modi discuss Afghanistan, Myanmar, Maldives, North Korea: White House
Pakistani Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Interior and Planning, Development and Reform delivered keynote address at a special event on CPEC at Embassy of Pakistan, Washington DC
@VP Official US Presidential delegation to Winter Olympics arrives, led by @VP
US Senate passes critical stopgap spending bill after an hours-long delay forced Congress to miss a midnight deadline and sent the government tumbling into a shutdown
Senate advances bill to end shutdown
6 month ago
Pence says South Korea President Moon supports U.S. additional sanctions on North Korea
United States Government Has Been Shut Down
6 month ago
[email protected]: Wow! -Senator Mark Warner got caught having extensive contact with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch. Warner did not want a "paper trail" on a "private" meeting (in London) he requested with Steele of fraudulent Dossier fame. All tied into Crooked Hillary.
6 month ago
[email protected]: Time to end the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.
Sen. Rand Paul on the new senate spending bill: "If you were against President Obama's deficits, and you're for the Republican deficits, isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy?"
[email protected]: Spending bill will rebuild the military in a 'big way'
[email protected]: "We need veterans in Congress."
Sen. Rand Paul holds up votes on the budget deal, says Republicans and Democrats are 'spending us into oblivion.'
[email protected]: You might not always like @POTUS' message. I don't think you can argue that he's not incredibly effective. He's been incredibly effective on the economy. ISIS used to have 40,000 fighters.Now they're under 1,000.
The House Oversight Committee opened a probe into the Larry Nassar case on Thursday by demanding documents from the U.S. Olympic Committee and others
[email protected]: "[My father] didn't need to become president. He sacrificed a tremendous amount. He worked very hard. He put a lot of his own money behind him. He wanted to do one great thing. He wanted to make America great again."
[email protected]: "The market's going to continue to look incredibly, incredibly strong. I think actually, right now, is probably a great period to buy."
Sen. @RandPaul tells he doesn't want to shut down government over budget deal. He's asking for a 15 minute vote on an amendment that he says would offer conservatives an alternative to increasing spending.
[email protected] on market selloff: "I think it's probably healthyWe went from 17,000 to well over 26,000 in under a year and it was 40% growth of the overall market. So, as the market steps back for a day and actually breathes, I don't think is the worst thing in the world."
Democratic Rep. Marc Veasey introduced the PARADE Act today: Preventing Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures.
@LindseyGrahamSC: Last time we ignored Afghanistan we got 9/11. Nearly 3000 lives lost and billions of dollars spent because we ignored Afghanistan. Never again.
@LindseyGrahamSC: These are serious and dangerous times. President @realDonaldTrump has chosen to listen and follow sound military advice in taking the gloves off when it comes to fighting radical Islam, particularly in Afghanistan. I wish Senator Paul would do the same.
@LindseyGrahamSC: It appears 'General' @RandPaul is at it again. He just called for the immediate withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan as a way to give the US military a pay raise. Fortunately, only 'General' Paul – and the Taliban - think that's a good idea.
White House will soon allow some senior advisers to receive additional cell phones to communicate with the Republican National Committee, source tells @ABC.
[email protected] welcomed her fellow Delawarean @JoeBiden to the 2018 Democratic Caucus Issues Conference
[email protected]: "We think when Democrats are in charge, the Republicans are the conservative party. The problem is when the Republicans are in charge, there's no conservative party."
@RandPaul says he told Trump today to call @SenateMajLdr, to tell him Paul wanted 15 min to debate, 15 min to vote, "We could have been done by noon." Adds: "If they want to stay up til 3 in the morning, I'm happy to do it for something I consider to be important."
Rep. Gutierrez says the Hispanic Caucus has taken a position to vote NO on the budget deal due to the lack of a Dreamer solution.
[email protected]: "We just have too much war. The war in Afghanistan is costing us $50 billion a year I could give a raise to every soldier out there we'd just come home from Afghanistan. It's time to come home. There is no military victory there."
Cavuto suggested that Rand's hold on the budget deal caused the stock market to plunge. Rand says he talked to Trump, urged Trump to call up McConnell and give him an amendment
[email protected]: "We're going to bring back Obama-era deficits. I was elected to combat Obama-era deficits it's Republicans in charge busting all the spending caps. @TheDemocrats are complicit."
"I'm not advocating for shutting down the government. I'm also not open for keeping" it open, Rand says
Pressed on White House's handling of Rob Porter allegations, Deputy Press Sec. Raj Shah says Communications Director Hope Hicks "did recuse herself from some matters."
