Map. History of District Columbia conflict

24 September 2018
Senate Democrats have sent a letter to Justice Department officials calling on them to protect Robert Mueller.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The president's priority is going to be protecting American workers and making sure that there's a good deal for this country and for our economy."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The president and the administration still fully support the Second Amendment."
6 month ago
"We are continuing to move forward in that process," says @PressSec in response to question on progress in arranging summit between @POTUS and Kim Jong Un.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The wall is continuing to be built currently and we're going to keep pushing forward until it's fully completed in the way that the president feels is necessary to defend the country."
6 month ago
[email protected]: "We're certainly applying pressure on Russia."
6 month ago
"We have come to agreement in principle and we expect to roll out details very soon" says @PressSec on a revised KORUS trade pact and exemption of the ROK from steel tariffs.
Paul Manafort has moved to dismiss the indictment against him in Virginia, making the same arguments he's made in DC challenging the validity of special counsel Robert Mueller's appointment
6 month ago
"He also has a country to run," says @PressSec on why @POTUS isn't punching back on @StormyDaniels allegations.
6 month ago
"The continuation of building the wall is ongoing," says @PressSec but says can't cite specifics of funding that might come from @DeptofDefense budget.
6 month ago
[email protected]: "The United States is open to building a better relationship with Russia, but the Russian government must understand that there are serious consequences for its destabilizing actions."
6 month ago
"This data is necessary is to protect voters," says @PressSec on re-inclusion of citizenship question in Census2020.
Trump is said to privately ask military to pay for wall: WaPo
Full @FBI statement on suspicious packages sent to @DeptofDefense installations in the Washington area and to @CIA
FBI warns "possible that further packages were mailed to additional mail processing facilities in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area"
Suspect, Tranh Cong Phan, 43 from Everitt Washington, taken into custody by @FBISeattle - packages "contained potential destructive devices"
@FBI says packages sent to: Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Joint Base Anacostia – Bolling, Washington D.C.; Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington DC; Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren, VA and Central Intelligence Agency
Readout of Trump's call with Merkel
"They (Russians) take insignia off soldiers' uniforms and they go into Crimea" says Mattis "They say they have nothing to do with what's going on with the deceptiveness in eastern Ukraine. I'm not sure how they can say that with a straight face"
US @DeptofDefense Secretary Jim Mattis describes Russia's actions as "attempted murder of a man and his daughter"
6 month ago
Mattis: 'No reservations' working with Trump's new National Security Advisor John Bolton. "Last time I checked, he's an American," defense secretary says.
Was DPRK's Kim Jong Un in Beijing? "Kind of looked like he did, but I don't know" says US Defence Secretary Mattis
US, ROK, Japan putting together discussion points for DPRK North Korea talks - "it's a very methodical process" says @DeptofDefense Secretary Jim Mattis "There are other nations also involvedIt's all on track. As it has been all along, it is diplomatically led"
"There were other Russian elements like this moving across the deconfliction line These were forces moving into more advanced positions, too close" says US Defence Secretary Mattis "Those elements fell back. We have also drawn off slightlywithin the last week" says Mattis, after talks
"We believe the Russian officers who tried to deconflict it and told us they weren't their forces, we think they were frankly being honest with us" says Mattis "To this day I have no evidence they were being dishonest and that they knew in fact these forces were there"
6 month ago
Mattis: 'Pretty obvious' Russia behind killing of ex-Russian spy and daughter in UK with nerve agent.
"Russia has the potential to be a partner with Europe," says US US Defence Secretary Mattis "Right we have to recognize that they've chosen to seek a different relationship with the @NATO nations." "It is what it is" adds Mattis
Mattis: "I've not met Mr. Bolton before he is going to come over here soon," looks forward to working with him, Asked abt differing world views,, "I hope that there's some different world views that's the normal thing you want unless you want group think."
