24 September 2021
Reddit bans subreddit group "r/DonaldTrump"
@Discord says it has banned server The Donald, which was connected to TheDonald dot Win and the Donald subreddit. Made decision "due to its overt connection to an online forum used to incite violence and plan an armed insurrection," spox says
Twitter: After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence
House Intel Committee Chair @RepAdamSchiff says Congress should begin impeachment vs @realDonaldTrump "as the only instrument wholly within our power to remove a president who has so manifestly & repeatedly violated the Constitution & put our nation at grave risk"
CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield warns that the riot at the US Capitol on Wednesday was likely a coronavirus "surge event" and "is going to have public health consequences
@SpeakerPelosi says if @realDonaldTrump does not resign immediately, the House will move to force his hand "I have instructed the Rules Committee to be prepared to move forward with Congressman Jamie Raskin's 25th Amendment legislation and a motion for impeachment"
Pence was at the White House today for the first time since Wednesday, but he and President Trump still haven't spoken, per an admin official. He just left
Parler co-owner Dan Bongino says Apple is threatening to pull the Parler App from the App Store8 month ago
Parler co-owner Dan Bongino says "Apple is threatening to pull the Parler App from the App Store"
The FBI has arrested an Arkansas man who was photographed in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office during the storming of the Capitol by a violent mob of President Trump's supporters, authorities said. Richard Barnett was arrested in Little Ro
Elijah Schaffer banned from FB and IG. WalkAway movement page also banned
Source: Lindsey Graham told Trump yesterday that there are enough GOP votes in Senate to remove him from office unless he conceded election and denounce riot. Plus Trump turns on Newsmax
FBI Dir. Wary: "Today's charges are just the beginning of the FBI's ongoing efforts to hold those responsible for the criminal acts of violence and destruction that unfolded during the U.S. Capitol building breach on January 6th
Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Friday that Donald Trump should resign the presidency immediately and that if the Republican Party cannot separate itself from Trump, she isn't certain she has a future in it
CodeMonkeyZ suspended as part of Twitter crackdown on QAnon
General Flynn and Sidney Powell's Twitter accounts have been permanently suspended as part of Twitter's crackdown on QAnon accounts and accounts that engage in coordinated harmful activity
NBC News obtained a draft of the article of impeachment against Trump, just read on @MSNBC. It's one article: "ARTICLE I: INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION
Feds say, Nicholas Ochs, a Hawaii leader of the Proud Boys is under arrest for unlawful entry of US Capitol. Their charging document cited this photo allegedly showing Ochs smoking inside the Capitol
About 6 thousand agents of the National Guard protect security in Washington DC, protesters threaten to protest before and during acts of transfer of power
Reuters: Biden also said people who stormed the Capitol should be treated as domestic terrorists and prosecuted
Biden: My focus is currently on fighting the Coronavirus, vaccine, and economic growth
8 month ago
David Perdue concedes to Jon Ossoff, ending Georgia Senate runoffs
Senator Murray calls on Cruz, Hawley to resign
Biden: Candidates for our security agencies must be appointed as soon as possible in order to avoid a power gap
Biden: Many Americans have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus
Also charged by @TheJusticeDept and arrested: A WestVirginia lawmaker, @DerrickEvans_WV, who filmed himself breaking into the US Capitol
Richard "Bigo" Barnett of Alabama has been identified as part of a [email protected] group, 2A NWA Stand and is a self-described "white nationalist" who used to be an emergency medical technician in Tennessee
Man accused of having 11 molotov cocktails in his pickup truck near US Capitol is Lonnie Coffman of Alabma. He's IN CUSTODY
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is telling fellow Democrats that the nation's top military officer has told her there are steps in place that would prevent President Donald Trump from firing nuclear weapons
Here's my @wusa9 story comparing the insufficient police presence on Wednesday to the harsh federal police reaction to Black Lives Matter protests in June- some point to racism
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy called attack on U.S. Capitol a "horrible and shameful day and one of the worst days of my life"
Pelosi letter: "This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike"
Biden to speed release of coronavirus vaccines, ending Trump practice of holding back shots for second dose
Nancy Pelosi: "This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike"
Statement from @SecPompeo on sacntions against Falih al-Fayyadh, Chairman of PMU
Trump says 'will not be going to the Inauguration' of Biden
8 month ago
Erdogan calls US unrest 'disgrace for democracy'
Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah, who resigned in early December after 3½ years in the administration, says on Fox President Trump "could have called off the mob, he did not decide to do so" calling that a "breaking point"
Speaker Nancy Pelosi orders flags at the U.S. Capitol to be flown at half-staff in honor of Brian D. Sicknick, Capitol Police officer who died following injuries suffered in the violent siege on the building
Prosecutors in the US Attorney's office plan to open a federal murder investigation into the death of Brian D. Sicknick, a US Capitol Police officer who died Thursday night.