"There are no meetings planned whatsover," says @RajShah45, asked if VP Pence might meet with sister of Kim Jung-Un at the Olympic games.
"The president was involved and briefed" @WhiteHouse spox @RajShah45 says of attack by about 300 pro-Syria government forces on Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition forces
Shah says background investigation on Rob Porter had not been completed. No denial of clearance had been issued. Says every allegation had to be investigated as was every denial. "We allowed that process to play out," says Shah.
[email protected] can't say how many officials at WH are still operating on an interim security clearance. "I can't get into that."
Dow Jones plummets more than 1,000 points.
[email protected] says @POTUS was made aware of allegations Tuesday
Shah clarifies: Porter resigned, he was not fired.
The White House message to women who have been abused: If you have photos, your allegations will be taken more seriously.
[email protected] says review process on Democratic memo is ongoing
[email protected] says @POTUS retains confidence in General Kelly
6 month ago
Mattis: Unclear who US strikes killed in 'self-defense': "We know they were pro-government forces[but] Iranian, Assad, Russian, mercenaries, I can't tell you," defense secretary says
Raj Shah said Rob Porter was "terminated," and then 15 seconds later he said he resigned
Raj Shah on what John Kelly was not aware of related to the Rob Porter allegations: "He had not seen images."
"Omarosa was fired three times on the Apprentice and this is the fourth time we let her go." @RajShah45 in his debut WH briefing.
[email protected] says @POTUS was "sadden" by situation
"We all could have done better over the last few days in dealing with this situation." -Raj Shah on Rob POrter
[email protected] says Porter's last day was yesterday
White House Deputy Press Sec. Raj Shah calls allegations against Rob Porter "serious and disturbing," adding they "involve incidents long before he joined the White House."
[email protected] declines to answer questions about specific allegations
John Kelly "became fully aware of these allegations yesterday," according to Raj Shah. Well was he partially aware? "I'm not going to get into specifics," Shah says.
[email protected] says Kelly became "fully aware" of allegations Wednesday
[email protected] says Porter clearance was never denied
During a White House background check, WH spokesman Raj Shah says, "Some information may arise that is troubling."
6 month ago
Mattis: US airstrikes in Syria done in "self-defense," he tells reporters. "If we were getting involved in a broader conflict, then it would have had an initiative on our part."
[email protected]: Secretary Tillerson and China's State Councilor Yang reaffirmed @POTUS and President Xi's commitment to keep up pressure on North Korea's illegal nuclear weapons and missile programs and discussed the need to achieve a fair and reciprocal economic relationship.
Trump wants military parade in Washington, open to other locations - Secretary of Defense Mattis
SecDef on DACA service members-Anyone "waiting to go into boot camp, anyone on active duty, anyone in the active reserves and anyone with an honorable discharge is right now, except for two possible exceptions, they will not be subject to any kind of deportations."
[email protected]: The United States is deeply concerned by the February 8 conviction without credible evidence of U.S. citizen and @NASA scientist Serkan Golge for being a member of a terror organizationWe call on Turkey's Government to end the protracted state of emergency.
[email protected]: U.S. welcomes release of journalist Dilmurod Saidov who was sentenced in 2009. We recognize Uzbekistan's President for releasing dozens of prisoners of conscience since assuming presidency and for taking important steps to reform the rule of law in Uzbekistan.
6 month ago
[email protected]: As long as we open our eyes to God's grace - and open our hearts to God's love - then America will forever be the land of the free, the home of the brave, and a light unto all nations. NationalPrayerBreakfast
The Trump administration has yet to nominate a director to the Justice Department's office of violence against women, according to the non-partisan Partnership for Public Service.
Sen. Chuck Schumer said the package would include $6 billion over two years for anti-opioid and mental health efforts; $20 billion for infrastructure projects (surface transportation, rural broadband, clean drinking water); and $5.8 billion for Child Care Development Block Grants
Sen Dianne Feinstein: The Trump administration is holding California's one and only public meeting on the president's offshore oil drilling plan in Sacramento today, hundreds of miles from the coast. That's ridiculous!
Rand blocking budget vote, per three senators. Shutdown threat slightly elevated, though leaders think he will back down
WH briefing delayed till 315pm/ET.
Principal Deputy Press Secretary @RajShah45 to conduct today's WH press briefing.
Senate vote on budget deal delayed by objection to spending levels by Republican Senator Rand Paul - Sen. Cornyn
6 month ago
Biden on Trump: "I find him not credible"
Bernie Sanders: I'm proud of initiatives I fought for in the budget agreement that increase funding for child care, the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, community health centers, student debt relief, our crumbling infrastructure, the opioid epidemic and disaster recovery.
