Map. History of District Columbia conflict

26 September 2018
Readout of President Donald J. Trump's Call with President Putin of Russia
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We learned of the extent of the situation involving Rob Porter last Tuesday evening, and within 24 hours, his resignation had been accepted and announced. We announced a transition was going to happen, and within hours, it did."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "@POTUS, along with the entire admin, take domestic violence very seriously, and believe all allegations need to be thoroughly investigated. And above all, @POTUS supports the victims of domestic violence, and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "The budget reduces the deficit by over $3 trillion. This budget not only funds @POTUS' priorities, but puts the country on a path to restoring fiscal discipline."
Commerce Department spox confirms that Thomas Brunell, controversial Trump nominee under consideration for a top role at Census Bureau, is no longer being considered for role.
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We're going to do our best to make this day better than the last, and make this country better than the day it was before."
7 month ago
OMB Director Mulvaney's briefing right on the Trump 2019 budget is on the record, but not on camera
Press Sec. Sanders says there were things we could have done better in handling of Rob Porter allegations.7 month ago
Press Sec. Sanders says "there were things we could have done better" in handling of Rob Porter allegations.
"I can't get into the specifics," replies @PressSec to questions of when @WhiteHouse first knew of any domestic violence allegations concerning Rob Porter.
7 month ago
[email protected]: "If you guys have real concerns about leaking out classified information, look around this room. You guys are the ones that publish classified information, and put national security at risk. That doesn't come from this @WhiteHouse."
[email protected] to press corps: "If you guys have real concerns about leaking out classified information, look around this room. You guys are the ones that publish classified information and put national security at risk."
Chuck Schumer: @SenateDems want to work in a bipartisan way to improve our infrastructure -we put fwd a plan that would expand access to high-speed internet, rebuild roads and bridges, and modernize our electric grid while creating millions of jobs. The TrumpTolls plan falls short on all these.
7 month ago
"If you guys have real concerns" about leaks of classified information "look around this room," says @PressSec contending it's the press "not the White House" leaking intel.
7 month ago
"The president, above everything else, supports the victims," says Sarah Huckabee Sanders, running, above everything else, counter to all available evidence.
On whether President Trump believes former White House staffer's accusers, Press Sec. Sanders tells @CeciliaVega President Trump believes all allegations of domestic violence need to be thoroughly investigated. "I'm not going to go beyond that. That's where we are right now."
7 month ago
Sanders' clarification of @POTUS position a different tone from his Saturday tweet when he said: "Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false." "There is no recovery for someone falsely accused," he said.
7 month ago
"If changes are thought to be made that would be made by the intel and law enforcement communities that run that process." - @PressSec
7 month ago
"We're not going to get into the details of how the (security) clearance process works," says @PressSec. "It's the same process that has been used for decades in previous administrations."
Clarifying Pres Trump's position, @PressSec says @POTUS takes domestic violence very seriously and thinks all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. She says he also supports the victims of domestic violence and believes all should be treated fairly and with due process.
7 month ago
"The president has been clear multiple times through myself and others," says @PressSec replying to questions why @POTUS himself doesn't address the victims.
"The president is simply saying there is a due process that should be followed and looked atI don't think the president supporting due process for any allegations is not tone deaf." Press Sec. Sanders
7 month ago
@IvankaTrump: Thinking of @MrsVanessaTrump and wishing I was by her side today. No one deserves to be frightened this way. There is no excuse.
7 month ago
[email protected]: The journey to MAGA began @CPAC 2011 and the opportunity to reconnect with friends and supporters is something I look forward to every year. See you at CPAC2018!
As happened Friday, the WH press briefing has been delayed twice and is still starting late.
Schumer: Trump infrastructure plan would result in "Trump tolls" on highways across America
The white powder not ytet identified, according to officials who add that whatever it is has, however, been deemed "non-hazardous."
President Trump, on defense procurement: "We want to get twice as many planes for half the price."