An aide to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives: If action is not taken to isolate Trump, U.S. democracy will be destroyed
Aide to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives: If Pence does not move to impeach Trump, the House of Representatives will act
MPD reports the police activity has cleared and the 1300-1400 blocks of Columbia Road, NW, between 13th and 14th St
Shooting Investigation in the 2300 block of Good Hope Rd SE. Lookout is for a B/M.. 5'10.. slim build. black jacket 160lbs black mask black pants l/s 1900 good hope road do not take action call 911
Capitol Police officer dies of injuries suffered during pro-Trump mob takeover
FBI releases photo of person accused of placing two explosives amid DC riots
U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick dies after Wednesday's attack
The sources told Reuters that the officials who stepped down were: Erin Walsh, senior director for African affairs; Mark Vandroff, senior director for defense policy; Anthony Rugierro, senior director for weapons of mass destruction
4 more senior advisers in the White House National Security Council have resigned following the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, according to a senior administration official and a person familiar with the matter
8 month ago
President Trump: "A new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation
8 month ago
Here's video of the entire 112 seconds of remarks from @PressSec:
8 month ago
Those in the building are working for a peaceful transfer of power, says @PressSec, who quickly departs podium without taking any questions from shouting reporters
8 month ago
"Those who violent besieged the Capitol are the opposite of everything this administration stands for," says @PressSec
8 month ago
Violence of CapitolSiege condemned "in the strongest possible terms," says @PressSec. "We grieve for the loss of life and those injured
#ThrowbackThursday DC firefighters wet down the remains of the Central Market at 5th & K Sts NW, after it was gutted by a major multiple alarm fire
Federal prosecutor doesn't rule out prosecuting Trump for inciting Capitol riot
Boeing Charged with 737 Max Fraud Conspiracy and Agrees to Pay over $2.5 Billion
Senate Armed Services will hold a confirmation hearing for Lloyd Austin to be Biden's Defense Secretary on Jan. 19th
US Department of Justice: There are national security concerns after materials were stolen from the Congress building
Seditious conspiracy charges as well as rioting and insurrection will be considered in arrests related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol, Justice Department officials said on Thursday
The individuals arrested were from the following areas: 1 from DC 11 from MD & VA 50 from other states; PA, NC, MI, OR, NY, CT, AZ, MS, FL, GA, WI, CA, CO, WY, MA, IL, WV, ND. 6 had no fixed addresses
USCP: ALL CLEAR. The USCP has cleared the incident with the Suspicious Package at First Street between Maryland Avenue SW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The area has reopened and any associated road closures will clear momentarily
Republican Senator Graham: The American elections were legitimate
USCP: The USCP is responding to a Suspicious Package located at First Street between Maryland Avenue SW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins calls for President Trump to be removed from office before Jan. 20 via the 25th Amendment or impeachment. "If the vice president and Cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment," she told reporters
Pelosi: I am calling for the resignation of the Capitol Police Chief.Mr. Sund.and I have received notice from the Sgt at Arms, Mr. Irving, that he will be submitting his resignation
Pelosi: Trump "is a very dangerous person who should not continue to serve in office
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Invoke the 25th amendment, and if that doesn't happen, impeachment should be considered
8 month ago
Joe Biden: Trump pushed the military to fire tear gas canisters at the people
Joe Biden: "What we witnessed yesterday was not dissent. It was not disorder. It was not protest. It was chaos. They weren't protesters. Don't dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It's that basic. It's that simple."