Bernie Sanders: However, I will be voting no. This bill does not address the great moral issue of our time – the fact that in three weeks 800,000 young Dreamers will lose their legal status and be subject to deportation.
Bernie Sanders: Second, the $165 billion increase in defense spending is much too large. I believe in a strong military, but at a time when the U.S. spends more on defense than the next 12 countries combined, the last thing we should do is massively increase the Pentagon's budget.
6 month ago
[email protected]: I will be meeting with Henry Kissinger at 1:45pm. Will be discussing North Korea, China and the Middle East.
[email protected] on budget agreement: "I strongly oppose this deal."
WH announces Pres Trump to nominate longtime tax attorney Charles Rettig to be IRS Commissioner. If confirmed by Senate, he would success John Koskinen, whose controversial term ended in November. WH notes Rettig also served as chair of the IRS Advisory Council for almost 20 yrs.
Extensions of various expiring tax provisions - $15 billion over 10 years Miscellaneous tax provisions in bill - $2 billion over 10 years
Biden responds to Trump's 'treasonous' remark: "I wonder about his grasp of the role of any president. I wonder as to whether or not— why every single thing he does is put in the prism, not how it affects America, but how it affects him."
Tax relief for California wildfires - $439 billion over 10 years Tax relief for Hurricane victims- $456 billion over 10 years
Admin policy statement says increase in defense spending "would ensure America is prepared to deter and, if necessary, defeat the full spectrum of threats from rival powers, rogue states, and terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."
"Our position is to provide our diplomats with the strongest position so that they can find a political, a diplomatic solution [for Syria] through the Geneva process" per @ChiefPentSpox
"We are there [Syria] to defeat ISIS. They are on the run but there is still work to be done," adds DoD's White
Fearing Russia, United States, Germany offer to host new NATO commands: officials
"I can't confirm the numbers" says @ChiefPentSpox re reports 100 pro-Assad forces killed in SDF/coalition attack response
6 month ago
[email protected]: Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares "IN GOD WE TRUST." And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim that we are "One Nation Under God." NationalPrayerBreakfast
Yulia Tymoshenko front and center as Trump spoke at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington
Ryan says he has enough votes to pass budget deal with shutdown deadline hours away
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Let us seek to build a more just and peaceful world where every child can grow up without violence, worship without fear, and reach their God-given potential."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "America stands with all people suffering oppression and religious persecution."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Together as Americans, we are a tireless force for justice and for peace."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "All we have to do is open our eyes and look around us and we can see God's hand."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We see the Lord's grace in the service members who risk their lives for our freedom."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "Our rights are not given to us by man. Our rights come from our Creator."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "America is a nation of believers and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer."
6 month ago
Laura Wilkerson on @POTUS: "I think he's doing everything he can to right this country in the way that we need to go moving forward." @foxandfriends
6 month ago
@VP reiterates to @moonriver365 that the US will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the ROK to denuclearize the Korean peninsula
6 month ago
[email protected] on @POTUS: "This president is rebuilding our military's readiness, but he's also rebuilding our military's morale and both have been ignored for a very long time." @foxandfriends
A top official at the Department of Homeland Security says that the Russians were able to gain access to the registration rolls of an "exceptionally small" number of states.
6 month ago
Korea president Moon, @VP Pence reaffirm strong alliance, joint efforts to denuclearize North Korea
6 month ago
[email protected]: Will be heading over shortly to make remarks at The National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Great religious and political leaders, and many friends, including T.V. producer Mark Burnett of our wonderful 14 season Apprentice triumph, will be there. Looking forward to seeing all!
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book6 month ago
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book
6 month ago
Britain says wants to save Iran deal, working to address U.S. concerns
6 month ago
U.S. Central Command has officially designated Afghanistan and the fight against the Taliban as its "main effort."
6 month ago
Koreas president Moon calls for China's efforts to enable dialogue between U.S., North Korea
6 month ago
Koreas President @moonriver365 hosts @VP today and then DPRK high level officials on Saturday
@VP and @SecondLady disembark Air Force Two in Osan
NBC quoted a US official: Russia hacked the database of American voters
An adult man was killed when they were hit and then trapped under a bus near 14th Street and Madison Drive, according to DC police. DC Fire and EMS, as well as the major crash team, is currently on the scene. 14th Street between Constitution and Madison Drive, NW, is now shut down in both directions.
North Korea 'does not intend' meeting US during Olympics
US official says security assistance can be restored if Islamabad takes 'decisive and sustained' action against terrorist groups
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