24 September 2021
10 month ago
[email protected]: "Data group exposes wide spread Mail-In Ballot Fraud
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff: Trump misused the right to pardon when he pardoned Michael Flynn
Lead Inspector General Report To The United States Congress July 1, 2020‒September 30, 2020 : "USAFRICOM Said That The Wagner Group's Priorities In Libya Were The Defense Of Sirte, Al-Jufra Air Base"
Trump pardoned former National Security Advisor Flynn, who lied to the FBI over his contacts with Russia
Trump pardons Flynn
10 month ago
[email protected]: It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving
Biden: The Americans will not allow the election results to be disrespected
Box Alarm @wmata Judiciary Square station. DC firefighters located and extinguished a smoldering trash fire beneath the platform. Working in conjunction with @wmata staff to remove residual smoke
Biden: America won the election
Trump calls on his supporters to reverse the election results
Trump calls on his supporters to bypass the election results
Biden: Hospitals are facing overcrowding due to Coronavirus
Biden: The rate of Coronavirus infections in America is 160,000 in 24 hours
Biden: I ask Americans not to travel during Thanksgiving because of Coronavirus
Biden: The battle with Coronavirus will continue for months to come
Biden: We must unite in the face of the Coronavirus
Metro Station Box Alarm Judiciary Square @wmata station. Light smoke coming from beneath a parapet wall. Station evacuated. DC firefighters searching for source and have established unified command with @wmata and @MetroTransitPD. No injuries
10 month ago
[email protected]: I will be speaking before a very important Pennsylvania State Senate hearing which is in process now. Talking about the massive voter fraud which took place in the 2020 Election
10 month ago
[email protected]: Rudy Giuliani is right on @OANN
10 month ago
[email protected]: The "losers & suckers" statement on dead military heroes has been proven to be a total fabrication and lie. IT WAS NEVER MADE. The "anonymous" fabricator, who is a major sleaze, went forward with the lie despite 25 strong witnesses to the contrary. Welcome to the roaring 20's
Joe Biden will announce his economic team next week
DC firefighters extinguishing a well involved car fire at 3rd and I Streets NW. All in a day's work
Biden Team: The president-elect will get their first intelligence report next Monday
According to media reports, @realDonaldTrump had been expected to join @RudyGiuliani in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where @GOP lawmakers are holding a "hearing" on alleged Election2020 "fraud"
Trump's Gettyburg visit apparently canceled. "The traveling pool was getting ready to leave for Pennsylvania but was told at the last minute that their trip has been canceled," per today's print pooler @matthewchoi2018 at the White House
10 month ago
[email protected]: Marc Morano, "Perhaps President Trump's greatest accomplishment is United States Energy Dominance
US envoy to Iran: more sanctions against Tehran within weeks
A phone call between the Chinese President and US President-elect Joe Biden
Robbery in the unit block of M Street, SE. Lookout for a male, unknown race, light complexion, 6'2 in height
Former House of Representatives Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan: The elections are over and Trump has to recognize Biden's victory
MPD Armed Robbery Investigation in the 800 block of Bladensburg RD NE. Lookout for 2 B/Ms, one tall, one short, bo
#@MayorBowser statement about @ChiefNewsham "We thank Chief Newsham for 31 years of service to the residents of the District of Columbia. During his time as Chief, he led the department through a time of great change and challenge for our city and our nation"
10 month ago
[email protected]: Should President Trump concede to Biden Poll Results: No: 190,593 (98.9%) Yes: 2,181 (1.1%) Total Votes: 192,774. @gregkellyusa @newsmax For the good of our Country we must prevail
10 month ago
[email protected]: Great job @DrPaulGosar. Thanks
10 month ago
[email protected]: .This could also be very helpful to @SenDavidPerdue and @SenatorLoeffler. Why is he afraid of Stacey Abrams We don't need the ballots — we only need the signed envelopes
10 month ago
[email protected]: Why isn't the @GASecofState Brad Raffensperger, a so-called Republican, allowing us to look at signatures on envelopes for verification We will find tens of thousands of fraudulent and illegal votes
Working Fire 1300 block Hamlin St NE. Fire 1st floor of 2 story detached frame house under renovation. All fire knocked down. Checking for extension. No injuries. Investigators enroute
Working Fire Dispatch: 1300 Block of Hamlin Street NE - Two story wood frame home under renovation - Fire showing upon arrival - Bulk of fire knocked down quickly
10 month ago
2020 US presidential election total vote (98% in): President-elect Biden: 80,002,320 (51%) President Trump: 73,872,995 (47
The White House has given formal approval for President-Elect Biden to receive the President's Daily Briefing, a White House official tells @kaitlancollins. Coordination on when he'll receive his first one is underway currently
10 month ago
[email protected]: On behalf of the entire Trump Family, I want to wish every American a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving. Today we gathered in the Rose Garden to continue a beloved annual tradition: the Official Presidential Pardon of a very fortunate Thanksgiving Turkey
Biden: Even though states have ratified the results and the transition process has begun, Trump refuses to acknowledge
Joe Biden: This team is going to achieve the biggest diplomatic accomplishments
Joe Biden: The United States will return to its historic position of leadership
No questions taken as @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, nominees and appointees depart the stage in Wilmington, Delaware
Harris: The leadership role of the United States in the world is irreplaceable
Harris: We will rebuild America's alliances for our national security and our interests
Harris: Climate change and the fight against Coronavirus are among the main challenges
Harris: There are a series of challenges as we enter the White House