@USAIDMarkGreen: @POTUS' budget request reaffirms that we will always stand with people when disaster strikes or a crisis emerges, because that's who we are as Americans. We will remain the world's leader in humanitarian assistance, but we'll also call on others do their part.
Trump admin's new budget includes estimated $10 million for Mueller probe.
Deputy Secretary John Sullivan: @POTUS' FY 2019 budget request proposes $39.3 billion for the @StateDept and @USAID. With this funding level, we will protect Americans at home and overseas by countering the gravest threats to U.S. national security.
White House holds daily press briefing after unveiling a $4.4 trillion spending plan on Monday
Rep. Sean Maloney says former Trump aide Rob Porter "never should have been" in that job.
@LindseyGrahamS: I'm pleased @POTUS Trump is showing the same determination to repeal and replace Obamacare that President Obama did to pass it into law. It is time for Republicans – and some Democrats – to rally around GrahamCassidy.
@LindseyGrahamSC: My goal is to get money and power out of Washington and give it back to patients and states for better health care outcomes.
@LindseyGrahamSC: I'm glad to see there is no quit in President @realDonaldTrump when it comes to replacing Obamacare with the state-centered block grant known as GrahamCassidy.
Bernie Sanders: If you were wondering how Trump plans to pay for his tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, you know: with $1.8 trillion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
@IvankaTrump: To build a better future for all Americans, the Admin sent Infrastructure principles that will spur $1.5 trillion in new investment over the next 10 years, shorten project approvals from 10 to 2 years, address unmet rural infrastructure needs and train the workforce of the future.
US Department of State: Today in Egypt, Secretary Tillerson and @AlsisiOfficial discussed our shared commitment to fight terrorism, especially ISIS. They agreed to pursue a new joint strategic dialogue enhancing U.S.-Egypt ties, and also to continue to work to resolve other issues of mutual concern.
At 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT) Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and @USAID Administrator Mark Green hold a special @StateDept briefing on FY2019 @POTUS proposed budget.
7 month ago
Kremlin on Putin/Trump call (NBC translation) "D. Trump expressed his condolences to V. Putin regarding the tragic plane crash that took place the day before. During the telephone conversation, the two heads of state also discussed some aspects of the Middle East settlement."
[email protected]: "I don't think there's enough interest in avoiding spending and cutting programs anywhere in the federal government."
[email protected]: The wall works, and it's been proven
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu updated the Americans on the initiatives being raised in the Knesset, and the Americans expressed their unequivocal position that they are committed to advancing President Trump's peace plan," Netanyahu's office says.
Department of State: @POTUS' FY 2019 budget request proposes $39.3 billion for critical @StateDept and @USAID efforts to advance peace and security, expand American prosperity and influence, and address global crises while making efficient use of taxpayer resources.
The Education Department has told BuzzFeed News it won't investigate or take action on any complaints filed by transgender students who are banned from restrooms that match their gender identity.
White powder that Vanessa Trump was exposed to is non-hazardous - New York police
Jeff Sessions: "I want to thank every sheriff in America. Since our founding, the independently elected sheriff has been the people's protector The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement."
[email protected] touts "plans to reduce high drug costs" in Trump Budget.
"We have to get control of mandatory spending – that is the driver of our debt" @SteveScalise
Some of the budget's "major warfighting investments," according to @DeptofDefense.
"This budget is antithetical to building a better today for a more prosperous tomorrow," adds @JoaquinCastrotx.
"It calls for a 21% cut for the Department of Health and Human Services and a 10.5% cut for the Department of Education, endangering the Infrastructure of Opportunity that makes the American dream possible," says @JoaquinCastrotx.
Reports are false that US discussed with Israel an annexation plan for the West Bank, according to a @WhiteHouse official.
"Fortunately, it is Congress—not the President—that has power of the purse, and I urge my colleagues to join me in ensuring that like last year, these draconian cuts are dead on arrival to Capitol Hill," adds @RepEliotEngel.
"The international-affairs budget that Congress received today would further hollow out the State Department and USAID," says @RepEliotEngel.