"Russia has chosen to be a strategic competitor even to the point of reckless acts, and that's the only thing it can be called, to the innocent people in Salisbury who were exposed possibly to the potential of being murdered by this stuff" says US Secretary Defence Mattis
Several suspicious packages were found at military installations and government facilities around the Washington, DC area
US @DeptofDefense Secretary Jim Mattis criticizes "pretty obvious Russian use of a weapon of mass destruction, a chemical agent for the first time in Europe since World War II"
Arrest made in connection with suspicious packages found at military bases, official tells Fox News
Dossier author Christopher Steele's *other* report: Putin's media czar Mikhail Lesin was murdered in Washington
Republicans that aren't sold on Haspel at CIA: Collins, Flake, Lee. And McCain "has serious concerns about Deputy Director Haspel's reported involvement in the CIA's enhanced interrogation program, and expects her to provide a full explanation," spox says
Haspel will need Manchin to get confirmed to lead CIA. But Manchin isn't there yet. "To get her on the board, I have to see everything that's available," he says
Former President Jimmy Carter says choosing John Bolton as national security adviser is the "worst mistake" President Trump has made
Israel fast-tracks wall, escape route for new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem
North Korea at center of Mattis' disagreement with Bolton
U.S. Republicans press for F-35 fighter jet sales to Taiwan amid China threat
Japan's foreign minister says US tariffs on Japanese steel exports could hurt the US auto industry's competitiveness
Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono says economic issues with the US to be dealt with in "economic dialogue" between Vice President Mike Pence and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso
Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono says the US agrees that North Korea should abolish short-to medium-range missiles, as well as ICBMs and IRBMs
Japanese foreign minister: Japan, U.S. 'completely in sync' on North Korea
Pakistan defends nuclear safety record after U.S. sanctions companies
6 month ago
(LEAD) Trump's threat to withdraw from Paris Agreement 'shortsighted,' 'irresponsible': ex-UN chief Ban
6 month ago
Russia to respond harshly to U.S. expulsion of diplomats: RIA
Trump nominates Schumer aide to Federal Trade Commission
US Defence Secretary Mattis meets Indonesian FM Ahead, discusses Jakarta meeting
U.S. seeks China trade moves on autos, financials, chips: source
The Commerce Department just announced that the Trump administration is adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 census questionnaire
6 month ago
[email protected]: Trade talks going on with numerous countries that, for many years, have not treated the United States fairly. In the end, all will be happy.
Adult film Stormy Daniels sues Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for defamation
President Trump "strongly, clearly" denies Stormy Daniels affair, the White House says
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he'll introduce legislation removing hemp from list of controlled substances - AP
"the President praises Putin at every turn. It's good that the United States is standing with our ally in this matter. But we also need the Trump Administration to stand up for our own democracy," says react statement from @RepEliotEngel, ranking member of @HouseForeign.
6 month ago
UK PM May: The EU council was clear that Trump's tariffs aren't justifiable on safety grounds and aren't a solution to the problem of overproduction. We welcome the temporary exclusion for the EU and hope to make it permanent
North Korea urges U.S. to adopt 'serious attitude' for peace, end sanctions
Statement from @StateDept on "holding Russia accountable for its destabilizing behavior."
The Russian embassy officials in Seattle and others are given 7 days to leave the United States
Officials say US shuttering Russian consulate in Seattle, expelling 48 Russian embassy officials, 12 others at the UN. Sixty Russian officials being kicked out overall in response to March 4 attack in the UK
"We are in the process of engaging with leaders of Congress," today about the actions being taken by US government against Russia, says a senior administration official.
All those being expelled "are intelligence officers being cloaked" by diplomatic cover "and considered to be aggressive here in the US," says senior administration official.
A senior administration officials says @POTUS has not spoken to Putin since last Tuesday. This is a decision "he personally madeThis is absolutely his decision." Russian ambassador and Moscow informed of decision this morning through appropriate diplomatic channel.
The expelled diplomats from the Russian embassies "have been given seven days to leave the United States," an official says.
Twelve Russian diplomats at UN have "abused their privilege of residence" and US requests their expulsion, says a senior administration official.
On March 4, "the Russian government conducted an attack on America's closest ally," says a U.S. official. "The Salisbury cannot go unanswered."
Today @POTUS expelling "dozens of Russian intelligence officers from the United States" and ordering closure of Russia consulate in Seattle near @Boeing and Naval Base Kitsap, a senior administration official, speaking on background, tells reporters.
6 month ago
[email protected]: So much Fake News. Never been more voluminous or more inaccurate. But through it all, our country is doing great.
US "strongly condemns the dangerous Houthi missile attacks aimed at several cities in Saudi Arabia Sunday night," according to @statedeptspox statement
6 month ago
[email protected]: The economy is looking really good. It has been many years that we have seen these kind of numbers. The underlying strength of companies has perhaps never been better.
The European Commission is today formally launching an investigation into what "safeguard measures" for EU products may be warranted, despite the EU's temporary reprieve from US steel tariffs. The investigation itself will take 9 months
U.S. lawmakers call for sanctions on Myanmar over suspected illicit trade with North Korea
6 month ago
Chinese envoy tells WTO meeting: U.S. previously agreed not to apply such tariffs without WTO approval, WTO members should jointly 'lock this beast back into the cage of the WTO rules'
U.S. travel ban hits foreign attendance figures for North Korea marathon
EU leaders call for permanent exemption from additional US tariffs
China willing to hold talks with U.S. to resolve trade differences
US slaps sanctions on Pakistan's nuclear firms
6 month ago
South Korea further opens auto market in return for U.S. steel tariff exemption
6 month ago
[email protected]: [email protected] just wrote a book which everyone is talking about. He was a great help. He is a veteran journalist who had a great influence in NH and beyond. He calls it the most amazing political campaign of modern times. The book is called, "What Really Happened." Enjoy. MAGA
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