21 January 2022
I am out of downtown after a blessedly boring day. Fireworks over the Lincoln Memorial are still to come tonight as the District lets out a long sigh of relief and a new president settles in at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
1 year ago
Other executive actions just taken by @POTUS: Revocation of the KeystonePipeline permit and signing of the document for the US to rejoin the ParisClimateAgreement
Biden signs series of orders, including to rejoin Paris climate accords, WHO
Senators Ossoff, Warnock, and Padilla are sworn in. Democrats have taken control of the Senate and now control all three branches
ARRESTED: Patrick McCaughey was arrested for allegedly assaulting a @DCPoliceDept officer on Jan. 6th during the violence at the U.S. Capitol
DC firefighters responded to 434 calls on Tuesday, January 19th. There were 134 critical and 219 non-critical EMS dispatches, and 81 fire related incidents and other types of emergencies, including 1 working structure fire
1 year ago
Proud Boys organizer Joseph Biggs arrested in Florida in connection to the riot at the US Capitol earlier this month, adding to the growing list of federal cases against those who took part in the mob
The @USAGMgov CEO is leaving this afternoon at the request of @POTUS
Connecticut man charged with role in US Capitol chaos... accused of *crushing* police officer in door inside Capitol. Childhood friend tips off feds, per court docs
This person was detained at a security checkpoint near the White House. Secret Service told that he tried to bring in a restricted item but wouldn't tell what it was
Crowds did show up outside the security perimeter, watching Inauguration2021 on cell phones. This group is a gathering of Trump supporters, Biden supporters and street vendors in between. A lot of yelling & chanting but no violence. Police in riot gear standing by.
Found a big crowd of Biden supporters and the return of some Jesus freaks near the capitol. Riot policemen slowly coming out to keep the barriers up
And now cop dogpile to keep the Jesus freak dozen and about 20 counter protesters separate
President Biden's term formally begins after taking the oath of office, succeeding Donald Trump, whose term expired at 12:00 p.m
Truly an #InaugurationDay like no other. I'm at 13th and Pennsylvania, in view of Trump Hotel. Very few vantage points for spectators, who are nearly outnumbered by police and must undergo security screenings and a long wait to get here
There is a significant crowd of Trump supporters along Southern Blvd. The motorcade is moving slowly so @POTUS can take it all in
A bomb threat was made to the US Supreme Court on Wednesday ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden as president, but nothing was found by security personnel, the court said
Biden inauguration begins in Washington, D.C
Person arrested at security checkpoint near 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue, following "loose ammunition discovered during the screening process." He is now charged with unregistered ammunition
Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have arrived on the inaugural platform, accompanied by former First Ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. Quite a site as President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are flying to Florida
Inauguration 2021 day in Washington, District of Columbia
President-Elect Biden has arrived at the capitol.
CNN corrects: the Supreme Court public information officer tells that a bomb threat was called into the court, but the building has not been evacuated
Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives at the inauguration, waving to the crowd
Virginia community helps to feed 500 DC police officers during Inauguration Day
There is a bomb threat at the supreme court. Deleted last tweet because are now told the building is not being evacuated. It was closed to the public for Covid. Much bigger national Guard presence
Former President @BarackObama and @MichelleObama arrive for the Inauguration Day ceremonies
A Supreme Court public information officer tells that a bomb threat was called into the court, but the building has not been evacuated
Former President George W. Bush and former FLOTUS Laura Bush have arrived for Joe Biden's inauguration. He gave us a quick wave as he walked into the Capitol building
National Guard troops rest in a Senate cafeteria this morning ahead of Biden’s Inauguration Day
Groups of journalists roaming empty roads, being turned away by security personnel as they go from checkpoint to checkpoint. More reporters than members of the public; more law enforcement than both added together
Mass is almost over. Apparently ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ doesn't sneak out at Communion
A small crowd gathers near the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, where ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩, their families and other officials are attending mass
Joe Biden: It's a new day in America
US President Trump left a letter for Joe Biden: spokesman
President Trump departs Joint Base Andrews in Air Force One for the last time as president
Trump: We have worked to rebuild the American Arab Armed Forces
Trump: We have worked to rebuild the US armed forces
As President Trump exits the White House, a motorcade heads up Connecticut Ave, presumably towards St. Matthew's Cathedral for President-Elect Joe Biden's church service
Donald Trump flies over the US Capitol in a helicopter en route to Florida and the end of his tumultuous Presidency
President Trump has left the WhiteHouse after boarding Marine One for the final time
The Pentagon: Shortening the Military Parade to Leave the White House
Marine One has landed on the lawn of the White House to take President Trump to Joint Base Andrews where he will depart on Air force One for the last time
The arrival of the aircraft that will carry Trump from the White House in preparation for his departure
The helicopter that will pick up Trump from the White House lands in South Lawn
Concrete barriers, tour buses among the things used to block the area around the Capitol
Nation's Capital. Guard members everywhere. This is 23rd St NW by the Lincoln.