Harris: The president-elect has assembled an amazing team
US President-elect Joe Biden introduces a number of members of his administration
John Kerry: We're going to work on a bold plan to combat climate change
Biden Climate Candidate: I'll do everything in my power to get the job done
Biden's national security candidate: One of our most important tasks will be the unification of America
Biden's National Security Candidate: We will be prepared to confront the threat of terrorism
Biden's National Security Candidate: I pledge to the American people to keep them safe
Biden's Candidate to the United Nations: US Pluralism and Diplomacy is Back
Biden's candidate for the United Nations: American diplomacy is back
Biden Candidate for National Intelligence: We'll work to meet a lot of challenges
Joe Biden confirms his determination to fight climate change
Nominee to run @DHSgov, @AliMayorkas tells @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris: "I will work day and night in the service of our nation
Biden National Intelligence Candidate: We are chosen to serve America on behalf of the people
Biden Candidate for the Department of Homeland Security: I will work hard for American security
".we have to proceed with equal measures of humility and confidence," says @ABlinken, nominee of @JoeBiden to run @StateDept
Biden candidate for the State Department: We cannot solve the world's problems on our own and we need everyone's cooperation
Biden Candidate for State Department: I will do everything in my power to represent this position
Joe Biden: We'll start working to unite America and the whole world
Team will restore America's "global leadership and its moral leadership," says @JoeBiden. They'll tell what I need to know, not what I want to know
Joe Biden: The team will work to restore America's role globally
Joe Biden: John Kerry had a role in bringing about the Paris climate agreement
Joe Biden: Jake Sullivan is going to be the National Security Adviser
Joe Biden: Linda Thomas is called the People's Ambassador and she will be our representative at the United Nations
Joe Biden: America's envoy to the United Nations has worked in various regions of the world
Joe Biden: The states will be safe with Avril Haynes in charge of intelligence
Joe Biden: My new team is ready to go from day one
Joe Biden: The Secretary of State will work to restore America's foreign relations
Joe Biden: Anthony Blinken will restore confidence in the State Department
"I'm proud to put forward this incredible team that will lead by example," says @JoeBiden
Joe Biden: The National Security Team will work on new ideas
His team will "lead the world, not retreat from it," says @JoeBiden, introducing Cabinet picks. "They embody my core beliefs America's strongest when it works with its allies
Joe Biden: The United States will return to its historic position of leadership
Joe Biden: This team will announce the return of America, not withdraw from the world
Upcoming speech by US President-elect Joe Biden to introduce members of his administration
US Health, State and Defense Departments: We started by engaging with the Biden transition team
Trump: The news about the vaccine has made an unprecedented jump in the financial markets
Trump: Our development process for a Coronavirus vaccine is the fastest in history
Just as quickly as President Trump came into the briefing room, he left without taking questions and after praising his administration's work. He spoke briefly about the stock market gains and the COVID vaccine
The Nevada Supreme Court confirms Biden's victory in the state
# per dc fire 2 members were injured last evening when a vehicle collided with their ambulance in the 4000 block King Ave South-West 3 civilians were transported with serious injuries. Our members are doing well, & 1 has been released. The unit was not responding to a call
2 members of DC firefighters were injured last evening when a vehicle collided with their ambulance in the 4000 block King Ave South-West 3 civilians were transported with serious injuries. Our members are doing well, & 1 has been released. The unit was not responding to a call
10 month ago
Pennsylvania governor officially declares Biden winning the state
The Governor of Pennsylvania announces ratification of the results of the US presidential election
Biden: The elections are over, and it is time for us to work together, away from partisanship and rhetoric
10 month ago
[email protected]: Remember, the GSA has been terrific, and Emily Murphy has done a great job, but the GSA does not determine who the next President of the United States will be
Stabbing Investigation in the 1100 block of 3rd St., South-West Lookout for B/M, 21 years of age, last seen wearing a blue coat and walking towards I St.
Kash Patel, chief of staff to Acting Sec Def Chris Miller head of DOD transition effort: DOD official
10 month ago
[email protected]: "In Wisconsin, somebody has to be indefinitely confined in order to vote absentee. In the past there were 20,000 people. This past election there were 120,000.and Republicans were locked out of the vote counting process
10 month ago
[email protected]: Poll: 79 Percent of Trump Voters Believe 'Election Was Stolen' @BreitbartNews They are 100% correct, but we are fighting hard. Our big lawsuit, which spells out in great detail all of the ballot fraud and more, will soon be filled. RIGGED ELECTION
Five people were sent to the hospital after a Monday night crash involving an ambulance in Southwest D.C on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue near Atlantic Street Southwest.
10 month ago
[email protected]: What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & "Dominion"
#this fatal ped crash is involving an on duty Prince George's County Police Officer at the intersection of University Blvd & 15th Ave in #LangleyPark MD
The US Public Services Administration informs Biden that he can formally initiate the transfer of power
The Biden team welcomes Trump's decision to allow federal funding to begin the transition of power
US Public Services Administration: The decision provides the necessary support for a smooth and peaceful transition of power
US Public Services Administration: Biden and Harris are the election winners
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