29 November 2023
SHOOTING: 800 Bl. of Kenilworth Ave. N.E. MPD on scene investigating a shooting with one individual with gunshot wound injuries
1 year ago
Entire G7 "now supports disconnecting selected Russian banks from SWIFT, restrictions on the Russian Central Bank, and sanctioning key Russian leaders." says @PressSec in a statement
MPD announces an arrest has been made in an officer involved shooting on 2.26.22 in the 400 b/o Oakwood St SE. The suspect's firearm was recovered & MPD officers did not sustain any injuries. Thank you to our members for their brave actions.
Robbery Investigation at 0350 hrs in intersection of 11th and H St NW. Lookout for B/M wearing all black W/ EVENT I20220095163
Shooting Investigation in the 100 block of Mississippi Ave SE. Lookout unknown
Shooting Investigation in the 600 block of Mellon St SE. Unknown lookout
SHOOTING: 600 Bl. of Mellon St. S.E. MPD on scene investigating a shooting with one individual with gunshot wound injuries
Shooting Investigation at 2349 hours in the 300 block of 50th Street NE. No Suspect Lookout.
SHOOTING: 3000 Bl. of 50th St. N.E. MPD on scene investigating a shooting with one individual with gunshot wound injuries
Joe Biden has given orders to "impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and its corporate officers," after Putin's recognition of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine and authorization to deploy troops there
Full statement by @POTUS, @vonderleyen, @EmmanuelMacron, @OlafScholz, @BorisJohnson, @JustinTrudeau and Draghi on restrictive measures for Russia's central bank and cutting key Russian banks off SWIFT
NON CONTACT SHOOTING: 2600 Bl. of MLK Ave. S.E. MPD on scene investigating a shooting with no individuals found with any injuries. DCFD units going back in service
DOUBLE SHOOTING: 400 Bl. of Oakwood St. S.E. MPD on scene investigating a shooting with two individuals with gunshot wound injuries. Severity of injuries unknown
Notification from @USTreasury of the sanctions against the president, foreign minister, defense minister and armed forces chief of general staff of Russia
White House has asked congress for $6.4 billion for Ukraine - Bloomberg reporter tweet
NBC: The National Security Council is considering whether Washington will become a party to the conflict if it provides lethal aid to Ukraine
There will be an all-Senators classified briefing on Ukraine Monday at 7:15PM, a Senate aid tells @lindsaywise
Ukraine asked the International Monetary Fund for emergency financial aid
The White House: The impact of sanctions on the Russian financial system and economy is enormous
1 year ago
Reporter's Q: Why doesn't @POTUS want to speak with Putin right now @PressSec: "Because he's invading a sovereign country
1 year ago
We, including @POTUS, have all seen the horrific images coming out of Ukraine of the military aggression by Russia, says @PressSec
US State Department: Blinken reiterated his condemnation of the deliberate and unjustified Russian attack on Ukraine during a call with the President of Moldova
1 year ago
Decision by @POTUS to directly sanction Putin and Lavrov "over the course of the last 24 hours," says @PressSec. "There'll be more details we'll have later today
1 year ago
"We've never taken that off the table," says @PressSec of cutting off Russia from SWIFT (international banking transaction system)
1 year ago
Sanctioning Putin and Lavrov "has been under consideration and on the table for some time," says @PressSec
1 year ago
Going after @ZelenskyyUa "would be a significant, horrific act" by the leadership of Russia, says @PressSec
1 year ago
US considering "a range of options" to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, says @PressSec
1 year ago
US will join EU in sanctioning Putin, Lavrov, confirms @PressSec
US State Department: Russian attack should not give Iran the green light to develop nuclear weapons
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken spoke with Foreign Minister @DmytroKuleba today to condemn Russia's unprovoked war of choice in which civilian casualties have already started to mount