2 December 2021
1 year ago
[email protected]: Welcome back to Earth, @Astro_Christina, and congratulations on breaking the female record for the longest stay in space. You're inspiring young women and making the USA proud. Enjoyed speaking with you and @Astro_Jessica on the first all-female spacewalk IN HISTORY last year
1 year ago
[email protected]: Nevada, I hear you on Yucca Mountain and my Administration will RESPECT you. Congress and previous Administrations have long failed to find lasting solutions – my Administration is committed to exploring innovative approaches – I'm confident we can get it done
Trump senior advisor Kushner says Palestinian leader Abbas has "responsibility" for recent violence in Israel
Request from @HHSGov to identify military installations near 11 major airports that could house additional quarantined passengers expected to be supported by @EsperDoD, according to @DeptofDefense.
"A very good phone call," says @POTUS of conversation with @ZelenskyyUa that led to impeachment. "I know bad phone calls."
DNC Chairman Tom Perez has called for an immediate recanvass of the Iowa caucuses by the state Democratic Party, another blow to the reputation of the primary season's first contest
The Trump administration is withholding approval for at least six commercial orders for arms and ammunition from US companies to Ukraine together worth roughly $30 million. The sales have been delayed for a year+ and nobody knows why exactly
Calling @RepAdamSchiff "a failed screenwriter."
"Russia, Russia, Russia," says @POTUS. "It was all bullshit."
"We've all been through a lot together," begins @POTUS, speaking about what he calls "an unfair situation" that was "evil" and "corrupt" with "leakers and liars."
"We caught him in the act," says @POTUS of @Comey. "Dirty policemen. Bad people."
Standing ovation in East Room for @realDonaldTrump legal team ahead of @POTUS entering the room
1 year ago
Boeing engineers have discovered a new software problem on the grounded 737 Max that must be patched before the plane can return to service, according to Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson
1 year ago
"I think he's also going to talk about just how horribly he was treated and, you know, that maybe people should pay for that," @PressSec says on @FoxNews about @POTUS scheduled noon (EST) remarks in East Room. ImpeachmentTrial
Senate intelligence committee bipartisan report says @POTUS44 administration "was not well-postured to counter" interference from Russia in #Election2016
Guaido today will hold separate meetings with both Mike Pompeo and Nancy Pelosi
1 year ago
[email protected]: Had failed presidential candidate @MittRomney devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimoniously does to me, he could have won the election. Read the Transcripts
This #RejectTheCoverup rally at the Capitol is one of around 200 kicking off in public spaces, at federal buildings or Trump properties nationwide tonight. It's billed as a mass venting of anger for a result they see as a obfuscation of the truth, even if it was expected
1 year ago
Sen. Romney on vote in favor of the article of impeachment on abuse of power against President Trump: "With my vote, I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me."
Speaker of the US House of Representatives: President Trump still poses a threat to American democracy
1 year ago
[email protected]: I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00pm from the @WhiteHouse to discuss our Country's VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax
1 year ago
@NBCNews Special Report: Senate Minority Leader Schumer speaks after Senate acquits President Trump on both articles of impeachment
Senate vote on Obstruction of Congress: - Guilty: 47 - Not Guilty: 53 Trump acquitted on both charges, remains in office
1 year ago
US Senate votes to acquit President Trump on first article of impeachment, abuse of power
The Senate acquits Trump of the charge of abuse of power
1 year ago
Roll call underway in the US Senate on first charge against @POTUS: Abuse of Power. ImpeachmentTrial
1 year ago
Utah Sen. Romney says he will vote in favor of the article of impeachment on abuse of power against President Trump: "The president is guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust."
U.S. republican senator Mitt Romney says he will break with the party and vote to convict President Donald Trump on the impeachment charge of abusing power
President Donald Trump receives the interim president of Venezuela @jguaido at the White House
Jorge Arreaza: "Venezuela rejects interference in internal affairs during the annual speech of Donald Trump"
1 year ago
Alabama Sen. Jones says he will vote today to convict President Trump on both articles of impeachment
U.S. Senators will vote today on the two articles of impeachment against President Trump, capping off the months-long battle with an all-but-certain acquittal.
[email protected] officially announces @jguaido's visit to the White House to meet with @realDonaldTrump
Foreign Commissioner @JulioBorges and Ambassador @carlosvecchio accompany acting President of Venezuela @jguaido during his meeting with the US @VP, Mike Pence
Juan Guaido met with US Vice President Mike Pence today. Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott also attended the meeting
1 year ago
[email protected]: "The Democrats want to run a Country, and they can't run a Caucus." Brad Blakeman @FoxNews Iowa is a complete disaster for the Dems. They should bring in Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP
1 year ago
[email protected]: It was a great and triumphant evening for our Country. Thank you for all of the nice remarks and wonderful reviews of my State of the Union Speech. It was my great honor to have done it
Stabbing in the 1500 block of Ogden Street NW. Lookout for LOF B/M PINK SHIRT
Shooting near 300 Indiana Ave in Washington, District of Columbia, with no injuries
Speaker Pelosi just ripped up Trump's speech while standing directly behind him SOTU
Trump: We will end long-term wars and bring our soldiers home
Trump: "We are working to bring our forces back from Afghanistan."
Trump in his "State of the Union" speech: US forces killed Soleimani on my orders to end his crimes forever
Trump in his "State of the Union" speech: Qassem Soleimani was responsible for killing thousands of US military personnel in Iraq
"With us in the house is the legitimate president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó," Trump said during his third annual speech on the State of the Union before Congress
Trump: ISIS has been destroyed and its leader, Baghdadi, has been killed
Trump: I will protect the constitutional right to own arms
Trump: We defend religious freedom in America
Trump: We are working to combat illegal immigration in American cities
In surprise move, First Lady Melania Trump presents Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during SOTU address
Dems yell: "'No" when Trump announces he's giving Rush Limbaugh Medal of Freedom
President Donald Trump: "We will never let socialism destroy the state of health in the United States"
The US President calls on Congress to pass a resolution banning health care for illegal immigrants in the United States
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