[email protected]: Democrats do not give our border security agents the means and methods necessary to keep our country safe – President Trump will
@RandPaul: I wasn't elected to be anyone's rubber stamp. I wasn't elected to allow business as usual —whether it's out-of-control spending or out-of-control rules that stifle debate and votes.
"[President Trump] refuses to put people's lives at risk and play politics with national security, and that's what the democrats are doing here" @hogangidley45
Trump's daughter-in-law Vanessa has been taken to hospital as a precaution after opening a suspicious letter containing an unidentified substance; the letter was addressed to Donald Trump, Jr. - NBC
[email protected] on infrastructure: "I would like to fix what we have through resurfacing and other things."
Letter sent to Donald Trump Jr.'s apartment containing unidentified white powder, NYPD says, and opened by his wife; she and two others were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene. Police and Secret Service are investigating.
[email protected]: "We don't go out to other countries to build our military equipment."
[email protected] on reciprocal tax: "We are going to charge countries that take advantage of the United States. Some of them are so called allies, but they're not allies on trade."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We cannot continue to be taken advantage of by other countries."
[email protected]: "[email protected] is bringing about $240B back in. They're going to build a tremendous campus, they're going to build new plants."
[email protected] on infrastructure plan: "This is a common sense and bipartisan plan that every member of Congress should support."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "I did not want DACA in the budget, I wanted DACA separate so that we could talk about it and make a deal."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "Washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "This morning I submitted legislative principles to Congress that will spur the biggest and boldest infrastructure investment in American history."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We will have a nuclear force that will be absolutely modernized and hopefully we will never have to use it."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We will have a military like we've never had before."
7 month ago
[email protected]: "We have to rebuild our infrastructure."
7 month ago
[email protected]: Thank you to Sue Kruczek, who lost her wonderful and talented son Nick to the Opioid scourge, for your kind words while on @foxandfriends. We are fighting this terrible epidemic hard - Nick will not have died in vain!
7 month ago
[email protected]: This will be a big week for Infrastructure. After so stupidly spending $7 trillion in the Middle East, it is time to start investing in OUR Country!
The military has rushed to add more than 4,000 people to the FBI's gun ban list after an ex-airman killed dozens at a Texas church
U.S. Secretary of State says Washington backs Egypt in fight against terrorism
Tillerson says up to North Korea to decide when ready to engage in talks
Trump budget asks more than $200 billion for infrastructure, border security: budget director
DC police have arrested and charged a man suspected of fatally shooting a woman found inside a burning vehicle in SE DC. 23-year-old Ashton Briscoe of NE DC has been charged with first degree murder while armed of 23-year-old Kerrice Lewis, of Hyattsville, Md. He was arrested Sunday.
7 month ago
[email protected]: Just spoke to @JohnKasich to express condolences and prayers to all for the horrible shooting of two great police officers from @WestervillePD. This is a true tragedy!
7 month ago
[email protected]: Rep. Lou Barletta, a Great Republican from Pennsylvania who was one of my very earliest supporters, will make a FANTASTIC Senator. He is strong and smart, loves Pennsylvania and loves our Country! Voted for Tax Cuts, unlike Bob Casey, who listened to Tax Hikers Pelosi and Schumer!
[email protected] on the spending bill: "If we had gone into the election saying we're going to raise spending and we're going to go back to trillion dollar deficits, none of these Republicans would have gotten elected."
[email protected] Jordan on Dem memo: "The president was in no win situation the way Schiff constructed the memo."
[email protected] Jordan on @SpeakerRyan: "He just presided over one of the biggest spending increases in the history of this country at a time when we were elected to do just the opposite."
[email protected] on spending plan: "Just because this deal was signed does not mean the future is written in stone. We do have a chance still to change this trajectory and that's what the budget will show."
7 month ago
[email protected]: 4.2 million hard working Americans have already received a large Bonus and/or Pay Increase because of our recently Passed Tax Cut and Jobs Bill.and it will only get better! We are far ahead of schedule.