It's 5:30am Inaugural morning and police are already lining Pennsylvania Ave. @ABC7Ashlie @ABC7News @ABC7GMW
Biden aides: The president-elect will sign a resolution to return the United States to the Paris climate agreement
European Commission President: Europe has a friend in the White House
Both Donovan Crowl (50) and Jessica Watkins (38) are Oath Keepers from Woodstock, rural Ohio. They're charged with multiple federal crimes, alongside a third militia member, Thomas Caldwell (65) from Berryville, Virginia's countryside
ST. ANTHONY: Police are searching for a suspect who fled from a traffic stop earlier this morning. A female was detained at the stop location, but police were still searching in the area of 33rd Ave NE & Skycroft Dr and Highcrest Rd and 37th Ave NE
Trump just revoked the executive order that banned administration officials from becoming lobbyists within five years of leaving government
Trump pardons former strategist Steve Bannon, among 143 others in hsi final hours in office
Trump pardons Bannon, per ⁦@maggieNYT⁩
A federal complaint states that an Owatonna man had been offering to sell illegal firearms on Snapchat for months and he posted about plans to kill a law enforcement officer at the Trump event last weekend
Blinken says he will support continuing to provide lethal aid to Ukraine
Secretary of State-designate Antony Blinken says NATO's door should remain open for Georgia
Blinken says in Senate confirmation hearing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the U.S. embassy will stay there
Senator Rob Portman asks Secretary of State nominee Tony Blinken if supports continued lethal assistance to Ukraine. Blinken says yes
Austin, Biden's candidate for Defense Department: Iran represents a threat to America's partners in the region and to American forces there
Republican Sen. Mike Rounds, home of Ellsworth AFB and one of two B-1 bomber wings, says he will support waiver for Lloyd Austin because "tie goes to the President" and thinks the former four-star Army general is the "right person at the right time"
Fox News has laid off at least 16 employees, including Chris Stirewalt, who oversaw the election projection that pissed off Trump. Insiders say the firings are part of an ideological purge.
