24 September 2021
Benning NE and 21st still closed due to @DCPoliceDept investigation. Police confirm the man who was shot has also died. Best to avoid area at this time
9 month ago
[email protected]: Georgia, where is signature verification approval What do you have to lose Must move quickly
9 month ago
[email protected]: If the Supreme Court shows great Wisdom and Courage, the American People will win perhaps the most important case in history, and our Electoral Process will be respected again
9 month ago
[email protected]: If the two Senators from Georgia should lose, which would be a horrible thing for our Country, I am the only thing that stands between "Packing the Court" (last number heard, 25), and preserving it. I will not, under any circumstances, Pack the Court
Reuters: White House chief of staff meadows told FDA administrator Hahn that agency should authorize Pfizer covid19 vaccine Friday or be prepared to resign - Source familiar with situation
Biden urges Americans to trust Coronavirus vaccine
Biden announces the appointment of new names in his administration, including the Minister of Agriculture
Biden: We will work to create strong and inclusive societies
US "deeply concerned by religion-based violence in Nigeria, particularly the killing and persecution of Christians," says @PressSec in statement
Biden: We have a bad economy and the people are suffering because of this
Biden: Congress should act to help Americans tackle Coronavirus
Biden: I ask Americans to commit to wearing a mask
Biden: We warn of a significant increase in the number of deaths due to Coronavirus
Biden: We expect more deaths due to Coronavirus in the coming days
Box Alarm 1500 block 2nd St South-West DC firefighters extinguished fire around 2nd floor furnace and prevented further spread. Incident under control
US congress passes a Defense Bill that includes sanctions on Turkey over S-400 deal with Russia. Trump threatened to veto the bill, but there are enough votes to override it
The US Congress approves the defense budget, despite Trump's veto threat
Box Alarm 1500 block 2nd St South-West DC firefighters on a Local Alarm to investigate smoke found a furnace fire on the 2nd floor of a two story row dwelling. Additional resources requested
DC firefighters responded to 447 calls on Thursday, December 10th. There were 151 critical and 209 non-critical EMS dispatches, and 87 fire related incidents and other types of emergencies, including 1 working structure fire
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Donald Trump must get the credit for the vaccines. It is a miracle
9 month ago
[email protected]: Now it turns out that the Democrats want the Pack the Court with 26 Justices. This would be terrible, and must be stopped. Even Justice RBG was strongly opposed
9 month ago
[email protected]: Now that the Biden Administration will be a scandal plagued mess for years to come, it is much easier for the Supreme Court of the United States to follow the Constitution and do what everybody knows has to be done. They must show great Courage & Wisdom. Save the USA
9 month ago
[email protected]: Now it turns out that my phone call to the President of Ukraine, which many, including me, have called "perfect", was even better than that. I predicted Biden corruption, said to call the A.G., who perhaps knew of the corruption during the impeachment hoax
US Health Secretary: We expect the vaccination campaign to start Monday or Tuesday
US Health Secretary: Final approval of the Pfizer vaccine within two days
9 month ago
[email protected]: I just want to stop the world from killing itself
9 month ago
[email protected]: The Swine Flu (H1N1), and the attempt for a vaccine by the Obama Administration, with Joe Biden in charge, was a complete and total disaster. Now they want to come in and take over one of the "greatest and fastest medical miracles in modern day history." I don't think so
9 month ago
[email protected]: While my pushing the money drenched but heavily bureaucratic @US_FDA saved five years in the approval of NUMEROUS great new vaccines, it is still a big, old, slow turtle. Get the dam vaccines out NOW, Dr. Hahn @SteveFDA. Stop playing games and start saving lives
MPD reports the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Ames Street, NE is closed due to a vehicle crash.
