24 September 2021
Today, the President is announcing bold steps that will help meet the goal of administering 100 million shots in 100 days and ramp up vaccine supply as fast as possible
A White House NSC official said this today about the mention yesterday by WH press secretary @jrpsaki of "strategic patience" and Biden's China policy
The 5 Republican Senators voting against: Romney, Sasse, Toomey, Murkowski and Collins
US JUSTICE DEPT: Investigating conspiracy and coordination between militia groups at US Capitol insurrection. These will be the longer-term investigations. After wave of first 150 criminal cases filed
The US Senate, on a 55-45 vote, has just rejected a @GOP effort to declare unconstitutional the #TrumpImpeachmentTrial
MPD confirms that there was an armored car robbed in the 2300 block of Georgia Ave NW at 1:50pm Police are looking for a dark SUV with two People inside PIO still has no information that shots were fired
Senators take an oath to begin the Trump trial on February 9
Here's the readout of today's @POTUS-Putin phone call
Larry Kudlow, Trump's Director of the National Economic Council, is going to host a show for Fox Business
Xenophobia against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, says @POTUS
Two men robbed a brinks truck today at the mcdonalds on Georgia Ave. one was armed with a ak47 and the other had a handgun. Police are now searching hospitals because they think a brinks employee may have struck one suspect
2300 Bl. of Georgia Ave. N.W. MPD is investigating an Armed Robbery of a Brinks Truck. It was at a McDonald's, when the Robbery took place. Initial reports say, shots were exchanged and one the individuals may have been struck by gunfire
Confirmation from @PressSec now of the @POTUS call with Putin, also mentioning the topics of Ukraine sovereignty, placing of bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan and Russia interference in Election2020. "We'll have a readout for you, sometime this afternoon"
"We'll provide an update when we have one" on TPS for Venezuelans, replies @PressSec to query on one of the final actions of the Trump presidency
Box Alarm 500 block 59th St NE. Fire knocked down in 2nd floor apartment 2 story building. DC firefighters checking for further extension. No injuries reported. Request investigators
Box Alarm 500 block 59th St NE. Fire 2nd floor apartment 2 story building
In a 78-22 vote, the Senate has confirmed Antony Blinken as Secretary of State
Twitter says it has permanently suspended the account of @MyPillowUSA CEO Mike Lindell, a Trump ally, for repeated Election2020 misinformation
Schumer: The Senate is going to press forward on another COVID relief bill. We want to work with our Republican colleagues to advance this legislation in a bipartisan way. But the work must move forward, preferably with our republican colleagues, but without them, if we must
TWO MORE men charged in US Capitol insurrection. Both from Indiana. Both scared or sick with worry about consequences and FBI investigation, per charging documents
MPD has made one arrest in the Monday morning shooting that left one dead and injured four — one of the injured also one of the suspects
Associated Press: "Biden administration suspends some sanctions on Yemen rebels"
MPD announces an arrest has been made in a Homicide offense that occurred on 1/25/21, in the 1400 block of Good Hope Road, Southeast.
A shooting at Good Hope Road and 14th Street SE this morning marked the 12th homicide in D.C. this year. Police are searching for four people involved in the shooting
The House impeachment case against Donald Trump has been delivered to the Senate for his upcoming trial
Nancy Pelosi:Watch as the House Impeachment Managers, led by the House Clerk and the Acting House Sergeant at Arms, participate in a procession ceremony to deliver the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate
Senate CONFIRMS Janet Yellen to be President Biden's Treasury Secretary, 84-15. She becomes the first female Treasury Secretary in American history
State Dept says U.S. should hold China accountable for its "unfair and illegal practices" and make sure American technologies aren't facilitating china's military buildup or human rights abuses
U.S. Treasury memo on terrorism financing says that as of 2020 al-Qaeda has been gaining strength under Taliban
Biden: We tell Russia that we are concerned about Navalny and the cyber hacking and rewards for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.