Trump's nominee to be the ambassador to Barbados and several other Caribbean countries spread fringe conspiracy theories and unfounded attacks about Trump's political opponents on Twitter, including ones about Ted and Heidi Cruz during the election.
Sen. Jeff Flake: "We can get something done" on immigration this week
7 month ago
[email protected]: So many positive things going on for the U.S.A. and the Fake News Media just doesn't want to go there. Same negative stories over and over again! No wonder the People no longer trust the media, whose approval ratings are correctly at their lowest levels in history! MAGA
[email protected] on the impact of a 'debt bomb:' "It's the market saying there's something wrong with the system."
Devin Nunes is operating his own partisan news outlet, "The California Republican," that's paid for by Nunes' campaign committee.
[email protected] will meet with members of congress on trade Tuesday, according to the White House
[email protected]: Democratic response memo confirms the most important points outlined in the Nunes memo
"I don't think that it's a joking matter to say that somebody is treasonous and he ought to stop it," says @JeffFlake about @POTUS.
[email protected] on budget deal: "The swamp won and the American taxpayer lost"
[email protected]: Are there problems with the memo you submitted? @RepAdamSchiff: We're going to sit down with the FBI and go through any concerns that they have. And any legitimate concerns are resource methods we will redact.
[email protected]: Was the memo improperly drafted, in bad form? @RepAdamSchiff: No. Of course not.
[email protected]: FBI followed "correct procedures" on Carter Page warrant
[email protected] on Dems memo: @realDonaldTrump "doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts"
[email protected] says "hypocrisy" of not declassifying Dems memo "reaches out and grabs you by the throat"
[email protected] on budget deal: "The swamp won and the American taxpayer lost"
[email protected] on the conservative immigration bill from Rep. Goodlatte: We are going to engage and hold @SpeakerRyan to his word that he will whip the bill
After last week's budget deal under @realDonaldTrump watch, @RepMarkMeadows says: The swamp is deeper. When you look at 300 billion over 10 years it makes a drunken sailor blush.
On budget deal, @MickMulvaneyOMB said of Democrats negotiating: But when rubber meets the road they don't. They held the defense department hostage and we had to pay that ransom.
[email protected] on speculation he will replace White House Chief of Staff John Kelly: "I don't want that job." Adds that watching media coverage of the West Wing and working there is "night and day."
Did @realDonaldTrump miss an opportunity to recognize the victims in the domestic abuse allegations? @MickMulvaneyOMB: I think what you saw @realDonaldTrump go through was he was extraordinarily saddenedHe was let down by someone he trusted.
Former White House staff secretary Rob Porter says White House told him to "stay and fight," Axios reports
[email protected] on speculation he will replace WH COS Kelly: "I don't want that job"
[email protected] on WH response to Porter resignation: "I think it's a very natural human reaction"
[email protected]: I voted for tax cuts and I voted for spending cuts. People who voted for tax cuts and spending increases I think there is some hypocrisy there and it shows they are not serious about the debt.
[email protected] on spending deal: "It's offensive to our military to lash their safety and their fate to government spending that should not be justified given our current debt position."
[email protected] on both Republican and Democrat members supporting budget deal: Well if the bipartisanship is exploding the deficit I'm not so sure that's the kind of bipartisanship we need.
[email protected]: We were very critical of President Obama's deficits approaching a trillion dollars a year. We talked endlessly about them Just because Republicans are doing it doesn't make it any better.
[email protected]: "There's been a war on people who actually build things, grow things, work with their hands. They think that if you're in the D.C. Beltway or NYC or SF and LA, that this is somehow the people who make this country work. And the fact is: they don't have a clue."
Congressman @RepSeanMaloney says chief of staff John Kelly "did something in the first 40 minutes, after the first 14 months of ignoring [Rob Porter's alleged abuse]. That's not acceptable. The fact is, there is no way he didn't know about this."
