14 July 2024
Shooting on Fairlawn Ave SE next to the mobile station. This marks the 4th shooting in this5 block radius in a few days. One male victim was transported to the hospital
Shooting Investigation in the 2200 block of Fairlawn Avenue SE. Lookout for a black sedan with unknown tags.
Shooting Investigation at 0306 hours in the 1700 block of U Street NW. Lookout for B/M wearing a yellow jersey.
STABBING: 3100 Bl. OF 16th St N.W. Mpd is on the scene of a stabbing with one individual suffering from an apparent stab wound injury inside an apartment
Five residents and two pets were displaced after an overnight house fire in SE DC. The fire was reported just before 1 a.m. Tuesday in the 2100 block of 13th Street.
Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, intends to plead guilty to federal tax charges, avoiding prison, according to a Justice Department court filing
US on Wednesday will announce a robust economic assistance plan for Ukraine, says Secretary of State Blinken
Working Fire 2100 block 13th St SE. Fire under control. No injuries reported. Intensive firefighting efforts prevented further spread in a block long row of attached frame houses. Currently 5 residents and 2 pets displaced, but number may rise. DC firefighters
WORKING FIRE DISPATCH: Fire showing through the roof. Multiple units en route including rehab units
A female was shot and is still conscious and breathing. Neighbors reported hearing yelling, approx 10 shots, and a car speeding off
Shooting Investigation at hours 2351hrs in the 600 block of T Street NW
SHOOTING: 600 Bl. OF T ST N.W. Mpd is on the scene of a confirmed shooting with an individual suffering from GSW injuries. Falcon had been requested to help assist with the search of suspects
STABBING: 1800 L ST N.W. Mpd is on the scene of a stabbing with one Individual suffering from stab wounds inside an apartment
SHOOTING: WHEELER RD and SOUTHERN AVE S.E. Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with multiple casings found on the scene. It's unclear on the severity of injuries at this time
The small tourist submarine TITAN operated by @OceanGateExpeditions is missing with 5 persons aboard during a dive to view the TITANIC shipwreck. OceanGate has been running the tours since 2021 at $250K per person
Shooting Investigation at 0519hrs in the 600 block of I Street NW. No lookout.
LANGSTON Pl. S.E is now a double homicide. The 15, and 17 year old both passed away
ARMED CARJACKING: 1200 Bl. OF UNION ST N.E. Taken was a 2018 Honda dark in color taken by one individual armed with an handgun. Mpd is canvassing the area for the vehicle
Now at the third shooting of the night where a child was shot: this time, a 16-year-old girl who was shot in the leg while inside a home on the 1700 block of Bruce Place SE
STABBING: 4001 South Capitol St S.W. Mpd along with Dcfd is on the scene of a stabbing with an individual suffering from stab wound injuries inside of an apartment. The severity of those injuries are unknown
22nd and Q SE, where a child and adult man were shot. The child is in critical, but stable, condition. The man is conscious and breathing
Shooting Investigation in the 1900 block of Bruce Place SE. No Lookout
ANOTHER JUVENILE SHOT : 1900 Bl. OF BRUCE Pl. S.E. Mpd along with Dcfd is on the scene of yet another shooting with an approximately 16 year old female suffering from a GSW injury. She is conscious and breathing and will be transported
1900 Bl. OF Naylor Rd S.E. Dcfd is on the scene where one individual walked up suffering from a GSouth-West That individual is conscious and breathing and will be transported
DOUBLE SHOOTING: 2200 Bl. OF NAYLOR RD S.E. Mpd along with Dcfd is on the scene of a shooting with one adult and one juvenile shot inside of a vehicle. The severity of injuries are unknown
SHOOTING: 2700 Bl. OF LANGSTON Pl S.E. Mpd along with Dcfd is on the scene of a shooting with 2 kids shot one kid is unconscious and not breathing with CPR in progress
2700 Bl. OF LANGSTON Pl. S.E. Mpd is on scene of a confirmed shooting with reports of 2 KIDS shot. Dcfd is en route to the scene. S COMING.
Shooting Investigation in the 2500 block of Sherman Avenue, NW. Lookout for 4 males occupied in a silver Honda Civic
.@StateDept has today called on Vucic and Serbia "to immediately and unconditionally release the three Kosovo police detained on June 14. Their arrest and ongoing detention on spurious charges has exacerbated an already tense situation"
Shooting Investigation at 0320 hours in the 2400 block of Georgia Ave, NW. No lookout