Lindsey Graham just noted Pompeo's determination that China is committing genocide against the Uighurs, and Blinken is not tip-toeing around the issue. Blinken says: "That would be my judgement as well"
In addition to 2 serious structure fires Monday evening, January 18th, DC firefighters attended to dozens of other incidents, including this vehicle fire in the 1500 block of Hemlock St. NW, extinguished by Engine 24 from our Petworth firehouse. All in a days work
Happening now: retired general and @JoeBiden pick to be the next @DeptofDefense secretary - @LloydAustin -appears before the Senate Armed Service Committee
Joe Biden has just departed Wilmington, Delaware for Washington DC for his presidential inauguration tomorrow
Iran's nuclear 'breakout time' has shrunk to 3-4 months, Biden's top diplomat pick @ABlinken says
Trump in a farewell statement: The Capitol assault horrified Americans
Sec. State nominee Tony Blinken says incoming Biden admin will consult with Israel, Gulf states before deciding on nuclear deal w Iran
12 US National Guard troops removed from inauguration - with some 'linked to far right'
The Navy has stopped accepting deliveries of the Freedom-class littoral combat ship, given new issues discovered
Anthony Blinken: American soldiers were injured after Soleimani was killed
Reuters: U.S. Republican Senator Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) says he is blocking quick consideration of Biden's nominee for Homeland Security -statement
Anthony Blinken: I am not sad that Qasem Soleimani was killed because of the blood he caused
Blinken says that Pres Trump was "right in taking a tougher approach to China." He says he disagreed "very much" to the way he went about it but says "the basic principle was the right one"
Incoming Secretary of State Blinken at Senate confirmation hearing: We will consult from the beginning with our allies in the Middle East inclusing Israel and the Gulf states before returning to the nuclear deal with Iran
Blinken says there's no doubt China poses "the most significant challenge of any nation-state to the US." Says there are is a need to approach China from a position of strength, meaning US working with allies, leading in intl institutions, standing up for US values, investing in US
#CapitolRiot arrest story 2 today: Emanuel Jackson, accused of beating @CapitolPolice with a metal baseball bat on Jan. 6, has turned himself in to @DCPoliceDept
Biden Candidate for State Department Anthony Blinken: We must work on a stronger agreement with Iran that includes ballistic missiles and its destabilizing activities
Biden's candidate for State Department: Iran's possession of a nuclear weapon would make it more dangerous
United States National Guard Commander: We support federal forces to secure the transfer of power and inauguration ceremony
Intelligence sources: The number of soldiers who were excluded from Biden's inauguration rose to 10
Gina Haspel announces her departure from the CIA
VP Mike Pence will not attend Trump's departure ceremony: CNN
Reuters: She said President-elect Biden has indicated the United States should find a way to impose costs on attackers for the recent SolarWinds attacks, attributed to Russia, on U.S. government agencies and businesses. Russia has denied responsibility
The United States should take an "aggressive stance" toward the threat posed by the aggressive and assertive China that it faces today, Avril Haines, President-elect Joe Biden's choice for the top U.S. intelligence job, said on Tuesday
US Coast Gunboat patrolling the Anacostia River with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave SE Apt Bldg above. Bridges into the city from Virginia are closed to all inbound traffic. Inner city bridges over the Anacostia reportedly closed to inbound "commercial" traffic
Key paragraphs from the @SecPompeo statement on China
On Senate floor now, @senatemajldr says the mob that rioted in the Capitol on January 6th was "provoked by the president and other powerful people
Biden's National Intelligence Candidate: I will legally hand over Congress the assessment of who was responsible for the Khashoggi killing
Fences and barricades are up in several areas in DC, with a massive security perimeter around the White House, Capitol Building, Pennsylvania Avenue and more in preparation for the Inauguration DC
Biden's candidate for intelligence chief: Iran cannot be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon
Troops marching into the Capitol today
As the Houthi terrorism designation takes effect today, Treasury Department issues licenses for certain humanitarian activities in Yemen
Avril Haines commits to providing Congress a classified report on the Jamal Khashoggi murder
Incoming US Government Will Use All Available Tools Against China's "Abusive" Business Practices, Warns Biden's Designated Commerce Secretary Janet Yellen
A new addition this morning along 15th Street near the White House: @DCPoliceDept patrol cars now line the street