The head of the civil rights division at @TheJusticeDept is abruptly resigning
[email protected] Dir Christopher Wray promising to hold mob that stormed USCapitol to account "The violence & destruction of property.showed a blatant & appalling disregard for our institutions" he says "Make no mistake.we will hold accountable those who participated"
Heavy military presence now at the US Capitol.
According to DC police, a 34-year old woman from Kennesaw, Georgia was one of the people that died in the riots yesterday
MPD seeks assistance in identifying persons of interest responsible for Unlawful Entry offenses that occurred yesterday on US Capitol Grounds, 100 block of 1st Street, NW.
Police identify woman who was fatally shot as Trump supporters stormed Capitol
DC Police Chief says there have been 68 arrests in relation to the Capitol breach yesterday: 60 men and 8 women. The Chief made a point that only one person arrested was from DC.
Facebook indefinitely bans President Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts after a mob of pro-Trump supporters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol
E) Sund As these other violent events were unfolding across the Capitol Complex, the USCP officers were simultaneously responding to a report of a pipe bomb in the 300 block of First Street, SE, and a second pipe bomb in the 400 block of Canal Street, SE
After protesters stormed the US Capitol, security is being increased as a heavy duty metal fence is going up
This is a look at some of the damage from inside the U.S. Capitol after protesters stormed the building Wednesday. There was shattered glass and broken furniture. "Stop the steal" and "treason" signs were also left behind
Much calmer at the US Capitol but that doesn't mean officials are letting their guard down. @MayorBowser has announced that DC will be under a state of public emergency until January 21, the day after the inauguration of @JoeBiden
Ryan Tully has resigned from the NSC. He was senior director for European and Russian Affairs. Quit after yesterday's events at US Capitol
Photo of one of two suspected explosive devices discovered in Washington, D.C
Inside the U.S. Capitol this morning, there doesn't appear to be a ton of damage. Some broken windows, scattered furniture and @SpeakerPelosi's sign outside her office is missing
Here's what it looked like inside the Capitol building this morning after Trump supporters stormed the building Wednesday and broke into Senate chambers
Virginia State Police arrives in the nation's capital along with thousands of National Guard, reinforcements some lawmakers say arrived much too late given the threats of violence surrounding Jan. 6 when Congress planned to certify the election
The day after the siege of the Capitol — more than 6 dozen Virginia State Police vehicles and unmarked law enforcement cars near the west side of the Capitol.
Netanyahu in 1st response to the attempted coup in the US: American democracy has always inspired me. The rampage of the capitol was a disgraceful act and must condemned. American democracy will prevail
New POTUS statement: "Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again."
"The chair declares the joint session dissolved," concludes @VP
And @Mike_Pence makes it formal at 3:41 am, announcing @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris have each received 306 votes
Vermont affirms Biden - Harris victory in joint session
The US Congress approves Biden winning more than 270 electoral votes, guaranteeing him the presidency
Republican Senator Ted Cruz: The Congressional attack is a despicable act of terrorism
After two hours of heated debate, the House of Representatives rejected the Republican objections to certify Pennsylvania's Electoral College ballots
VP and Senators walking into the House chamber. Announcer person : "Madam Speaker: The Vice President and the United States Senate"
8 month ago
House and Senate will meet again shortly in a Joint Session to finish tally with the remaining states, starting with Rhode Island and finish the certification of the Electoral College
52 arrested, 4 dead, 14 DC police officers injured amid pro-Trump riots at the U.S. Capitol
138-282 vote in the House on objecting to Pennslyvania electoral tally
Broken glass, abandoned flags and smashed furniture litter the hallways of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C
Iran's Rouhani says Western democracy 'fragile, vulnerable'
135 Republican lawmakers voted to protest the Pennsylvania results
The clock has run out on the debate, so now the House vote
Pompeo says @USAmbUN Kelly Craft will visit Taiwan, and says the "arrests of more than 50 politicians and pro-democracy advocates by local authorities in Hong Kong is an outrage" and calls for those arrested to be released immediately
Deputy nat sec adviser Matt Pottinger resigned Wednesday afternoon. Pottinger among WH officials dismayed by protesters' attack and Trump's role in inciting violence. Pottinger had intended to resign election day, regardless of outcome, but stayed at O'Brien's request
Trump Supporter Gets Shot And Murdered The US State Capitol.