"I will not hesitate to raise those issues with the Russians" says @POTUS @JoeBiden
"We can both operate in the mutual self-interest of our countries [new START] & make it clear to Russia we are very concerned abt their behavior, whether it's Navalny, whether it's SolarWinds or whether it's the reports of bounties on the heads of Americans in Afghanistan"
@POTUS taking questions.asked about Russia, NewSTART & Alexei Navalny
'Buy American' executive order being signed by @POTUS
This will be the largest mobilization of procurement, infrastructure and R&D since World War Two, according to @POTUS
As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, this country can never again be in a situation of relying on a foreign country for supplies to protect the US, says @POTUS
These remarks by @POTUS being made in the @WhiteHouse South Auditorium with about 10 staffers standing socially distanced along the wall and the media pool
The "key plank of ensuring the future will be 'Made in America,'" says @POTUS. "We're going to use taxpayers' money to rebuild America
The Senate convened at 3:00 p.m. There will be one roll call vote at 5:30 on the nomination of Janet Yellen to be Secretary of Treasury. At 7:00 p.m., house managers will be presenting the article of impeachment
Commander of the National Guard in Washington, DC: 200 of our personnel are currently under quarantine
[email protected] on China: "China is growing more authoritarian at home and more assertive abroad. And Beijing is now challenging our security, prosperity and values in significant ways that require a new US approach."
US Justice Dept tells judge Riley Williams, woman accused of stealing computer from Nancy Pelosi's office, is suspected of using internet in recent days, encouraging people to destroy evidence in Capitol insurrection case. They want judge to prohibit internet access
8 month ago
Hoping to get new National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to the briefing room soon to answer questions on Afghanistan and other topics, says @PressSec
8 month ago
"He will be briefed" far more frequently than the past president on @WhiteHouse coronavirus task force meetings but might not attend all the meetings, says @PressSec
8 month ago
"The further you get into vaccinating Americans, the harder it becomes," says @PressSec, citing vaccine hesitancy and challenges in communicating with hard-to-reach seniors and others
8 month ago
Comments today by Xi Jinping "don't change anything" regarding the US relationship with China, says @PressSec. "We want to approach this with some strategic patience" and conduct internal reviews
[email protected] says @USTreasury is taking steps to put Harriet Tubman's picture on the new $20 bills
8 month ago
Steps being taken by @USTreasury to put Harriet Tubman on new $20 bills, confirms @PressSec. "We're exploring ways to speed up that effort
8 month ago
Inter-agency reviews to be undertaken to a range of regulatory actions and relationships with companies as it relates to Chinese and other investments, says @PressSec. "We're starting from an approach of patience" in the relationship with China
8 month ago
"There is some confusion" that "speaks to a larger problem" on how many COVID19Vaccine doses are available, says @PressSec
8 month ago
Asked about Russia protests, @PressSec reiterates US call to release @navalny and all demonstrators who were detained this past weekend
8 month ago
'Buy American' executive order, to be signed this afternoon, directs agencies to close loopholes on how 'Made in America' products are measured, says @PressSec
8 month ago
"Today's action fills another campaign promise," says @PressSec of the @POTUS executive order lifting the military service ban on transgender individuals
8 month ago
Deployment by @fema to a COVID19 vaccination site in WestVirginia, says @PressSec
8 month ago
"This isn't the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel," says @PressSec announcing new COVID19-related international travel restrictions
An investigation is underway at Good Hope Road and 14th Street in SE. One man was killed, four others injured in a shooting. @DCPoliceDept on the scene while there's a lookout for a two-door white Honda Accord
Police report one person is dead and four others were injured during a shooting by a market near 14th Street and Good Hope Road SE
Police say both ICE and nearby airports have been notified. There is worry Hwang could try to flee the country to Korea, where police say he's from
Two shooting victims located at scene, 3 additional victims showed up at area hospitals. One victim pronounced deceased. Remaining 4 being treated
Executive order signed by @POTUS "enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform"
Good Hope Rd at Minnesota Ave SE-DC. 1 dead at scene, 2 others taken to hospital via EMS with serious injuries; possibly 1 more victim self-transported to hospital. Gunman poss fled in a 2-dr white Honda Accord with sunroof.
MPD investigating double shooting in the 1400 block of Good Hope Road, SE. Reported at 8:50 am. One adult male victim is unconscious and unresponsive. A second adult male victim reportedly conscious and breathing.
This is a confirmed triple shooting with 1 person Pronounced Dead on scene and 2 others transported with gunshot injuries.
Shooting Investigation in the 1400 block of Good Hope Road SE. Lookout for a 2 door white Honda Accord.
14th and Good Hope Rd. S.E. Reports of multiple people shot.
US Justice Dept court filing says 81 US Capitol Police officers and 58 DC Police officers are injured from the US Capitol Insurrection on Jan 6
MPD reports the police activity has cleared and the 3400-3600 blocks of 22nd Street, SE, between Savannah Street an
Armed robbery Investigation at 0033 hrs in the 1800 block of Belmont Road N.W.
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