14 July 2024
Robbery Investigation in the Unit block of Massachusetts Ave NE. Lookout for a B/M, 20-30 yoa, gray sweatpants, black jacket with black/white shoes
FL Gov. @RonDeSantis announces he is suspending his campaign for president and is endorsing Trump
Shooting Investigation in the 1700 Block of 3RD Street, NE. No Lookout
Shooting Investigation in the 400 block of Mississippi Ave, SE. Lookout for a Black, Male wearing Cammo/Fatigue color pants
Shooting Investigation in the 3400 block of 13th Street S.E.. Lookout for a Blue Hyundai (Hatchback), occupied (1) time with a black, male, wearing black pants, light grey shoes and a black beanie hat
DEATH INVESTIGATION-- near Thompson's Boat House, 2806 Rock Creek and Potomac Pkwy NW DC. Harbor patrol is assisting after a body was discovered
CRITICAL PEDESTRIAN STRUCK -- 16th St at Newton St NW DC. Man was hit and was initially reported in cardiac arrest. He was taken to a trauma center in critical condition
Shooting Investigation in the 800 block of Yuma Street SE. Lookout for (2) suspects wearing all black clothing and ski masks.
SHOOTING: 800 Bl. Of Yuma Street S.E: Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with an adult male found suffering from GSW injuries. The severity of the injuries is unknown
16th and A street S.E. shooting that left a teen shot in the back. That teen is expected to survive
TEEN SHOT: 16th and A St SE: Mpd is on scene with a Mid-teen male shot in the upper back. More units were requested for crowd control to protect evidence
MPD officers are at Alabama Ave and Good Hope Rd where suspects bailed out of a vehicle that was allegedly involved in the homicide that took place at 40th and Pennsylvania Ave S.E
CRITICAL SHOOTING W/ TRAFFIC ADVISORY-- 5000 blk South Dakota Ave NE DC. A man was shot in the stomach. Two male suspects fled. South Dakota Ave is closed at the scene
SHOOTING: 5000 Bl. Of South Dakota Ave N.E: Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with an adult male suffering from a GSW injury. The severity of the injuries is unknown
CRITICAL SHOOTING-- 40th St and Pennsylvania Ave SE DC. One male was shot; last reported alive but unconscious. No suspect info yet.
2nd Alarm explosion and fire 1200 block Marion Barry Ave SE. 1 building has collapsed and on fire. 2nd building damaged by explosion
1 injured by flying debris in building explosion
Marion Barry Ave SE DC, gas leak and explosion, daycare center, and neighboring convenience store. The building was evaluated prior to the explosion. 2nd Alarm explosion and fire 1200 block Marion Barry Ave SE.
D.C. GAS EXPLOSION D.C. Fire and EMS said there was an explosion on the second floor of a building in the 1200 block of Marion Barry Avenue SE. One person is hurt
People were safely evacuated from buildings after a gas explosion caused destruction in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon
SHOOTING-- A man arrived at the hospital in a shot-up auto. He has NLT gunshot injuries. Police are looking for a crime scene, possibly on 14th St in the ColumbiaHeightsDC
SHOOTING: IAO 13th Street N.W: A man arrived at an area hospital in a shot-up auto. He has NLT GSW injuries. Police are searching for a crime scene
Shooting Investigation in the 3500 block of Ely Place, SE. No lookout at this time.
President Biden will convene top congressional leaders Wednesday at the White House pressing for his $110 billion national security package
DEATH INVESTIGATION OF TODDLER AROUND 9 am: 1300 Bl. Of Barnaby Ter SE: Mpd is on the scene of an investigation involving a Toddler being pronounced dead on the scene. A routine death investigation is underway to determine the circumstances
1300 Blk Barnaby Ter SE DC off Wheeler Rd. Toddler pronounced dead. Routine death investigation is underway
SHOOTING: 3rd and Upshur St N.W: Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with an individual shot in the arm. (approx 50 year old male) An AK-47 was allegedly fired by individuals inside of a moving auto
4D is on the scene of a confirmed shooting at 227 Upshur St. NW. Adult Male, is conscious and breathing, with gunshot wounds to the left arm. Lookout is for a baby blue Mercedes Benz occupied multiple times traveling E/B toward Rock Creek Church Rd
DRIVEBY SHOOTING-- 3rd St and Upshur St NW DC. Gunman allegedly fired an AK from moving auto. Man in his 50s was shot in the arm. Various shell casings found at scene.