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on President Trump's decision not to declassify the Democratic intel memo: "I do think that the full story should come out"
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on news that top WH aides knew about the Porter allegations months ago: "When you're in public office, you have to assume, sooner or later, everything's going to get out"
[email protected] to @GStephanopoulos: "There's no due process when you're talking about whether someone gets a senior level West Wing job with the highest national security clearance you can have it's a privilege."
Former NJ governor @GovChristie tells @GStephanopoulos "We've got to hear from John Kelly as to what he knew [about Rob Porter]. And we haven't heard that directly from him yet the President needs to hear that before he can make an evaluation of competence."
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson tells CNN's @jaketapper "I think as long as Donald Trump is President, our government is best served if John Kelly's in the job of chief of staff"
Did chief of staff John Kelly know about the domestic abuse allegations against Rob Porter for several months? @KellyannePolls tells @GStephanopoulos "General Kelly has said otherwise, and you would have to ask him the question squarely."
Kellyanne Conway says she doesn't "worry" about White House comms director Hope Hicks, who is dating Rob Porter: "She has a great support system around her"
CNN's Jake Tapper: "Does President Trump believe the women (who accused Rob Porter)?" Kellyanne Conway: "The President is very disturbed by what he sees"
[email protected] Jordan says voters don't trust that Washington is going to do the right thing on immigration and says they want border security first. "Do that first, then we'll deal with DACA situation."
Does President Trump believe Rob Porter was falsely accused of domestic abuse? White House Counselor to the President @KellyannePolls says he believes "you have to consider all sides. He has said this in the past about incidents that relate to him as well."
[email protected] Jordan says he can't accept or support a joint package deal for increased border security and a path to citizenship for Dreamers.
Kellyanne Conway tells CNN's Jake Tapper that President Trump told her: "Please tell Jake that I have full faith in chief of staff John Kelly and that I'm not actively searching for replacements"
[email protected] Jordan: The person most responsible for this spending bill is the Speaker of the House.
[email protected] Jordan on immigration: We've got a big debate comingthe debate on immigration. The Speaker promised the House he would put legislation forward that was consistent with promises in 2016 election.
[email protected] Jordan on new spending bill: The swamp won and the American taxpayer lost.
Responding to @SenGillibrand's tweet that Congress should hold hearings with women who have accused President Trump of sexual assault, @KellyannePolls tells @GStephanopoulos "Those accusers have had their dayI don't need a lecture from Kirsten Gillibrand or anybody else."
Kellyanne Conway: "I have no reason not to believe the women" who have accused Rob Porter of domestic abuse
[email protected] Jordan on new spending bill: This is not consistent with what we told the American people we were going to do.
[email protected]: We are looking at a healthier economy, greater than what we expected. If we can keep the economy humming, we can keep the debt under control.
[email protected]: We have fundamentally changed the structure of the American economy.
[email protected]: In 2019 proposal, we are assuming that DACA deal is done and border wall is funded for $25B, half done this year and half done next year.
[email protected] says the bill that passed last week is not a spending bill, it simply sets the spending caps.
[email protected]: When we roll out new budget on Monday, you'll see how it gets us away from trillion dollar deficits. Just because this bill was signed doesn't mean the future is set in stone.
Kellyanne Conway says she was "horrified" and "very shocked" by the allegations against former WH staff secretary Rob Porter: "Rob Porter did the right thing by resigning"
[email protected] on allegations of domestic abuse against Rob Porter: For @POTUS and CoS to give Porter benefit of the doubt is a normal reaction until it was proven Porter wasn't telling the truth, he was gone almost immediately.
White House Counselor to the President @KellyannePolls tells @GStephanopoulos she spoke with President Trump last night and "he has full confidence in his current chief of staff, General John Kellyhe also has full confidence in Hope Hicks, his communications director."
[email protected] on allegations of domestic abuse: We don't tolerate it at all. It's never come up to me in business and never come up to me as OMB Director.
[email protected] says working in the West Wing and watching news about it on television could not be more different.
[email protected] says @POTUS has not talked to him about replacing Kelly as WH Chief of Staff.
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