Reuters, quoting the US State Department: The Eritrean forces should be withdrawn from the Ethiopian Tigray immediately
Reuters, quoting the US State Department: The presence of Eritrean forces in the Ethiopian Tigray region is a dangerous development
9 month ago
[email protected]: Why didn't the Fake News Media, the FBI and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election. Oh well, it's OK, we won the Election anyway - 75,000,000 VOTES
Elliott Abrams for Arabic: Happy to have a new country for peace with Israel
Trump to apply long-awaited sanctions on Turkey at any time before he leaves the White House, according to Reuters
US envoy to Iran to Al-Arabiya: It is time to recognize Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara
#ThrowbackThursday On Dec. 9th, DC firefighters Truck Co. 13 celebrated 95 years of service at 1342 Florida Ave NE. Here is their original 1925 Seagrave ladder truck. Engine 10 later joined them at this firehouse on June 4th, 1940 after moving from 1341 Maryland Ave NE, a condo
9 month ago
"The lack of a coherent branding policy has diminished the recognition of the American people's generosity," says @PressSec in a statement
9 month ago
[email protected]: Morocco recognized the United States in 1777. It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara
9 month ago
[email protected]: Another HISTORIC breakthrough today. Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East
9 month ago
[email protected]: Today, I signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara. Morocco's serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal is the ONLY basis for a just and lasting solution for enduring peace and prosperity
9 month ago
[email protected]: "People are upset, and they have a right to be. Georgia not only supported Trump in 2016, but now. This is the only State in the Deep South that went for Biden Have they lost their minds This is going to escalate dramatically. This is a very dangerous moment in our history
9 month ago
[email protected]: ..The fact that our Country is being stolen. A coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can't take this anymore." A Trump fan at Georgia Rally on @OANN Bad
9 month ago
[email protected]: "Donald Trump won by a landslide, and they stole it from him
9 month ago
[email protected]: How does Governor @BrianKempGA allow certification of votes without verifying signatures and despite the recently released tape of ballots being stuffed His poll numbers have dropped like a rock. He is finished as governor
9 month ago
[email protected]: How can you give an election to someone who lost the election by hundreds of thousands of legal votes in each of the swing states. How can a country be run by an illegitimate president
9 month ago
[email protected]: The Supreme Court has a chance to save our Country from the greatest Election abuse in the history of the United States. 78% of the people feel (know.) the Election was RIGGED
Our thoughts are with the Spring Brook Fire District #1, N.Y., and the family and friends of Fire Police Captain/1st Vice President Donald E. Trzepacz, Sr., who suffered a heart attack after attending a mandatory meeting
Trump Officials Reviewing DOD Support To CIA
Police arrest suspect in fatal shooting of construction worker in Northeast Washington
US Senate bid to block $23 billion in US sales of F-35 fighter jets and drones to the UAE falls short
Shooting, in the 2300 block of Savannah Terrace, SE. Washington, District of Columbia
MPD reports the 3200 block of 23rd Street SE between Alabama Avenue and Savannah Terrace is closed due to police activity
Covid19 kills 3,124 people in the US within 24 hours - a new high. According to Biontech and Pfizer, documents relating to their vaccine were accessed in a cyber attack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Shooting 600 blk of Mississippi Avenue, SE LOF (4) B/M's all armed with handguns, last seen in a tan Nissan
Washington Highlands shootout with rifles- 9th St and Xenia St SE-DC. Neighbors reported ~60 shots fired from what sounded like high-power automatic rifles. So far, nobody found shot.
9 month ago
[email protected]: "10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden." Miranda Devine @nypost @TuckerCarlson But I won anyway
9 month ago
[email protected]: "If you're looking for Election Rigging, look no further. That's what this is. They kept information from the public in order to influence the outcome of the Election. They RIGGED it
Reuters: Mnuchin, speaking to reporters on a videoconference, said the $916 billion plan he proposed on Tuesday evening would use $40 billion to extend base unemployment benefits and spend $140 billion on direct payments
Spotted several photos of #CarmeloDuncan at bus stops around the city. Police are still searching for a suspect in the 15-month-old's murder on 12/2
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