Shooting Investigation at 1300 block of 9th St NW. Lookout is for 5 Subjects in a vehicle.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and 70 Republicans are objecting to Michigan. But NO SENATOR signed t. Dems applaud. GOP silent. Roll call moves on
No senator objects to the Georgia slate. Applause
The ransacked office of the Senate Parliamentarian8 month ago
The ransacked office of the Senate Parliamentarian
Journalists from @washingtonpost arrested covering CapitolSiege
Matt Gaetz just falsely claims, "some of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters, they were masquerading as Trump supporters and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group antifa"
U.S. Senate rejects the objection to Arizona's electoral votes
"It is over," @LindseyGrahamSC says on US Senate floor. Graham, a Trump ally, says Biden won the presidential election. "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected," he said, per @StevenTDennis
Box Alarm 7700 block 16th St NW. DC firefighters have the fire under control. House is uninhabited. No injuries or displacements. Investigators on scene to determine cause. These images show fire involvement on arrival
Box Alarm 7700 block 16th St NW. Fire 2nd floor and attic of large 2 story detached house. Fire knocked down. Still hitting hotspots. No injuries reported
Box Alarm 16th St & Kalmia Rd NW. Fire showing 2nd floor of a house
Woman who was shot dead inside the Capitol building earlier today was Ashli Babbit (@Ashli_Babbitt), an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter from San Diego, California, her husband confirms
Sen. Ed Markey is calling for Trump to be impeached and removed from office
The White House social secretary Rickie Niceta has submitted her resignation tonight in reaction to today's protest, a source with direct knowledge tells @ABC
White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews becomes second Trump official to resign
Macron issued statement: We believe in democracy
"Mr. Trump will deservedly be left a man without a country," says his first defense secretary, James Mattis, in a statement
.⁦@WhiteHouse⁩ Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews resigns from the Trump Administration in response to today's events
New York Gov. Cuomo deploys 1,000 members of the NY National Guard to D.C. for up to 2 weeks8 month ago
New York Gov. Cuomo deploys 1,000 members of the NY National Guard to D.C. for up to 2 weeks
Rep Dean: Tonight, I am requesting VP Pence invoke the 25th Amendment and begin the process of assuming the duties from President Trump who has shown his incapacity to serve
Kelly Loeffler rescinding her objection to certification of electors.
"We're heading tonight toward the certification of Joe Biden to be the president of the United States," says @SenatorLankford, who earlier today was among those opposing #ElectoralCertification
Guterres expresses his grief over the events that took place at the Capitol
Facebook IS blocking President Trump from posting for 24 hours — Spokesperson: "We've assessed two policy violations against President Trump's Page which will result in a 24-hour feature block, meaning he will lose the ability to post on the platform during that time
A West Virginia legislator streamed, then deleted, video of himself storming the capitol
"This will be a stain on our country, not so easily washed away," says @SenSchumer. "The final terrible indelible legacy of the 45th president of the United States. Undoubtedly our worst”
Schumer says the people who stormed the capitol cannot be called protesters, but must be called domestic terrorists
McConnell: We've completed the electoral process during much tougher circumstances than this. "We'll complete the process the right way, by the book.and we WILL certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election
McConnell: "I want to say to the American people: the United States Senate will not be intimidated. We will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs, or threats. We will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation
Rep. Adam Smith (D., WA), is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, on CNN: 'Donald Trump is a narcissist and a psychopath.'
Heavily armed counter-assault teams standing guard just off the senate floor
The electoral college certificates - ratifying Biden's win - are being marched back to the Senate chamber
Vice President @Mike_Pence has returned to the Senate. He never left the Capitol. @VP was in regular contact with House & Senate leadership, Cap Police, DOJ, & DoD to facilitate efforts to secure the Capitol & reconvene Congress. And now we will finish the People's business
Facebook has removed over 600 militarized social movements - BBG
Rep. Rashida Tlaib is calling for Trump to be impeached and removed from office
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