13 July 2024
At least four vehicles were involved in a major crash Tuesday morning in NW D.C. The crash was reported around 7:30 a.m. in the 3000 block Connecticut Avenue. At least one of the vehicles overturned. At seven people were injured and three are in critical condition.
Shooting Investigation in the 1400 block of Montana Ave NE. No Lookout at this time.
SHOOTOUT with TRIPLE SHOOTING -- The male who was reported in cardiac arrest is still alive although last reported unconscious, maybe in his late teens/ early 20's. Other two men have NLT injuries. Several autos have been shot-up as well in this neighborhood
The crime scene for the earlier double shooting has been located at 20th St and I St NE DC actually in the Carver/LangstonDC neighborhood. Both males have survivable injuries. Several autos were struck by gunfire as well
TRIPLE SHOOTING: (1400 block of Montana Ave NE) MPD on scene investigating a shooting with three individuals with gunshot wound injuries, *at least* one in critical condition.
Shooting Investigation in the 1300 block of Florida Ave NE. No Lookout
DOUBLE SHOOTING-- 2 men walked into a DC firehouse with gunshot wounds. Both are conscious but so far are not indicating where the shooting took place. Police are investigating several reports of gunshots in the TrinidadDC neighborhood now in hopes of locating the crime scene
Shooting Investigation in the 1500 Block of Benning Road, NE. Lookout is for a B/M wearing a white mask and Redskin hooded sweater last seen eastbound of the listed location
After a deadly fire at a high-rise apartment building on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring on Saturday, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue is reminding those who live and work in any high-rise of fire safety measures
A teenage girl was shot in SE DC Sunday afternoon. Around 3:42 p.m., MPD were called to the scent in the 4600 block of Benning Road SE. The girl was "conscious and breathing" when she was taken to a hospital
DC FEMS reports the 5400 block of 4th Street, NW, between Jefferson and Kennedy Streets is closed due to fire depar
Box Alarm 5400 block 4th St NW. Fire in flooring below an apartment furnace in a 2 story apartment building. Opening up & extinguishing smoldering fire. No injuries. Fire investigators requested. DC firefighters
On February 20th, 1891, Private Thomas R. Newman, Truck Co. A, died in the Line of Duty from injuries sustained the day before when a cable car struck the truck at 7th and D Sts NW while they were responding to 11th and F Sts NW on Box 134. Never Forget
Shooting Investigation at 1947 hours in the1900 Block of 18th Street SE. No Lookout. W/ EVENT #I20230090916
Shooting Investigation at 1737 hours in the 6200 Block of Clay Street NE. No Lookout. W/ EVENT #I20230090720
Shooting Investigation at 1539 hours in the 4600 block of Benning Road, SE. No Lookout. W/ EVENT #I20230090541
Pro-Russian rally in Washington, D.C. today
Platoon 1 responded to 550 calls on February 18th-19th. There were 131 critical and 292 non-critical EMS dispatches, and 127 fire related incidents and other types of emergencies, including 1 working structure fire. DC firefighters
SHOOTING: HALF ST & L STREET SE: MPD is on the scene with a crashed auto in the alley with an individual with a gsw to the arm. He drove himself to 2nd and M Street where he sought help
The Washington Post:The rampage at Michigan State killed three and injured five more. Nearly four hours elapsed between the police's initial shelter-in-place order and its message alerting the campus community that the shooter was dead. It was 236 minutes of terror
Firefighters from Engine 33 met with students at Simon Elementary School on Mississippi Ave SE. The children got to see a firefighter in full gear and received some safety lessons. Every day is a community day. DC firefighters
Shooting Investigation in the 2100 block of I Street NE. W/ EVENT #I20230085044
President Biden in news conference at the White House says he makes no apologies for shooting down the first balloon
.@DCPoliceDept tells us the body found in the backyard of 1336 Kearny St NE is now a homicide with a suspect in court today. We spotted cadaver search dogs on Feb 6 when body was discovered. @CaseyNolen covering it for @wusa9 today
Shooting Investigation at 0529 hours in the 200 block of 35th St NE. No Lookout
Shooting Investigation at 0529 hours in the 200 block of 35th St NE. No Lookout W/ EVENT #I20230084261
#ThrowbackThursday On November 1, 1949, a multi-alarm fire struck the Old Post Office Building at 11th St & Pa. Ave NW. Firefighters shown here with the seldom used scaling ladder to reach people trapped by smoke on upper levels. DC firefighters
Box Alarm corrected address 2020 Kendall St NE. Fire involved 1 story commercial structure. Fire knocked down. Checking for hotspots. No injuries. Investigators on scene. Photos by @D BYE
Box Alarm 2000 block Okie St NE. Unit on scene reporting a building fire. Original dispatch was for an auto. DC firefighters
According to court documents, on 10/4/19, at 10:30pm, at 1253 Sumner Rd SE, Persaud a former lieutenant of MPD, pulled out a firearm and pointed the firearm at a house where civilians were attending a birthday party