The presence of National Guard troops downtown is becoming even more visible as we are now 24 hours away from the inauguration ceremonies
2 National Guard members removed from Biden inauguration because of ties to fringe right-wing militias
Tuesday morning in DC. Eve of the Inauguration DC Washington
[email protected]'s nominee to run US intelligence in the post-Trump era - Avril Haines - testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee
Two @NationalGuard members, found to have ties to fringe right-wing militias, removed from Biden Inauguration security duties, reports @AP
Trump's former acting DHS chief tells @AmericaNewsroom FBI vetting of National Guard troops is "the same type of vetting" done for most inaugurations. It's "not anything that's new," Chad Wolf says
Biden team releases letter from all living treasury secretaries calling for Janet Yellen to be swiftly confirmed ahead of today's hearing
New fencing ringing the Pentagon ahead of inauguration
Yesterday US President Trump issued an executive order "Protecting The United States From Certain Unmanned Aircraft Systems" This order states that further actions must be taken to protect Infrastructure from UAVs and ensure the security of them operated by the Federal gov
[email protected] will attend a church service with @JoeBiden tomorrow at St Matthews in Washington DC, a source familiar confirms to me. Biden invited McConnell. We've previously reported the two men have been in contact as Biden prepares to take office
No one is getting on the Memorial Bridge. Blocked until Thursday. @ABC7News @ABC7GMW
Two more bus loads of @NationalGuard troops arrive in DC ahead of InaugurationDay. A total of 25,000 national guardsmen will be in town by tomorrow. The increased security comes nearly 2 weeks after the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol
President Trump says he is ending Covid-19 travel restrictions for air travelers from Europe and Brazil, a move that the incoming Biden admin. is rejecting. "This is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel," Biden press security says
Stabbing Investigation in the 2700 block of Martin Luther King JR Ave SE. Lookout for B/M, 5'9, red shirt and black shorts
Working Fire + 200 block Van Buren St. All exterior streams have been shut down. It appears fire is out other than isolated hotspots. Approximately 15 units and 75 personnel have battled this blaze for almost 4 hours with no injuries reported
Working Fire + Special calls for more units 200 block Van Buren St NW. Defensive attack continues using a variety of large streams. Collapse zone established. No injuries. 4 businesses impacted
Box Alarm 200 block Van Buren St NW. Defensive attack continues utilizing elevated ladder pipes and DC firefighters aerial tower. Additional units have been requested. No injuries
Working Fire 200 block Van Buren St NW. Units being removed from building due to roof instability. DC firefighters are going defensive, which means attacking fire from exterior only. No injuries reported
Working Fire 200 block Van Buren St NW. DC firefighters have knocked down a significant volume of fire on 2nd floor via an aggressive interior attack, but now have fire in concealed space between ceiling and roof, known as a cockloft
Working Fire 200 block Van Buren St NW. DC firefighters on scene with fire 2nd floor large 2 story commercial building. Units are engaged in active fire attack
Working Fire Dispatch: 200 Block of Van Buren Street NW - Fire showing from two story commercial building
DC Shooting took place on Farragut Pl leaving at least one in critical condition. Police have the area shut off to vehicular and pedestrian traffic while they investigate
The Washington Post: "QAnon adherents discussed posing as National Guard to try to infiltrate inauguration, according to FBI intelligence briefing"
Reuters: "Trump orders assessment of security risks of Chinese made drones in U.S. govt fleet - Reuters"
NBC News: "Texas man who stormed Capitol allegedly threatened to shoot kids if they turned him in"
Riley Williams, the Pennsylvania woman accused by a tipster of stealing a laptop from Nancy Pelosi's office during the insurrection, has been arrested, a DOJ spokeswoman tells CNN. Per @davidgshortell & @evanperez
Box Alarm 1300 block Fernway Rd NW. DC firefighters have placed fire under control. No injuries. 4 residents displaced but have alternate housing. Fire investigators on scene. Our members replacing air bottles to be ready for next call
Brianna Buentello sued U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert in federal court Sunday, alleging Colorado's controversial new congresswoman violated Buentello's free speech rights by blocking her on Twitter following the storming of the U.S. Capitol
Box Alarm 1300 block Fernway Rd NW. DC firefighters encountered fire coming from attic of large 1 story occupied house. Fire knocked down. Opening up and checking for extension . No injuries reported
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