13 July 2024
D.C. CARJACKING and SHOOTING: MPD officers responded to a shooting and carjacking in the 2300 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE
500 blk of Peabody St NW in Brightwood DC 3:30am the approximately 12 year-old boy was shot while in his own apartment and taken to a hospital with hopefully NLT injuries
Shooting/Carjacking investigation in the 2300 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE. No lookout at this time. Taken was a white and black Dodge Charger SRT unknown Virginia Temp Tags
RAPPER KILLED IN Homicide: The worker has been identified as 41-year-old Philip Prendergast, of Silver Spring. Although he fully complied during the robbery, a suspect fired a shot, striking and killing Prendergast.
SHOOTING: Bladensburg Road and South Dakota Ave NE in Fort Lincoln DC a @dcfireems engine returning from a call came across a man shot once inside of a car. He is being loaded up to go to a hospital now
13 TO 16 YEAR OLD JUVENILES ROB CITIZEN: Unit Bl. of Bates St. N.W. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating a robbery with a citizen having their possessions taken by 3 juveniles between the age of 13 to 16 years old. Unknown if a weapon was produced
SHOOTING: 2700 Bl. of Stanton Rd. S.E. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating a shooting with one individual with gunshot wound injuries
SHOOTING: 2600 Bl. Of Stanton Rd S.E: Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with an adult male being shot in the leg
CITIZEN CARJACKED W/ QUICK ARREST MADE: An Adui Unknown model was taken from the by 3 individuals. That carjacked vehicle was stopped with a bailout at 6th and Florida Ave N.W with the suspects being detained
TRIPLE SHOOTING W/Homicide: MPD has released the info for the one individual pronounced dead from gunshot wound injuries. Identified as 26 year old Amaru Cureton. An adult male and juvenile male are expected to survive their injuries
7th and M St. N.W. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating an armed carjacking with a citizen having their Wh. 2023 Toyota Rav4 with Canadian Ontario Tags. Taken by one individual with a gun
1 person dead, firefighter hurt in DC multi-story apartment fire that houses seniors
600 blk 7th St at M St NW. Gunman approached stopped motorist and demanded his leased 2023 white Toyota Rav4 with Ontario tags.
2 CHILDREN BITTEN BY DOG WITH SHOT FIRED BY POLICE-- 4500 blk Clermont Dr NE (North Capitol St at Webster St NE). Two kids were injured (one is a toddler). Injuries are NLT. Dog neutralized by police
3 month ago
President Zelensky:I spoke with @SpeakerJohnson and thanked him personally, both parties, the American people, and President Biden for their critical support of Ukraine since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion
Shooting Investigation at the Intersection of New York Avenue, NE / Montana Avenue, NE. Lookout is for a gray Chrysler 300 occupied 3 times last seen going outbound New York Avenue, NE
SHOOTING: 4300 Bl. Of 4th Street S.E Mpdnis on the scene of a shooting with approximately 30 shell casings found on scene. CSU is on scene. Unclear if anyone was injured
Shooting Investigation in the 4300 block of 4th Street SE. No lookout.
Hotbox, 5100 blk of Georgia Ave NW in 16th Street Heights DC the worker was shot in the stomach while the business was being robbed. Suspects are 2 males with purple surgical gloves and a duffel bag, still armed.
Robbery/Shooting Investigation in the 5100 block of Georgia Ave NW. Lookout for 2 B/M'S wearing purple surgical gloves. S-1 blk hoody, gray jeans, S-1 blk jacket gray shoes, carrying a duffle bag S-2 is armed w. gun.
BRINKS OFFICER ROBBED: 3731 Branch Ave, Temple Hills, MD 20748 Pgpd is on the scene at the Bank Of America where Brinks officers were robbed at gunpoint for their service weapons and cash while loading cash into an ATM.
CARJACKED VEHICLE FOUND ON FIRE: Mpd is at the 500 Bl. Of Foxhall Pl S.E where a Lexus was found on fire. This Lexus is believed to have been used in multiple robbery's and shootings.
Mpd is on scene of a shooting at the 4100 block of Alabama Ave S.E with shell casings found on scene
A manhunt is underway outside the Illume Apartment building in Navy Yard at 900 bl. Of 1st Street S.E after a man was seen fleeing on foot into the building. Falcon was overhead assisting Capitol Police officers
MPD is investigating a shooting possibly at 6100 block of 16th Street
Minn Ave. and E. Capitol St. N.E. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating a robbery with a citizen having their possessions taken by an unknown individual. Also unknown if a weapon was produced
STABBING: Mpd is on the scene of a stabbing at the 3500 Bl. Of East Capitol Street S.E with an individual being transported to a trauma center with serious injuries
Officer shoots, kills pit bull attacking woman and children in Northeast
ANOTHER SHOOTING IN D.C. 2800 Bl. of Alabama Ave. S.E. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating a shooting with an adult male located at a local hospital with gunshot wound injuries. That individual self transported. Severity of injuries unknown.
SHOOTING: Mpd is on the scene of a shooting with an adult female found at the 1200 Bl. Of Alabama Ave S.E shot in the back after gunmen opened fire near two ice cream trucks at the 1300 Bl. Of Congress Street S.E which is where the crime scene Is located