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19 Juillet 2019
Pence: Headed to meeting with @HouseGOP at Capitol about border security. @POTUS is determined to stand strong to build a wall and provide the kind of resources and reforms that are necessary to address the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.
DHS Secretary Nielsen and WH chief of staff Mulvaney just arrived on the Hill
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats will introduce a bill to expand background checks for sales and transfers of firearms on Tuesday, the eighth anniversary of the day Giffords was shot in the head at a constituent meeting in Arizona.
[email protected]: In his speech tonight, Trump seeks to explain the his rationale for why he views the situation at the border as a crisis, and will share stories of human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexico line.
Acting SecDef @DepSecDef pat Shanahan has a new Chief of Staff - Eric D. Chewning, per @DeptofDefense6 mois il y a
Acting SecDef @DepSecDef pat Shanahan has a new Chief of Staff - Eric D. Chewning, per @DeptofDefense
The chairs of 7 House committees have written a letter to Steve Mnuchin demanding more info about why sanctions on Oleg Deripaska's businesses were lifted, and requesting a delay in the sanctions termination until members are fully briefed.
6 mois il y a
The cost of deploying active duty troops to the border is estimated to reach $132 million by the end of January 2019, according to defense officials. The Pentagon had previously estimated the cost to be $72M prior to the mission's end date being extended from 15 Dec. to Jan. 31
US Supreme Court rejects appeal from an unidentified company in a foreign country that was seeking to escape a grand jury subpoena that is widely assumed to be sought by Special Counsel Mueller's prosecutors. "The administrative stay previously entered . is vacated."
M. Manafort a "admis" qu'il avait discuté ou aurait pu discuter d'un plan de paix pour l'Ukraine avec M. Kilimnik à plusieurs reprises. 
CT officials are standing by their assessment that there's no evidence ISIS or alQaida are trying to sneak in from Mexcio
Paul Manafort's attorneys failed to properly redact their filing. They reveal that Mueller alleges Manafort "lied about sharing polling data with Mr. Kilimnik related to the 2016 presidential campaign". Konstantin Kilimnik has alleged ties to Russian intelligence.
Kellyanne Conway on Fox News last night said the administration's claim that 3,755 known or unknown militants were blocked at the border "was an unfortunate misstatement".
6 mois il y a
Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower meeting charged in separate case (obstructing justice in a money-laundering investigation)
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: Congratulations to a truly great football team, the Clemson Tigers, on an incredible win last night against a powerful Alabama team. A big win also for the Great State of South Carolina. Look forward to seeing the team, and their brilliant coach, for the second time at the W.H.
Secretary of State Pompeo tells King Abdullah of Jordan he saw an early draft of the president's address to the nation tonight: "He'll make a lot of news," and then laughed.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: Talks with China are going very well.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: "The President is the biggest and best supporter of the Steel Industry in many years. We are doing really well. The Tariffs let us compete. Was unfair that the Steel Industry lost its jobs to unfair trade laws. Very positive outcome." Mark Glyptis, United Steelworkers
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: Economic numbers looking REALLY good. Can you imagine if I had long term ZERO interest rates to play with like the past administration, rather than the rapidly raised normalized rates we have today. That would have been SO EASY. Still, markets up BIG since 2016 Election.
Les conseillers de Trump lui disent que si les Etats-Unis se retiraient de la Syrie maintenant, l'Etat islamique rebondirait en 2020, juste à temps pour les prochaines élections, le laissant ainsi ouvert aux mêmes accusations portées contre Obama.
U.S.: National Assembly is the only legitimate institution in Venezuela
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: Endless Wars, especially those which are fought out of judgement mistakes that were made many years ago, and those where we are getting little financial or military help from the rich countries that so greatly benefit from what we are doing, will eventually come to a glorious end.
The Trump administration downgraded the EU delegation to the US without prior notification, an EU official familiar with the matter confirmed.
Pompeo said in an interview with CNBC: Khashoggi's death was an outrageous and unacceptable act and the Saudis told us so
6 mois il y a
Defense official on border plans should @POTUS declare a national emergency-"We are a planning organization.;" "number crunchers are looking at the pots of money" to provide "several courses of action" if needed. 2300 active duty, 2200 National Guard supporting DHS @ border
Acting White House budget director @RussVought45 tells reporters tax refunds will be sent despite government shutdown
In national address @POTUS to say there's a humanitarian and security crisis on US border with Mexico, according to @VP.
No decision made by @POTUS on whether to declare a national emergency, says @VP.
Clarification from former U.S. President Jimmy Carter: "I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue." - Jimmy Carter
President Trump says he will make a speech on border security and humanitarian issues at the US-Mexico border at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.
The Leonardo da Vinci painting that sold for $450 million is missing and is being investigated by Robert Mueller as part of his Trump/Russia collusion case.
In their legal filings, US lawyers for the Russian troll farm used quotes from pop culture to attack Mueller, including Looney Tunes, Casablanca, Animal House. The judge in the cases said the troll-ey strategy was "undermining your credibility in this courthouse."
Judge slams defense lawyers for Russian firm charged by Mueller as 'unprofessional, inappropriate and ineffective. 'Knock it off.' she added. Lawyers accuse judge of 'bias,' say they may have to withdraw from case.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: The Failing New York Times a sciemment écrit une histoire très inexacte sur mes intentions concernant la Syrie. Ce n’est pas différent de mes déclarations initiales, nous partirons à un rythme approprié tout en continuant de nous battre contre l'EI et en faisant tout ce qui est prudent et nécessaire ... 
85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments for the 1st time in more than 25 years as she recuperates from cancer surgery last month. A court spokeswoman says Ginsburg is working from home.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: Congressman Adam Smith, the new Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, just stated, "Yes, there is a provision in law that says a president can declare an emergency. It's been done a number of times." No doubt, but let's get our deal done in Congress.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: ..The Fake News Media in our Country is the real Opposition Party. It is truly the Enemy of the People. We must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: .The Fake News will knowingly lie and demean in order make the tremendous success of the Trump Administration, and me, look as bad as possible. They use non-existent sources and write stories that are total fiction. Our Country is doing so well, yet this is a sad day in America.
6 mois il y a
[email protected]: With all of the success that our Country is having, including the just released jobs numbers which are off the charts, the Fake News and totally dishonest Media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse. Many have become crazed lunatics who have given up on the TRUTH..
White House may try to block release of parts of final Mueller report: report
5 suspected homicides in just 2 days: two shootings, a stabbing and a house fire. DC Police are still on the scene at Varnum Street NW
D.C. police search for suspect in Northwest homicide
Police arrest man in fatal Northwest D.C. stabbing
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